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  1. They did play the same tees. Probably short for Fish and Lowe and long for Annika. But who won? I don’t recall if the celebs event was same tees as main event.
  2. The thread is “can he beat” and did he in stroke play? No. Can he? Perhaps or perhaps this is the best he could have done. Nothing was proven otherwise. Your version of five strokes a round back being competitive is ludicrous to me. The businessman you are would say the same. Your best is pointless in this thread as many of us have done better. Ive seen the ladies close up for years s well. The old saying of scratch ain’t s*** applies in this thread. Have do we need to have these ridiculous premise threads every winter. Some of y’all need to get out and play. You’re going stir crazy.
  3. Lol…..not about feels? This whole thread has been about feels. What do you feel is a scratch? But how about a traveling or tourney scratch? Lol. I crossed Lowe an Fish in their “real” index. “Real” because as @Obee stated Lowe is likely in the plus range a bit with 100% compliant and accurate posting. So we have a group of guys posting on the board that have repeatedly stated that a 4, nah… a scratch could compete on the ladies tour. Which is utterly daft as this last weeks event showed. If being 20 strokes back after four rounds is competing y’all have an entirely different view of being competitive than I do. As for depth of field not mattering? Lol I’ve said my fill on that subject. You may have noticed that there were more guys in the 300’s in the owgr last week that finished top ten than there were high rated guys. And Swafford was 166 going in. But sure. The guys of the olden golden guys were tough as old shoes because they needed to be to eat. edited to add…. Adoringly
  4. We do still have the Pavins out there…..according to @hammersiaNa is only out there 255. We still have long and short players contending. Except instead of 250-270 it’s 290-310 on average.
  5. Wolff, Rahm, Simpson come to mind immediately to contradict that statement. Crenshaw Faldo and Jose Maria were all pretty much classical swingers in the same mold as the current players. They just chose to swing with much less speed as opposed to Jack and Miller that swung like todays best.
  6. Lowe….Fish….yes I had them backwards. I sure either is just thrilled to tie, or nearly tie a retired professional 51 year old woman.
  7. In all fairness he did lose to Annika in stroke play. He was +7 to her +6. And he probably plays a lot more than she does.
  8. If I were king we would quit dumbing down the game and making it “easier”. We’ll just change the name from golf to Play It Like It Lies.
  9. You can certainly do whatever the heck you want and call yourself a scratch, or a 20, for all anyone cares. Just don’t enter an event that calls for legit handicaps with your fictitious number. Your method seems to be wanting to use the half court rules in a full court game.
  10. If it is such a good rule then make it one….not just a MLR. Well gee, that’s an awful idea……….
  11. Clearly he is not always a butcher ……hence the performance last week. Which is why the rankings can be meaningless as any of these guys are good enough to have a hot week…even with the weakest part of their game.
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