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  1. The masters generally favours the guy who can consistently leave the ball below the hole, Colin's putting my be average at times but I think there is a big misconception about what you need to win a Masters and would wager that CM's shots gained approach more than makes up for average putting at a place like Augusta. Colin already has a few highlight putts (like the one against JT's bomb to force a playoff) so he seems to putt well in the moment. I think the US open is going to be way more difficult, just given recent setups seem to favour bombers with huge club head
  2. I agree , the fed ex cup is cool cause the players get a big bonus but that does nothing for me as a golf fan watching who knows they only really care about the majors ... so the end of the season is a little deflating IMO
  3. I always think this camaraderie element is blown way out of proportion I kinda think about even local club events like mens league or member member/member guest. I love my team almost every time (I picked them after-all) but it does little to our results if we cant hit shots and perform on the course. Similarly there are guys on my squad I have no idea who they are does that mean they should perform worse than the guys I know and like? Does having a team you like make a difference to a bunch of hyper competitive guys who are wired to want to win regardless of the situ
  4. Euro tour does do the best prank videos on players...
  5. Don't have mine handy but ya they measure from the back or front of the box and show you a slew of info to better plan your shot
  6. Been so hot too, these guys are going to go low
  7. Honestly prettiest swing on tour IMO Colin Morikowa , the things I would do for his tempo and precision Give me Rory's distance though
  8. SC 300i has video mode too I don't use, that function that much as you are better off taking a slow mo apple video if you want to analyze swing mechanics
  9. https://www.amazon.ca/Voice-Caddie-SC300-Swing/dp/B07NFVPKHL
  10. I did some major research and found the SC to be the best portable out there Got it , and its pretty good all around , really good for wedge work
  11. Driver spin is the biggest change, and arguably the biggest impact on scoring Irons are likely fine new wedges have not really advanced that much but at the same time are the easiest to wear out the grooves. Sounds like your set is decent , would spend the money on beer and get out there and play a lot !
  12. Wilson at the top ? History on their side
  13. Is fitness / strength, let's just call it physicality important in golf ? Yes, if it wasn't the LPGA players would be on par with PGA players...
  14. Solid swing , very forgettable personality.
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