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  1. To an extent I agree. Have you ever noticed that the best players, in many sports, are from quite a few years ago? Makes me wonder how much is truth and how much is a combination of the detailed stats we have today AND the oversatuation we have of sports television. Either that or Hogan thought the wispy rough(and I have read the rough was always brutal back in the day) was the best place to play from at Carnoustie. He would never miss a fairway after all.
  2. Agree....never ever just look at raw scores in one event to assess player’s ability. Might have been brutally windy.....greens could be in rotten shape(especially this time of year AND a mini tour event).....could be a myriad of reasons for high scores.
  3. Guessing you are either an x stiff player or had 2nd Swing credit? PGA Superstore has them in stock. https://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/g425-hybrid/2000000016464.html?cgid=golf-clubs-hybrids#prefn1=brand&prefv1=PING&start=1
  4. Lol, what does that have to do with my point? Is everyone posting on wrx “arrogant” because a certain par five is reachable on his home course and he considers it to be a par four? Seriously? For Bryson very few par fives are not reachable. What is wrong with him considering them to be par fours?
  5. Generally shorter careers yes. But imagine if a women equivalent of Tiger joined the tour. Kicking butt and caring about not her other than golf. No thoughts of motherhood. That would be like Inkster or Davies with Annika skills.
  6. Sounds very similar to the men’s tour in the early 90’s.
  7. Disagree. Yes there is a lot of parity but someone will come along that dominates for a long time. That line was given on the PGA Tour before Tiger and the same was said on the ladies tour before Annika...and Karrie....and even Lorena. Their seemingly is a lot of apathy on the ladies tour. Similar to Womens tennis they shoot to the top and fade away early. But someone will come along and be driven to win, and continue winning , for years.
  8. Cool, now do one for Spieth. I don’t get the crap being levied at Rickie. Is he supposed to turn down millions in endorsements? I think Sir Nick is just jealous that Fowler gets the big money while he is left with scraps like square toed shoes lol.
  9. Lamkin Crossline are on back order as well. I had called customer service Monday morning and finally received a call back today. My order is ready...except they don’t have the grips. I suggested they put whatever in the box since I was asking for them loose in box anyways(adding pros of inserts). To which I was told the place ordering needed to call to make changes. So hopefully that was accomplished today and my order will go out soon.
  10. How many times early in Tiger’s career did we hear a course was a par 68 for him? With all of the par 5’s reachable that needs to be the mindset. Not arrogance at all.
  11. That is a worthy idea as well. You could not deny my charming face lol. See my note above as well. Slighter Golf did respond. I missed it.
  12. My bad...to set the story straight Tom did reply yesterday but it went to my Spam file. So my apologies to Tom Slighter! I will send him some pictures as he requested, and @bladehuntersuggested.
  13. I did send Lamont @golfluvzmean email as well. Don’t think he still does that type of mod work but with him here in town figured I would ask. Met him a few years back at his previous location in town. Very nice guy.
  14. I think a lot of people misunderstood hat quote. Not sure why it ruffles so many feathers. He didn’t say he would easily shot 67 or whatever. Just that his mindset said that is par for him.
  15. So much for that idea....he does not reply to messages evidently. Sent one from hie website and one direct from my email. No reply to either one. Someone else suggested Flanagan. I send him a note.
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