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  1. Would you be willing to ship the YSQ to Canada? I am interested. Thanks, Joel
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have a 9015 head laying around, I think I'll just spend the money on a new shaft for it and call the driver search quits for now. Joel
  3. I bought a TEE 5 wood with a matrix 8M2 in it, and it is probably the best club I have ever hit. I liked it so much that I bought a TEE 3 wood and put an VS7 in it. It is good, but not great, I would really recommend the matrix in these clubs, it feels firm and smooth.
  4. I have had two. The Hogan C3 driver. Tried it several times and just could not hit it no matter what. The other was the original titleist hybrid. can't remember the name of it, but even on good contact it didn't fly like it should have.
  5. I have had a couple of Adams 9015's and am looking to move on to something newer, and hopefully better. I have had several different shafts in them, and can change the shaft if it doesn't work for me. What I want to know is what have people that used to play a 9015 gone to and what have you gained from the new driver? Thank you for your responses. Joel
  6. While I can't enter, because I'm Canadian, the lefty love is greatly appreciated. Thank you to Puma and Cobra
  7. I recently put 1/2" to 1" aluminum extensions in my irons. They helped me, as they fit now. I see no problem with extensions. If you are worried about swingweight you can put some tungsten powder in the tips or good ole lead tape on the heads. I didn't and had no problem with the playability. Joel
  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys. After I had posted this I was thinking about a bb83. My current 3 wood has a vs in it. I like the idea of adding voodoo technology. Has anyone had any luck with graphite design shafts in a 3 wood. They seem to be peaking my interest lately?
  9. need advice, opinionsI have just bought a tour edge exotics 3 wood. I bought a tour edge 5 wood a few months ago and it has an ozik 8M2 in it. I am hitting it better then any fairway wood I have ever had. I am looking for something to put in the 3 wood. I would like mid launch and mid to low spin. I do not have the money to put an 8M2 in it, but wanted to get some sort of a pull to go with it. I was thinking about a voodoo or a Tour Ad YSQ. Are there any other shafts that have been working for people that like the 8M2? I would like some options to look into. Thank you, much appreciated. Joel
  10. I would recommend a set of older callaway irons. I have the x-tours, but i think you may prefer the x-20 tours. They are forged feel good, and are more forgiving, yet they aren't shovels. Definitely worth a look. Joel
  11. Thanks, Is there one type (brand) of shaft extension that is better, or any that I should stay away from. Same with epoxy, I don't need a quick set, are they all about equal?
  12. I want to put extensions in my irons. I have changed my own grips and cut some shafts but I have never done this. I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction of what I need to purchase in order to do this, and what I need to do. I have project x's in my irons, and dynamic golds in my wedges, if that makes a difference. Thanks, Joel
  13. If you liked the x22 tours, you should look into x-20 tours, I think they are more forgiving, and feel much better.
  14. If your willing to ship to Canada i'll take the adams Joel
  15. I have been looking on E-bay and this site at drivers.I am looking to spend around 150. The drivers I am looking at demoing are the adams speedline and A4, and the nike dymo.I was looking for suggestion of other drivers people have liked I am a 12 handicap, my swingspeed is 105ish. I play a nike 5000 with an x-stiff shaft, but I am looking into a stiff shaft. Any help is greatly appreciated, Joel
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