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  1. They have had dominating performances for sure. Osaka has the potential to be a dominant force but I’m not sure mentally she’s made for it.
  2. Sorry, forgot who I was discussing with…never mind.
  3. I get it…..I have seen others bounce around a ton as well. Again, I was just pointing out that because each course handicap is a range, not an absolute number the course handicap can vary much more than the index. For instance…on my home course a 5 course handicap is a 3.5 to 4.3. A 10 course handicap is 7.7 to 8.5. So a player that moves from 5-10 course handicap might have moved from 3.5 to 8.5….and get hard capped or he may have “just” gone from 4.3 to 7.7 and barely have been soft capped.
  4. It wasn’t that it didn’t make sense. NSX felt the 5 stroke swing in your handicap was large….and it was at it would be hitting the hard cap if it were your index. Which is why I asked that earlier. I was pointing out to him really, and you a bit I guess, that going going from 2-7 course handicap could likely be closer to a 3 stroke variance if it were from a high 2 to a low 7. So barely more than going from 3-6.
  5. There are no women dominating right now in tennis.
  6. Based on the op’s desire the TW has more than twice as much offset as the New Level.
  7. Or this. Waaaay less offset than your current clubs https://www.newlevelgolf.com/online-store/PF-1-Forged-Irons-PRE-ORDER-p230439338
  8. You ranged from 2-7? The way you phrase that I am guessing you mean course handicap? If index you somehow blew right through the soft cap and up against the hard cap. If course handicap I am guessing the 5 stroke swing in handicap is barely over 3. Meaning you went from a very high 2 to a very low 7. Could have just as easily been a range of 3-6….but just slid in on the high and low end.
  9. Typically 40 groups? Or a very crowded shotgun? 40 groups takes over 5 hours to tee off.
  10. If you’re pulling all of them ask them to put in whatever no up charge shaft they have available.
  11. Unless he thought it was at the time.
  12. You’ve got it correct now. Because Larry left it out I clarified. Not sure if he needed it.
  13. Chicken or the egg? There are a lot of quality players on the mens mini tours. Not so much on the womens. Guessing one of the two women’s mini tours is the Cactus tour here in Phoenix? There are very few quality players on that tour. They had a few events a year ago with more good players because a few of the LPGA players played it during the LPGA hiatus from Covid. There are only two womens minis and they cannot fill with good players.
  14. That because it takes 113.57 yen to make a US dollar.
  15. “All” they need to do is win an Olympic medal and they won’t need to do military service. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/sports/tokyo-summer-olympics/for-south-koreans-olympic-medal-is-only-way-out-of-military/3181580/
  16. Correct, we agree. But…a putting coach can get him putting better which would make it much easier to get into a winning mindset.
  17. It is more accurate because if I read your post correctly you are using the old system. Your course handicap is not “converted” as you said. In the case of using percentages as posted above it is not what you are thinking of as a course handicap. The odds are likely your raw course handicap has something after the decimal point. You multiply that number by the percentage and then round. Let’s say with your index your CH is a 4 for normal play. So you are getting 4 strokes from that zero handicap guy. Using the 90% format you might be just getting 3 strokes from the same guy. You do not multiply the 4 CH times 90% you use the raw CH. Which might be a 3.6. Which for normal play is rounded to 4. But with the 90% you multiply that 3.6 time 90% and get 3.2 which rounds to a 3. Is that clear?
  18. And Jack got there taking lessons with Jack Grout and Phil Rodgers.
  19. One month total with little loss of playing time is not extreme….but six months would be nearly the whole season for many parts of the country.
  20. So a course that hosts an annual event should expect up to six months of crap for prestige? Instead of, oh I don’t know, actually being able to play the course they pay for? Cmon man! There are probably a few members at any club that feel that way. Guys that belong to multiple courses and use the prestigious course for bragging rights and or business purposes. But most of the members? Not for an annual event. Perhaps the clubs that host a major or Ryder Cup feel that way but not annual event hosts. For a PGA Tour event I could see up to six weeks or so including healing time after. But I would bet many members grumble at that. Having your course torn up by grandstands and the lowly riff raff traipsing around their course for a week?
  21. Flippin’ spell check. What I get for being in a hurry. Now changed to “way” more penal as intended. Thanks!
  22. Gotcha. Other than, of course, as we read in this thread the new method is more difficult it is more accurate. A 3 CH in reality is a rounded 2.5 to 3.4. So should a 2.5still be a 3 when he is 90% adjusted to 2.25? It certainly as easier to calculate the way you were still doing it. We all knew anything 5 and below didn’t change.
  23. Few courses desire to have their course virtually unplayable in the month leading up to the event. I was a member at the Ping owned venue of the LPGA event here in Phoenix. Even for the ladies tour the rough was virtually unplayable for a few weeks prior. They would quit cutting the rough at all for a few weeks and the when the LPGA officials came in the week before they would tell the super what height to cut the rough. That method gave them a more uniform length. Might have been nice for the event but it was beyond US Open rough for the last couple weeks of member play. I can only imagine mens setups might be way more penal.
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