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  1. Is it just me or JT was hitting this head/shaft combo off the planet today?!
  2. Couldn't agree more on feel really. My problems with forged CB's or even MB's has never really been impact but mostly face to path tolerance. I have a tendency to draw the ball and any ''very workable'' irons will make this unplayable on bad days... Basically, I find it tough to find a consistent, reliable ball flight. I wish I didn't have this problem so I could rock baller irons like the Apex MB's !!! ?
  3. I hear you... I see your coming from Apex MB's, must be night and day in terms of feel. You must be pleased of how miss hits now feels though!! ? For the benefit of others who might be coming from cast/multi-material irons, I am coming from RocketBladez Tour and I find the 770 feel to be soft enough and more powerful. I also gamed Apex Pro's last year and had Project X 6.0 on, but I can without a doubt that the 770's with KBS Tour S feels much, much softer to me. HTH!
  4. Ah! Just read it was with Lites! Still, i'll be interested in hearing more for sure. Reason i'm thinking $-Taper (VS Tour S that I've been playing for years) was to fight dispersion issues I have with over draws when my club path gets not so good... Curious to know why you're sticking with $-Tapers (lite) on your end vs Tour?
  5. Is this for 770's or P7MC'S? Anxious to get your feedback, still on the fence for standard KBS Tour S or $-tapers for 770's here! Have demoed $-Tapers indoors but didn't get a chance to hit the 7I/$-Tapers combo outside yet. Have you tried the setup? Curious to get your thoughts and feedback!
  6. Makes total sense and I agree - Forgiveness for me (mostly missing fat or heely) can be vastly different from players to players. TM did a fantastic job sending out demo heads to retailers here in Canada, so the beauty is you can try them out before buying them!
  7. Tried both extensively and I personally had the same feeling the TXG folks had: There is quite a significant forgiveness gap in between P7MC and P770 2020. For this precise reason I decided not to combo and go full P770.
  8. About an exact replica of his cameron with a nike swoosh painted on it? This putter thing is beyond me!!!
  9. [quote name='rlheiman' timestamp='1320987265' post='3786971'] Please don't enter me in the this contest, I have this product and absolutely love it. It works!!! Guys sign up!! This is the real deal. You can tell the difference when you train mentally and when you don't. [/quote] Aahah great stuff, same here!! The only word that comes to my mind is IMPRESSIVE... Really targets your weaknesses and strengthen your mental game efficiently!!
  10. Like most of the people, I was first skeptical about the true outcome of this kind of product... But so far, the least I can say is that I've read and heard a lot of good things about it. For those who might be interested, here'a great -unbiased- review of Pro Mental Coach that I found... Looks like the results are truly amazing as the guy mentions he's been able to lower his average scores by 3-4 shots using the software: http://www.independentgolfreviews.com/pro-mental-coach.html Really looking forward trying it myself... Please keep us posted with more reviews!
  11. Currently playing the VR Pro Combo and will never look back... If your looking for this specific category of clubs, I don't think you'll be wrong with any of those sets anyway. The only clear avantage I can see with the nike are in the long irons... I do think the "pocket cavity nike'' looks better than the TM CB and are easier to hit than the TM CM... It might be something you wanna consider. Let us know your final choice!
  12. [quote name='TheMoneyShot' timestamp='1301970849' post='3120347'] Looking closer at this bag I do not see anything that states "season opener/2011 masters" which means it could be the new staff bag. None on eBay yet. [/quote] As it only shows the new ball branding, I highly doubt that would actually be the new staff bag. Looks kinda shiny for a ''regular season'' staff bag, so my guess would be that this bag will be used a few week in order to maintain/create some more buzz around the new 20XI ball launching. My 2 cents.
  13. Damn I wanna try this ball ASAP... Great recap, thanks a lot !!!
  14. Just received my pro combos a few days ago... All I can say is WOW ! Coming from the VR Full Cavities, I was concerned about their forgiveness... It quickly shows me that the looks of the Full Cavities was so confusing to me that they weren't actually easier for me. Great feel, look and playability... What else could you ask for !
  15. Heared from a reliable source that the Nike/Cameron discussions have led to nowhere a few days ago.
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