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  1. Sorry could be a silly question but how do you go about entering Pre qualifying and monday qualifying? I live in the UK so dont really keep tabs on the PGA tour...
  2. Saw tonnes of those KB graphites, think everyone was trying those. Couldnt figure out what they were... Did you see Dysons 3 wood Ben? Think he had it in play, although looked almost like a different version of an Attas??? I also noticed shed loads of PX Graphite in play, alot of Fubuki, the odd alpha, and quite a few RIPs.
  3. I have the 9032ls which is a kind of comparisson lol, was going to go for grafalloy blue x but went Xpp6 instead. The Pype and Blue have allways been a good one for me aswell, for me the tour is a wet noodle in comparisson. Tipped the Xpp6 3/4 of an inch and launch/spin and dispersion were as good as ive seen on the LM. The Adams heads, regardless of model are hard to beat, fantastic heads so your safe in the knowledge your half way there. If you want to couple the head with a low spinner, you cannot go wrong with the blue. BTW Matt, you should try my Taylormade TBTP, have blue X tipped an inch playing at 43"... ummm stiff...
  4. Managed to hit this Saturday, very impressive, very low spin. Very small looking head in comparisson to supertri. RIP felt fantastic, very stable, kept the launch and spin down. Head felt and sounded 1000000 times better than R9s of late. I spin the hell out of it and this alongside the FT tour has been the only driver to keep it down, this more so than the FT Tour. Cant wait to get one!
  5. Guys, asked high up with TM today and they have said these will not be coming to retail. Have asked a few tour mates aswell, they said the same, some of them are even struggling to get them but then again, we do tend to struggle a little more over here in Europe...
  6. Sonartec head is very good, dont get me wrong, just not what im after with my game at the moment... Axivcore green could be a good option, sounds similar to what im after. Rombax i have tried, didnt get on with it... Thanks for the suggestions so far...
  7. Want to move away from that shaft, hits it a little too low for my liking, having tried it in another shallower head aswell... Plus want to go slightly lighter aswell... Anything else you have in mind tom?
  8. Desperate!So ive been using the 9032LS driver now since the tail end of last year, couple of different shafts but have settled for XPP6 tipped 3/4 of an inch in a 9.5* head. I know all we hear is this is the best combo ever blah blah but this is the first driver ive owned in a while im happy with and have confidence with. Adams sent me through the new Fast 10 fairway 15* and i thought i would try going lighter and softer in the shaft to get something a little more playable over my Sonartec GS Tour 14* Accra SC85 i have used for the last 2 years. I had a Matrix Ozik F7M2 proto put in, 72g stiff tipped 1" but the flight is very high launching, spinny and isnt going anywhere. I have tried combo after combo of FWs trying to knock the Sonartec out of the bag and am getting to the point im pretty desperate. Now i like the Fast 10 head, one of the better heads ive ever hit, so will stick with that, but im after a few suggestions, 70-80g (dont want to go over 80) and something which will launch fairly low but still carry a decent amount, i dont want a grass cutter! Thanks guys Jamie
  9. I was with the Callaway boys on monday with the new drivers, i questioned this also. They said spin is a hair higher, nothing noticeable, and the reason they changed the name to FT Tour was FT9 was released beginning of 2009 and they felt if they stuck with the same product, it would be sticking with the old gear, they wanted to move forward so branded it simly FT Tour. I questioned the .350 tip and didnt get an answer, they just said thats the way we went.........
  10. I had 5 MP600s... 2 with whiteboards... Lets fall into this trap again!!!!
  11. [quote name='cdbradfield' date='01 March 2010 - 04:28 PM' timestamp='1267478903' post='2286077'] Odyssey looks to be going away from inserts? I haven't seen the new black series, but they look nice [/quote] I was with Callaway yesterday, they are indeed moving away from inserts and also making the inserts they do use much firmer to counteract the fact the balls are getting softer due to the V grooves. The new black series milled feel very good off of the face, much deeper milling than most out there, can really feel it if you roll your finger along it. They said over a 6 foot putt it will roll quicker than any other putter on the market... Interesting. Felt very good though. As for the proto number 3, my number 2 is still one of the better feeling putters ive ever used. If only the black series were more like these...
  12. I managed to get a few sessions in last year with an 8X in a 909f2 and felt asthough it was very stable, Accra kinda feel, very consistant flight. Carried a long way with a strong flight which could be moved around a little, trajectory was easy to move around. I think its priced accordingly, its the technology and performance you would get from an Accra/Mitsubishi/GD etc... Cant wait to try the hybrid series though! Let us know how they go!
  13. Thought i would chip in from a European perspective. Couple of mates of mine played at Turnberry in the Open last year, both picked up a cameron each, one of which was a sweet weld neck 2.5 select, havnt spoken to the other but he was paid 600 gbp to game it for the week which is around the 1000 dollar mark so ties in. Only mentioned this as i was trying it, hasnt said anything since about gaming anything on a weekley basis. I should imagine its a similar thing though.
