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  1. As pictured, ships via priority. $425 Standard length, includes headcover but no tool. Please note this is the lighter 55 gram tensei raw av blue Thanks for looking!
  2. Interested in a G400 max, prefer 9* with a stiff shaftm(tour 65 is great). Will consider head only. Thanks!
  3. Looking for a set of pulls in one of these shafts. Might consider LZ 5.5 or Modus X. Looking for something close to standard length.
  4. Hi All, KBS Tour 120 S Pulls from a TM P770 set, 4 - PW. I’m told they were never hit, and played standard length. I never got around to installing them as I went a different direction. As you can see tips are about half prepped, might need a light sanding. Prep is almost 2” on some shafts, in case you’re a short ferrule guy. Includes basically new TM branded non-cord z pride 5 iron measures 36.75 (pictured) $175 obo shipped via priority.
  5. I was worried this was the answer!
  6. Every year, I hope to buckle down, find the set for me and just play, but every year I tinker needlessly. I started this year with 13 new clubs. Does it show in my scores? Nope, it’s just how I pass the time when I can’t play due to weather. So I was wondering, does anyone have a story of “club ho” reform? How’d you get there? Did you truly find something special or just grow out of it? How long did it last?
  7. 2 items for sale today! Prices are net to me and include shipping via USPS. If you'd like me to ship another way, reach out and we can work something out. I'm always willing to consider offers. The only trade I'd be interested in would be a set of T100 (4 - GW, stiff). Please message me with any questions! Updated 4/8 - Price drops! Mizuno JPx 919 Tour w/ Modux 105 x 4 - PW - $625 $old -Standard length/loft, 1 degree flat -MCC +4 align grips -Typical bag chatter, pics tell the story TaylorMade
  8. My experience has been very similar to this. As a few others said, the feel/sound is probably the biggest difference. I found the Tsi capable of higher ball speeds when flushed; forgiving enough that I don’t notice on course. I’ve been pleased with the switch, and it has been hard to get a Ping driver out of the bag for me historically.
  9. That's good to hear -- I like the looks of the Nike and the price is great. But it seems like the reviews are only so so. Thanks!
  10. Hi All, I've been frequenting the threads trying to find a stand bag for me. The two main bags I've used the last several years are Ping Hoofer (2016 or so) and 2020 Sun Mountain 2.5. I love the Hoofer - it's obviously heavier, but the thing that gets me is the club tangle. I know people talk about putting clubs in standing up, but even so and especially when on my Clicgear 3.5, I have trouble with snagging and clubs not sitting well (I love the look of a clubs sitting beautifully in the bag, descending from iron to iron). However the pockets, water bottle, glove velc
  11. 2 items for sale today. Shipped via USPS. Add $10 for FedEx or UPS. Ping G410 LST 9 degree Accra FX 2.0 260 M4 Includes headcover no wrench. Used 1ish season. Small mark on a turbulator (pictured next to my thumb). Shaft has fairly new MCC +4 $OLD Sun Mountain 2.5 2020 Model Used for slightly less than 1 season. Going back to my hoofer for space, but this is a great bag. All zippers work. Shipping is the killer on these. Let’s say $150 shipped PRICE DROP $125 and I'll sp
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