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  1. I like the Sim2 more than the Sim. The Sim was not a stable club for me, i lost a lot of yardage on off center hits. my Sim2 is incredibly stable. The Sim2 I was fit into the Graphite Design Tour AD XC where the M5 got fit into the Fujikura Pro Tour Spec shaft. I used it with the original Sim when i got tested and the M5 was better for me. I love my Sim2 but getting fit is definitely a path to finding what works for you.
  2. i agree with you, i thought the mizuno marketing was just that but i was wrong. i played titleist 716 AP2s for a long time but they were pretty worn out. I started to look at irons last year and finally had a formal fitting in March and was fit for a split set. I have the Tours in 7-PW and i love them. the longer irons 4-6 are the forged. all irons are flat 1 degree, and lofts are custom but wow they are amazing. well worth it.
  3. My split set showed up a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier!
  4. I hit both at my fitting before landing on a split set of Mizunos. I have forged in 4-6 and tours in 7-PW. Love the feel of the tours. Apex felt like a hallow body iron not good or bad but personal preference. it's the same reason i didnt go with TM 770s. good irons though. i have never had irons from callaway or mizuno before but glad i landed on mizunos. they are great.
  5. My curiosity got the best of me. I ordered these and they are very comfortable. These are excellent for the summer months in TX when the fairways are firmer. I walk during my early morning rounds and these shoes were really comfortable. After 4 rounds they are awesome. I wear spiked shoes when it rains and even though these shoes are water resistant I still don't like spikeless shoes when it rains. But that's my personal preference. Maybe I had low expectations but these are good shoes for those who want a spikeless option.
  6. I got the Forged 4-6 and Tours in 7-P. I love them, great set. i feel like the 921 Tours flight a little lower than the 919s. I use the DG TT X100. love the combo 4-6 really are nice to hit and offer great feel and forgiveness. a huge step up from my 716 AP2.
  7. my 58* goes 95, so it just depends. if i have a 75 yard shot, i use 54* and just knock it down.
  8. Yea it was, I really like Driver Bracket on that channel they put out good stuff. both did well but the results were a bit surprising to me.
  9. I did not see the loft sleeve adjustment on the site, that is interesting.
  10. I have only tried the Cobra one length irons. No other brands. I wish I had tried Wishon instead.
  11. i have tried these one length irons a few times but have never gotten on with them. the short irons launch to high and the long irons to low. i felt like i had to manipulate the club on every shot. i really wanted to like these which is why i have tried them a few times at demo days but just couldnt get on with them. just got fitted for mizuno irons, cant wait for them to arrive.
  12. 12.7 still working with the TM M5 with the Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 7 X, love it. Will be rocking it for a while.
  13. Finally received my sim 2. Love it can’t wait to get it out on the range and course this week. IMG_2010.MOV
  14. I ordered mine in early March and won’t get mine until early May
  15. Thanks, I called Taylormade and they agreed to send re-process my order. I sent the wrong driver back. Fingers crossed it goes well! I can't wait to get mine and test it out.
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