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  1. ya its annoying , trying to promote the early season but not showing the weekend ...
  2. So would you would take Arron Badely's career over Adam Scott ? Badd's clearly one of the best putters out there year after year, but I know who's resume I would rather have. Adam may have been held back by his putter relative to his other gifts but I'll take his career over Badds or Stricker or Faxon or pretty much any other prodigious putter over the long haul. Could Adam have won more with a rock solid putter absolutely, but the reason he is in the conversation is because his long game put him at the top of the leaderboards enough times, for us to think he should have won so much more.
  3. For sure, but you would rather be that guy that seems like he struggles with putting because he is just so damn good at ball striking that he is putting himself in that 5-9 ft range where the chances of making the putt are like 50-77% (sure maybe he should make more but if you keep giving yourself opportunities some are going to go in) Way better than the guy who's median leave is outside the 9ft range , so ya he has to have a positive strokes gained putting as he has to defy the odds to compete because only 40% of those are supposed to go in but there are just more strokes to be had in other places. Put another way here are guys who won based on putting out of their mind, where the SGP outweighed their other strokes
  4. over time , there are more shots to be gained from approach and driving , many of the putts pros have to make are gimmies (meaning putting is not as important as the number of shots may dictate) See how many of the top guys are average to minus in strokes gained putting
  5. he yipped a chip ... I mean he didn't completely toss it away and showed some grit also getting up and down out of the water. I'd personally be pissed if I hit that chip in club c let alone for 1.7 mill and a stroke advantage in the tour champ.
  6. Well it certainly has the players interest (given the priority with the olympics) Agree it needs something more to keep my interest as I don't care as much about the pro's making 20+ mill bonus
  7. c7015

    Titleist delays

    got a wedge and 4 wood this year and same thing , grip was the hold up ordered stock and just had the pro shop swap it when it came in ...
  8. Exactly, notice in the celeb playing matches tiger is doing on golf tv he only ever has a putter ... Yes I can play 4-6 days in a row , but I am constantly amazed that pros can play 4 tourney rounds , pro am , practice and travel and still put up numbers in the 60's consistently
  9. Maybe you are just the top ranked player from Slovakia...
  10. as a side note, if I'm pro # 2 as soon as I win I switch camps and I start lobbying for the players to be a major. "Well back when I won a major ..." "which one ?" "the 5th one ...the players " "crickets"
  11. probably going to take the money however if I am an established pro (similar to Xander) no majors , few wins (enough in the bank) bright future etc , give me the gold , that lives on in history more than a players win does IMO If i'm sleeping in the back of my corolla , Monday qualifying kind of pro I'm taking the cash and the exemptions without batting an eye ...
  12. Majors then ... Memorial I guess , or Tour Champ (feed the fex ex machine)
  13. I had a quite serious Tibia break (with ankle displacement). Got a nice plate and big diastases pin thru the ankle to hold it all together. 4 months on couch with weight off and air cast, then phiso. Tiger I'm sure has been doing more / better phiso and is upright with compression sleeve putting weight on it around the same timeline. I was able to play golf after about a year. Took me another year to build up the muscle and get back to where I was before (I was also 24). 12 years later, it still hurts and the body compensates around it so it creates other issues (back / hip) in my case it was not a game ender like a back issue is but for Tiger it will be really interesting to see if he comes back I'm sure the road back will be excruciating but if he has the fight I would not count him out.
  14. The masters generally favours the guy who can consistently leave the ball below the hole, Colin's putting my be average at times but I think there is a big misconception about what you need to win a Masters and would wager that CM's shots gained approach more than makes up for average putting at a place like Augusta. Colin already has a few highlight putts (like the one against JT's bomb to force a playoff) so he seems to putt well in the moment. I think the US open is going to be way more difficult, just given recent setups seem to favour bombers with huge club head speed and strength to get thru the rough.
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