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  1. I am testing this shaft in my Gap Wedge, and find I really like it. Was worried the flighting might be too high, but no issues.
  2. Titleist U510 4 Iron Mitsubishi Tensei AV White AM2 Graphite Stiff (For those unfamiliar with these shafts, they are a custom offering by Titleist. These were installed by Titleist as a custom order. These are considered a Low/Mid launch and spin shaft. They are ascending weight with the 1 iron ~88g, 7 iron ~100g, and W ~108g. Torque runs from 3.1 down to 2.1.) GP TV 360 White Grip Specs are +1/2" and 2* Up SOLD Titleist T-Series Combo: T200 5-7 irons, T100S 8-PW irons Mitsubishi Tensei AV White AM2 Graphite Stiff (For those unfamiliar with th
  3. Toulon Las Vegas H7 Putter 35.5" (+1/2" in length) Original Headcover Excellent Condition Price is $325 shipped and Paypal'ed. LB
  4. Taylormade SIM Max 10.5 Head Only Headcover and Wrench included Sold LB
  5. Taylormade SIM 5 Wood Head Only Comes with original Headcover. SOLD LB
  6. I have them as part of a combo set with T100s. I am north of 60, 5 hcp at the moment, and carry the 7i about 158yds. I like them. Very good sole interaction with the turf, good profile for confidence with a classic shape. They don't look too game improvement. They feel is great if you hit the center! LB
  7. I have a Mitchell SteelClub Angle machine, with Mitchell adjustable bars and a bar with brass head. Here's my take: - Save your money and just get a good adjustable bar, brass not required. - Purchase a set of brass cleats for the machine, they are far more useful to prevent marring. - Place a piece of cardboard between the top of the clamping fixture and the iron's topline before tightening, or use an aluminum pad. - Wrap the hosels of forged clubs with a thin piece of cardboard and tape, then bend. I have done this for about 15 years and never had a club dam
  8. Golf Season Closeout, cash is king. No trades needed. TAYLORMADE SIM 3 WOOD (HEAD ONLY) Comes with head cover. Slight mark out by toe. SOLD TAYLORMADE SIM MAX 3 WOOD, TOUR ISSUE No head cover. Specs in the photo. SOLD ODYSSEY TRIPLE TRACK 2-BALL PUTTER. 35.5" in length and 2* Upright. Comes with head cover. AEROTECH STEELFIIBER I95 R-FLEX SHAFTS 5-PW, these are pulls from a set of Ping i210s, at +1/2" in length. SOLD UST MAMIYA RECOIL 95 STIFF FLEX SHAFTS 5-PW, these are pulls from a set of Ping i210s,
  9. lbhitter


    I don't think it is my swing producing the mid to mid-high trajectory. Other similar shafts like SF i95 were great but caused me some trajectory issues. I would have never even tried these shafts had I not looked at the Titleist Shaft Chart, which showed this shaft performing in the same Spin/Trajectory as Modus 105. I really liked Modus 105 but have some arthritis and need graphite, so I gave them a try. It also helped they were a no upcharge Titleist graphite shaft. If find them to be tip stiff, but still get the same M-MH trajectory I used to get with Modus 105. I love these shafts.
  10. lbhitter


    I play a T200/T100 combo with the Tensei AV White AM2 Graphite these are one of the few graphite shafts I have found that give me a mid to mid-high trajectory without having a soft tip section. These run up to about 105g (they are ascending weight) and have a nice firm tip. I really like them with the T200 head and am able to get a mid to mid-high trajectory with great dispersion. These shaft are offered stock by Titleist. I am not sure how they compare to MMT 105 except MMT is constant weight.
  11. Would be nice if Mizuno published a combo guide sheet like Taylormade did for their P-700 Series. Maybe fitters have one...…….
  12. I ordered a split set 790/770 to test out against the ole standby T200/T100s. TM sent me the 770s today, waiting on the 790s. Seems odd they would send me half the set, even odder that I got the 770s first. Who knows, they look good. LB
  13. Agree with MrShield on the SIM Driver shaft, seems like an S+60. Diamana Limited S+ 60 Stiff, 65g and 4.5 Torque. Taylormade SIM Diamana s60 Limited Stiff, 65g, and 4.5 Torque. I am testing this shaft in the SIM Max, and find it almost identical to S+ 60. Don't think it is mid-low spin like TM Site states, more like mid spin. The Fairway s75 Shaft is totally different. Diamana Limited S+ 70 Stiff is 74g and 4.1 Torque. The Taylormade Diamana Fw75 Stiff is 72g and 3.6 Torque. Having played the S+70 Stiff in my fairway for years, I think the TM version
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