  14. Like Ballzout i have the XPP6 in an Adams 9032 but in a 9032LS instead of an LD. Im a high spin guy aswell, i have mine in a 9.5* tipped 3/4 of an inch. Dispersion is increadible and goes miles. I had this head with a Fubuki Proto aswell and same kinda thing. Most here will agree Adams heads are very good, especially for the longer hitters. I think for you in an 8.5* it would work similar. I had one in an 8.5* TBTP and just got the lower flight. I would look into tipping it also. The Pro D is a great choice aswell, maybe look at also 909D3 or another classic which you seem familiar with is the good old bridgestone... Cant recommend the 9032ls enough though, i didnt think twice about what head to put mine in and glad i did.
  15. Pro95 is one of the best FW shafts ive ever played, im guessing this will feel a little tighter, cant wait to give one a try!
  16. Grooves are legal, coming in a 52, 54, 56, 60 loft options, bounce will be around 8* mark for all... No word on stock shafts yet.
  17. Wow, you guys sure know how to make friends. With all due respect verse214, when was the last time you worked on a van? I never try to be big headed or throw my toys out of the pram on this site however annoying some comments may be, but i have spent time on vans, have built clubs on vans, have worked with the best fitters on the european challenge tour, European tour and PGA tour, work with tour players on a daily basis and fit people on a daily basis. I do know the way certain clubs are manufactured and who uses what. If something comes off the van, doesnt mean its a piece of rubbish, may just mean no one wanted it. Manufacturing CAN be different, quality CAN be different. If i were you i would do some research if your going to make comments like you have and take on board posts like the ones from BallzOut, markheardjr and stage as they do know what they are talking about. This is a site for information so everyone can learn. Thanks to you guys for chiming in and giving your opinions and knowledge.
  18. The luxury we all have in life is we have choices. This means we can CHOOSE what we play. Yes tour gear is different but doesnt mean its right for everyone. I work with tour players and when i look at fitting them i look at their NEEDS. For some, tour only models are just the ticket due to weights and profils manufactures dont release. For others, its been retail shafts anyone can get, albiet for the most part higher end ones. I think tour gear is great in the respect that players get to try tonnes of stuff in prototype stages so will stumble across stuff they like. Most stuff that is floating on ebay is stuff they didnt want though. Not to say its bad stuff. Wedges are night and day, shafts again, quite a few woods, iron heads, putters galour, so in effect there is alot of gear that is completely different and in my opinion of a better quality. But at the same time, nothing to stop you going to a good club builder to get your irons blueprinted, swingweighted blah blah, woods hotmelted, spined etc and they will come out as good a quality as one they are built properly, and two they fit your swing! I do play tour gear but going back to my opening sentance, its because ive hit a club, liked it, so put it in the bag. At the same point if i walk into a shop and pick a club up, hit it and like it more than what i have in the bag, ill game it. With each club in the bag, i have been fitted to though, so its not a fact of playing Xs club. My driver, retail head with a prototype shaft that they dont offer at retail. Heads awsome, shaft goes well with it. 3 wood, tour head and shaft but again, both work for me. Hybrid, retail head, tour shaft, heads fantastic as it is, use the shaft as again its a prototype and the specs suit what im after. Irons, bog standard retail. Wedges, tour but ground to what MY NEEDS. Putter, Tour only prototype, i couldnt walk into a shop and buy this and when it comes to putters theres a hell of alot of difference and getting one that works for you is paramount. No one needs tour gear but if it fits and works for you, have fun playing golf!
  19. Holy moly! That is some club. Talk about being a man! protopype tipped 1.5. that is nuts! My XPP6 in my driver is tipped 3/4" And as for Vijays, its 83x tipped 2 3/4"s. After that i tried this with an Accra SE70* in an 8.5* and it certainly keeps it low on a windy day! Lets face it, they both pound it!
  20. R7 tp is a great club. From players ive spoken to, and from my personal preference, the sole is a little more playable and preference between normal r7 tp and HFS is split 50/50. With the new Burners, its very much a one way street and not overly playable. I still use mine from time to time. As for Andres, last time i checked, it was a 14* r7 tp Aldila ProtoPype 80X tipped 1.5".
  21. Great stuff from Druh belts this year! Loving my growing collection. Great collection from Conte of Florence this year too, again, a growing collection! Congrats to Robert Karlsson the other week, wearing both! Great player, great fashion.
  22. Not sure about atm, but a year or so ago he was using stiff flex shafts of some sort which he tipped quite a bit so ive been told. Does this for better launch and trajectory he said. As Roland said, vans dont go to the Desert swing, in Dubai last year there was a small building where there was almost like a handyman van, one place doing all club work, nothing much but simple loft/lies, regrips etc... The TM guys introduced the R9 that week to the tour and simply had about 3 bags of shafts equating to maybe 50 or so a bag and laid the rest of their gear out on the range. No sign of any other companies on the range but putting green was the usual sight on the practice days. So its not exactly the right couple of weeks to be wanting to tweek your clubs or break something if your out there!
  23. Haha, thats all i get Dave, nice john letters shirt.... Need a pair of those JL shoes though! Got the 2010 tour collection coming, looking forward to it!
  24. Attas 8X... mmm i need! Any idea when these are becoming a little more widely available?
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