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  1. Are the j38s cleaned and just rusting? Or is that dirt on them? Let me know! I may be interested.
  2. A small thing that I noticed in your latest video is that your left foot is too turned in at address and at the end of your swing. If you flare it out just a bit (feels like ~10*) you will follow through muchhh more comfortably and you'll be able to fully turn your hips out towards your target. Right now it's restricting your hips a bit in the follow through and could be keeping you from releasing from the inside. Tip: Take EVERYTHING I say with a grain of salt. (Unless others confirm my thoughts)
  3. [quote name='Scottishducati' timestamp='1414102741' post='10340867'] [quote name='JT41L5d3' timestamp='1414101739' post='10340787'] Can I get some better pictures of the pro combos? You say they're a 6/10 but they look like they're in fantastic condition. Am interested! [/quote] Maybe 6/10 was a bit low. Maybe closer to 7 or an 8. Ding on the pw but that's about it other than normal wear. [/quote] Mind if I still get some better pics? If I could see the ding and the condition of the faces/soles a bit better that'd be great.
  4. Can I get some better pictures of the pro combos? You say they're a 6/10 but they look like they're in fantastic condition. Am interested!
  5. Sigh...if only these weren't regular. Would you have any interest at all in trading heads?
  6. Hey guys, These didn't work out for me because I'm in a huge slump with my swing right now. 712 AP2s with PXi 6.0s playing half an inch over. The whole package includes 3-GW, but the 3i is unshafted though the stock s300 is included and the GW is also an s300 with both playing at standard length. The heads are an 8.5/10 and the shafts were 1 time pulls from a set of mp-54s. There are dings, notably on the heel of the 5 and faces of the 3 and 8 iron. The ferrules seem to be coming up just a hair on a few of the irons as well. Just want to make sure I include everything for full disclosu
  7. Hexagonal milling on the neck is unique and beautiful!!! Would love to have this special piece in my bag or on my wall!
  8. ^ It was 1am central in the states when you posted this. Most people have work tomorrow! Like me...but instead I'm up browsing the BST.......
  9. Hey WRXers! Just one item up today, which is a clean set of Rocketbladez Tours w/ KBS Tour Stiffs 4-PW. These are +0.25" playing off a 38" 5 iron (titleist standard) and standard loft/lie. Shaft bands are perfect and stock grips are still in amazing shape. Conservative 8.5+/10. I got these in excellent condition and have used them sparingly since because I've convinced myself they aren't forgiving enough for me. Although, I've heard they are extremely forgiving for their class and when catching one pure feels nice and solid. There's plenty of topics floating around about these though
  10. Might wanna include that they're Rocketbladez Tours, instead of just Rocketbladez.
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