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  1. Hi, Looking for one of these with the stock speeder shaft - standard length, stiff. Thanks
  2. Looking for a set of these irons. Open to heads or shafted. Love to find them in raw. Let me know - thanks!
  3. Good thoughts. I switched courses this year to a place that plays much firmer than I’d been used to, so I don’t have a great baseline for real world reaction because of that change.
  4. I definitely appreciate this! It’s the whole reason I included data. I’ve been trying to look at attack angle as the culprit. I was super steep for a long time and have somehow come full circle.
  5. Oh yeah - good questions. Mats with Bridgestone Tour B XS (spinniest ball I can find). I realize mats can kill spin for some guys - these are decent mats, I think but I couldn’t say for sure.
  6. Hi All, I've been doing some experimenting, and I want to consider a new set of irons. My goal would be mainly to increase spin/height (stopping power). I've been alternating between S55s and I210s recently. I hit the S55's higher/spinnier. I'll post of some my data for 2 representative 7 irons below to give you some idea of my delivery. What I'm looking for is some irons to try. I'd prefer something more player looking in nature, but I'm trying to have an open mind. I like the z785 a lot, but I think it'll be a bad fit with what i'm trying to do. I'm willing to look at
  7. Tried one and liked it, hoping to find one. Driver shaft, G410 tip is ideal.
  8. Ping G410 Plus 10.5 As pictured below. Will ship within 24 hours, typically. Willing to sell head only or with a Ping Tour 65 S. No headcover or tool. I usually ship Priority, but we can consider other options given what’s been going on. Head Only: $old Head + Shaft: $old
  9. Want a velocore ventus blue 6s with G410 tip already installed - no interested in messing with tips (adds time/cost). Hoping for something that plays in the neighborhood of 45" Thanks
  10. Looking for a set of Nike VR Pro Combo, preferably 4 - PW (though would consider 5 - PW). Heads only would be great, though I'll consider a shaft as well. Hoping for something in decent condition given their age (unlikely, I know). Thanks!
  11. Hi All, Hoping for a quick sale. These didn't do it for me. Price is shipped via USPS. TItleist 818 H1 Hybrid 21* & 23* -Tensei Blue Stiff -Standard Length/Loft/Lie (standard surefit) -Includes headcovers (though one is 17* instead of 20*) -Average condition $125 for both Please let me know if you have questions - Thanks!
  12. Price is shipped. Bought from a reputable seller. No tipping, plays at 45” Grip has less than 5 round (Tour Velvet 360) Thanks for looking! $old
  13. Used for close to 1 season. No rips or tears, all zippers work. Normal wear and tear. Mostly used on a push cart. Price is $185 shipped (add $10 West of Missippi). I’m happy to hear offers, but this thing will be costly to ship. NOW: $165
  14. Nippon Modus Tour 105 X flex 3 - PW 4 - PW are tour velvet midsize, 3 is regular tour velvet. Grips are so-so. The 3 iron is from a driving iron/different set, and is 1 1/4" longer than 4 (38.5"). Looking for $150 OBO $135 SOLD Shipped via Priority 5 iron measurement pictured. (These came from a set of i210s that, I believe, were standard length, but I can't be totally sure). 5 iron measurement pictured in close up. Tips need to be cleaned up.
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