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  1. Did you ever stop and think that...gasp, oh the horror!!...the old way was wwwwwrrrrrooooonnnggg? That it is truly possible that the best way to play, as defined by having actual, you know, lower scores is the modern way. That buying into the whole as the architect intended routine was a feint. A sham. A deflection. A bit of architect genius to disguise what was really the best way to play the game? That is what we learn from analytics. look, it’s certainly everyone’s choice. They can go the old school way and look pretty laying up. And that has a certain charm to it. Or the
  2. Other have done the math in other threads. Which has a greater degree of error? .....in the fairway by a couple yards at 265 or missing the fairway by a couple yards at 300+? It’s the same game with a different strategy being used. It’s the analytic nature of the modern game...like game 6 of the World Series. The analytics said pull Snell as he was about to face the lineup a third time. The old school purists said “what the hell are you talking about? He’s unhittable tonight!” Since you brought up Arnie....remind me again....was the prudent “put it in the fairway” his
  3. Lol 8 rounds measured this year and 4 of them were at the US Open with extremely narrow fairways. But yeah...as long as you want to use 2021 would you rather hit 71% at 265-270 off the tee or 52% at 344? ** That also means BDC hit about 64% at his other measured event in the ‘21 season. Not bad at 344.
  4. I thought of that. Floyd was 40 then as well so point is still valid. None of your players were short hitters. Average maybe....like Simpson and Morikawa today. In every era the top dog was among the longest of the day...Jones...Snead/Hogan...Jack....Norman....Tiger..... all were long. Not a requirement to good golf but to be the best?
  5. For years golf as seen as a skill and not a sport. Like billiards rather than the decathlon. But today’s player...no pun intended referring to Gary Player or even Stranahan who did so years ago...today’s player knows that being gym fit and golf fit are not mutually exclusive and that their game benefits in multiple ways. You may not like it but it is not just distance they work out for. PS you did not see Smith and Rafferty win often....maybe they should have worked out a bit.
  6. The 80% thing is, in my opinion, overused and misleading. No one actually swung at 80% speed. Unless you think Jack was capable of swinging 140 or so and chose 112 instead? It may have “felt like” 80% but was more like 95%....just like the pros today. We can look at average and peak club head speed on the tour website these days.
  7. In ‘96 Faldo’s driving distance was within 6 yards of the Sharks....6! And in ‘82 Raymond was within 8 yards of Jack. So neither were short for their era. The equivalent today would be Webb Simpson and Morikawa. And they are still 8th and 4th in the world rankings. Has the scale been slid 40 yards or so down the fairway? Yes.
  8. If you think it was harder to hit persimmon 250 into the fairway than it is to hit modern 320 into the same fairway kudos to you. If you think the short game is easier today than it was with spinnier balls and slower and softer greens kudos to you. If you and @Nard_S want the game to stay where it was when it was dominated by guys that spent more time at the bar then they did at the gym and the range....that is where you will be disappointed.
  9. I don’t remember...how old are you? Wedges into par 5’s were rare? Lol. Where do you get that? Reaching in two shots may have been slightly more rare than today but part of that was we were taught the percentage play was to lay up to our favorite wedge distance. But it was rare to have more than wedge for a third shot. Not rare to have a wedge.
  10. He was probably saying it was because Malnati is 166th in driving distance so is too “short” off the tee. I would say the fact he’s not in the Masters field would be a larger deterrent.
  11. You do know we can fact check these stats, right? Let’s not be making stuff up to make a point. In 1980 Mahaffey averaged 249.5 and in ‘81 he was at 252.9. Not long but not bunting it around. And let’s remember these numbers are not like the amateur idea of average. These are not as far as Mahaffey could hit it it was an average. And based on what I have read here the guys of that era only used 80% on average so he could hit it about 312 whenever he wanted!
  12. I recall the story quite well. And place no faith in its veracity. Seems like ALL of the greatest ballstrikers were from the days before there were detailed stats kept. Gee, I wonder why that is? Did you know when Hogans caddie was shagging the balls in a practice session Hogan could hit him in the left nut or right on demand from 250 yards? Damndest thing I never saw. But I am sure I read it somewhere so it must be true!
  13. Making sense of trackman numbers....I would think spin is a bit low for the speed on many of the hits. And you vary from 40 yards left of center to 43 yards right. I am not qualified to give you swing tips based on these numbers. listen to what Monte says!
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