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  1. [quote name='From_Parts_Unknown' timestamp='1382632154' post='8051415'] I have a slightly used set of Mizuno MP-4 MP-54 combo that I would like to sale. I bought them last week from a local guy and quickly realized why I do not play blades anymore after one round this past weekend. They are in great shape with very little bag chatter. Everything is stock except the shafts. They are factory installed Nippon n.s. Pro 1150GH Tour stiff flex. The 4 iron is a MP-54 head while the 5-PW are MP-4 heads. Total of 7 clubs. I am asking $675 for the set. Unfortunately, I am not looking for any trades at this time. Conus only please. That includes usps priority shipping, tracking, and insurance. Thanks for taking a look. [/quote] I am interested. Email me at [email protected] Would you accept PayPal?
  2. [quote name='Phillipsac18' timestamp='1376705996' post='7691662'] Hello everybody, this is my first time selling on Golfwrx. Ive bought a few things off of here before and am sick of selling things on eBay so if I can avoid it I am going to try! My ebay user id is adamphillips85 if you want to check my feedback, I always give an excellent representation of all clubs because it is what I would want in return. With that said here is what I would like to sell. Please no trades at this time. All prices include shipping via USPS Priority. Thanks! Paypal is [email protected] 1. Right-Handed Titleist 712 AP2 Irons (4-PW) with X-100 Shafts, 1/2" over standard and 1 Degree upright. Brand new New Decade Multi-compound Midsize Red and Black Grips. The only irons hit are the 9 and PW. The rest are unhit. There is no bag chatter or anything on them, just a few ball marks on the 9 and PW face (see pics). 4-8 are mint as can be and 9 and pw are excellent condition. $700 [attachment=1837742:IMG_0557.JPG] [attachment=1837744:IMG_0559.JPG] [attachment=1837746:IMG_0562.jpg] [attachment=1837748:IMG_0563.jpg] [attachment=1837750:IMG_0565.jpg] [attachment=1837752:IMG_0566.jpg] 9 Iron [attachment=1837754:IMG_0617.jpg] PW [attachment=1837756:IMG_0618.jpg] 2. Right-Handed 35" Scotty Cameron Golo 5, standard specs, pistolero grip. Putter is in mint condition. Only mark is on the bottom just below the "Titleist" logo there is a small mark. Rest of the putter does not have a mark on it. Comes with matching headcover. $300 [attachment=1837762:IMG_0569.jpg] [attachment=1837764:IMG_0570.jpg] [attachment=1837766:IMG_0580.jpg] [attachment=1837768:IMG_0573.jpg] [attachment=1837770:IMG_0584.jpg] 3. Right-Handed Titleist 712 CB 2 Iron with Dynamic Gold X-100 Tour Issue Shaft, +1/2 Inch Over Standard, and 1 Degree Flat. Brand New Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize Grip. Never hit, still has plastic on head. $110 [attachment=1837776:IMG_0607.jpg] [attachment=1837780:IMG_0604.JPG] [attachment=1837782:IMG_0605.JPG] 4. Right-Handed Titleist 712 CB 3 Iron with Dynamic Gold X-100 Tour Issue Shaft, +1/2 Inch Over Standard, and 1 Degree Flat. Brand New Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize Grip. Never hit, still has plastic on head. $110 [attachment=1837784:IMG_0603.jpg] [attachment=1837780:IMG_0604.JPG] [attachment=1837782:IMG_0605.JPG] [/quote]
  3. [quote name='GooseHook' timestamp='1363014957' post='6589241'] I've gotten about 2 rounds in with mine, coming from 2 seasons with MP T-11 wedges. The sets are same loft and bounce makeup. Looks and feelwise, they are great. for tight chips around the green, and the mud I had to hit out of, they were also great. Out of the sand is still TBD. I haven't gotten much practice in, but something about the sole gives the impression that these don't "pop" through the sand like the T-11 did. It might have been the sand at that particular course, but the jury is still out. They spin like crazy though. [/quote] Yes a retailer said I need to use similiar feel irons. I was skeptical when he told m ethat of course. The T4 look good at address, but haven't hit them. The spin is good? sounds like the could be a good asset in the bag.
  4. So I got fitted for MP-64 and some H4 combo set (Thinking 3-5 H4 and 6-W for 64) and was told that it would better to have similiar feeling forged wedges to go along with the set. I know I need to add a 50 and 54 wedge (already have a 58 cleveland 588 forged wedge), but not sure that I shouldn't just stick with the new new Cleveland Rotex wedges. What do your guys recommed? Are the Mizuno T4 wedges awesome?
  5. I am same boat and similiar hcp. Looking at I 20's and Mizuno MP 59 and hit them both great. way better turf interaction. Leaning towards I-20 because of price
  6. Thanks everyone. Good Advice so far. I am really striking the ball well and been alot more consistent. I was actually very pleasantly surprised that I could hit the Mizuno 64/59 with ease and love the feel and look. But I am on the fence and a little hesitant to make that jump even though I have been testing a 6 iron MP 64 fro two weeks on the range and on the course and had some succesful shots (approx 160 from bunker 6ft from pin for birdie). I probably should be smart and practical and make the next logical jump to I-20 instead which has more fogiveness and playability. I will try the Bridgestone Irons as well as Calloway X-hot. I think my current driver shaft is a little heavier and I will check on the wieght to make sure I get something comparable to weight. I really like the Ping G25 and Anser driver heads. Very nice! Probably don't need a new wood, but will get a new wedge for sure. Either 52 or 54 Vokey or Cleveland. Which ones would you recommend. Thanks!
  7. Anyone?! Could really use some advice!
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