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  1. I've been looking at ebay for quite a while and I know you can order from some custom sites, but I am trying to find a plain navy blue blade putter cover for a DIY project. Not trying to pay $20+. Everything on ebay has designs on the covers. Nothing just plain. I would prefer a canvas like material but can work with nylon too. Anybody have any leads?
  2. You can't get a tour issue mesh snap back anywhere. And the one RCB is wearing is a New Era 5950 that is also tour only. I've been looking for years and it is very frustrating they aren't available. And Moonshine is right. Not sure what Titleist is trying to accomplish by keeping these from the general public.
  3. Bridgeport CC isn't bad. Fun, decent track. Small greens. The Pines up here in Morgantown (about 20-30 min away) is your best available option if not Pikewood or Pete Dye. Pikewood is near impossible to get on without a hookup and Pete Dye is somewhat exclusive as well. You can't go wrong with the Pines though if this weather holds off for you. Doesn't look good though.
  4. Not sure if anybody has brought this up before but it dawned on me that Titleist doesn't sponsor any LPGA golfers like it does so prevalently on the PGA tour. Sure they have many ladies that play Titleist balls, but I am talking about equipment. Taylor Made, PXG and Callaway/Odyssey are very noticeable in the equipment sponsorship game but rarely if at all do you see Titleist equipment and hat/shirt sponsorship. Even FootJoy logos are rare out on tour. Just seems weird to me.
  5. That guy having his ears shoved in his hat is so frustrating to watch. Such a stupid way to wear a hat.
  6. [quote name='cavanagh' timestamp='1450503774' post='12738516'] The rein the titleist website now [/quote] Not anywhere I can see.
  7. bump for the holidays. anyone have any leads?
  8. [url="https://thebluelot.wordpress.com/"]https://thebluelot.wordpress.com/[/url] fun way to pick the CFP your own way using the protocol that should be in place. no popularity contest based on name and history. simply, strength of schedule and body of work. check it out.
  9. My family was members at SPCC for years and years. Just got out. Loved the layout every time I played it. Outer 18 and Inside 9 are both great. #13 is a bear especially in the wind. #18 is fun too.
  10. I played college baseball and a little pro ball and my walkout song was Whitney Houston- I Wanna Dance With Somebody The opposing team would laugh and the crowd(ladies) loved it. Most people went serious with rap or heavy rock but you gotta get the people going...
  11. Chili, that is awesome and along the lines of what I am trying to do. I want the WV state flag on the top, the flying WV logo in my avatar on the one side, and a certain explicit phrase we use towards our former rivals, Pitt, on the other. Did your friend make them himself/herself? Or did they go through a Delilah type? I know some people with some creativity and stitching skill who I might challenge to make these. Also, see you in Raleigh in fall 2018.... 9/15 WVU at NC State
  12. Can you give me a ballpark price number for what you guys had done from Delilah? Just to get an idea. Thanks.
  13. I've been looking for a new putter cover with the West Virginia state flag on it. I have seen Texas, Florida, Colorado, and California flag covers but not any others. I figure a small state like West Virginia would be next to impossible to find. I know I could do a custom cover but don't really want to spend the money if I don't have to. Anyone know of anything?
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