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  1. It is for fun posting pure nonsense to see who really knows what they are talking about, and who has real inside knowledge..not many as it turns out. . All the real knowledgeable posters who used to be here don’t post anymore. These were the guys that were in the industry and knew about metals and production. All that is left now is wannabees and 12-16 year olds who claim to know all about forgings, castings etc. This site is still OK for pictures, but now is mostly fun to watch the lemmings dance.. I saw the pictures of all these many months ago, and have had great fun. Played Ping almost ex
  2. Titleist is always kind of Meh which is a good thing to me. They go for classic rather than flashy which suits a lot of people. I’ll take this over turbulators any day and I love the last two Ping drivers performance wise. And you’d be in the minority, which is why titleist is becoming all but irrelevant in the driver discussions. It’s simple, that “tech” your criticizing is doing something, that’s why all those folks are playing those other brands, and that’s why the launch numbers end up being so much better on the competitors heads when you go try them all out. Titleist needs to s
  3. Agreed July 31 was the date I was given by rep. when I cancelled my order from last week.
  4. Tiger May be experiencing what a lot of great golfers do in their 40s. The fine muscle control in hands starts to go real gradually and along with it the putting touch. Snead, Nelson, Hogan, Watson, Palmer, Player, Langer some just couldn’t putt like before, some got the yips. When Tiger said he was putting good early in the year, the stats don’t support that. Compared to his driving and iron play the putting looked good by comparison. Now he has corrected his driving and iron play is better the putting is very noticeable. Wonder if things like superstroke grips could have helped Palmer and W
  5. What does a ping fitting set look like now. Just a 7 iron with variable shafts or a bunch of 7s in different color codes that are glued. Always hated the screw in shaft fitting as the production item never felt any good. Plus even the worst golfer can hit a 7 iron.. Did get to hit the 7 iron for a few balls. Decent looking at address, G700 distance, better sound than G700, a different feel (not good or bad). They will probably sell a lot initially. I thought I would really like these but when I A/B it with my S55, I still preferred the S55. Probably will wait on new iBlade next year. Not eno
  6. Where did they buy their surplus broadcasting equipment. Every tournament they show the sound is cutting out every minute. The ball sound and shot are rarely synced up. Must have spent the budget on football broadcasting equipment..
  7. Is Fox having audio troubles or are the elitist New Yorkers limited in their vocabulary to where they must bleep every few seconds. Love the comment Teackman is up front and to the Left of the tee because it is New York.
  8. In many of the S series before the S55 Ping had fixtures that could press most of the offset out of the irons. When they started chrome plating them they would no longer do it as it would crack the chrome. S58, S57, maybe S56, but definitely not S55.. Could do slight reductions in i series as well. Lots of tour pros had it done, was pretty expensive like $25 a club.
  9. There’s a new concept driver coming Hopefully irons as well, those were excellent. Still better than any of their non forged production clubs. Much longer and better feeling than TMB, AP3, AP1. Surprised the Concept driver didn’t precede the TS series like the C16 was 8 months before the 917s
  10. The odd thing was how many holes had TrackMan units on the tees. The problem was they were all in front of the golfers. My experience with mine is you need it behind you to correctly record the readings, not in front or even with tee markers.
  11. Took the TS headcover off on first tee, visible plumbers butt crack and tube weight. TS3... bonus for getting it on camera? Jordan should cut the shaft down on a TS2 and use it as a putter..
  12. JT just hit one 422 yards on 18. Must be the real deal haha
  13. I can’t believe the morons that constantly yell the players name or in DJ’s case Paulina. Almost incessant on every hole. Do they go home and play back the recording for their family...that’s daddy..combination of low IQ and liquid loud mouth I guess. Almost as annoying as Fox announcing crew.
  14. Thought the cup mic was for the LPGA and Asian tour. What’s next caddies lining them up. Rory could have used something today.. Maybe he wore himself out getting there so early
  15. I like the shape of a 450 cc. Still using the C16 driver. Only negative is glossy silver finish, but longer than any production offerings to date.
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