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  1. Great pics and write up. Was just there 2 weeks ago! Brought back all the memories again - thanks!
  2. Was just there last week and the temps ranged from highs 62-65. Morning rounds winds are down, but still low-mid 50's. Pants and thicker qtr zip for our group. Afternoon temps rose, but so does the wind. It was still pants for me and swapped for a lighter top. I took it off for a few holes in the afternoon, but was comfortable keeping it on the majority of the time. Tip: Bring and put on sunscreen . Have a blast!
  3. This is pretty spot on. I've gamed the Pros for 5-6 rounds now and anything flush does feel incredibly smooth off the face. Agree, off center does sound a bit different and feel, but that can be said of almost any player performance iron in this category. I couldn't be more pleased in the two weeks I've had the Pros
  4. That's great service! Thanks for sharing too
  5. I have a Sun Mountain stand bag and second to last notch. A bigger cart bag would definitely be a struggle
  6. Tourney here in the NW on Sunday and high chance of rain haha. I've always used FJ Rain Gloves, but any thoughts on others that folks like? Saw good reviews for the TM and Callaway versions Thoughts?
  7. That's smart to lessen the gap from Apex 6i to Pro 7i. Like my CF15's, I just found in tests that the larger Apex lines I'd have more flyers that went +10-15yds and the Pros decreased those. Already have your set?
  8. Yikes buddy! Still a foot out? Here's hoping for some melt to get you on the links soon
  9. With only a 7i to test, my initial thought was a combo set like you're thinking. The first couple of hits in the test felt so smooth and good I took a leap of faith that the 4i-6i would be the same. The gapping concerned me too with a Apex 6i and a Apex Pro 7i I played yesterday and I didn't have as many flyers that you sometimes might get with CF15's, etc. The distance dispersion was a lot tighter for me in studio test and on course yesterday. I like the stock Elevate 115 on the irons so far. I'm probably a mid flight ball and the Elevate probably gave me a bit higher ball flight. I'm really pleased after one round with a full set of the Pros Cheers
  10. Good tip to make sure a custom change might be backlogged. The customer service folks there are great that I've spoken to on the phone. Good luck with the new sticks
  11. Just arrived today and they sure look good . In store fitting only had the 7i, but first range session in and no disappointment with the longer irons. Such great feel throughout the set. Ready to game them tomorrow on course
  12. Arrived today and off to range. In store fitting only had the 7i so was really looking forward to hitting 4i-6i. Couldn't be more pleased with first range session 4i-PW! They sure look nice
  13. Update: Ship date moved up by 2 days and on their way from Mexico today - UPS Ground
  14. I tested and ordered a set of Apex Pros a week ago. They only had a 7i to test. Initially I thought combo set going in, but the 7i felt very forgiving that I went with a full bag of Pros
  15. Very reasonable take here. For me, I was coming from Apex CF2015 which I gamed for awhile and tuned into the respective flights and distances. You'd get the occasional flyer, but I think the Apex Pro 21 will be less so....as least I hope so lol. Have fun with the Srixons. Those are beauties
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