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  1. Been a while since I’ve been down there, but I prefer the layout at NPBCC over Abacoa, but conditions at Abacoa are typically stellar.
  2. Very curious about the Delta’s. Wondering if they have a bit more cushion in the midsole.
  3. Not golf specific, but https://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=653676012&cid=28660&pcid=28660&vid=1&nav=hamnav%3Amen%3A%3Asweaters&grid=pds_5_46_1&cpos=11&cexp=2246&kcid=CategoryIDs%3D28660&cvar=17155&ctype=Listing&cpid=res21021617775345266692035#pdp-page-content
  4. Second the ASICS Duo. IMO, the only shoe on the market that compares or possibly even exceeds the CodeChaos in underfoot cushion. Also, take a look at UA Hovr Drive.
  5. I could be wrong, but I was assuming the “v” meant “versus” not as in Tour V. The regular KBS Tour seems like a good comparable to the Elevate Tour.
  6. To each their own, but I have a pair of Highland Tours and I would never consider wearing them with a sport coat, even the regular Highland I wouldn’t wear with one.
  7. Maybe Rhone Commuter or Lululemon Commission(ABC might be too casual looking)? Forgot to add Vineyard Vines On-The-Go pants and Peter Millar Stealth.
  8. The soon to be released premieres appear to be replacing the Icons.
  9. Metal x milled 330M if you can find it. Cleveland HB 10 and Toulon Palm Beach also with similar shapes as the 330.
  10. This was exactly my assumption as well.
  11. I actually really dig the design, no shade from me.
  12. Looks like a True Lux Pro in a custom colorway.
  13. These have also been available at PGA Tour SS over the last few years. Recently saw the 1A there as well. The only one I wasn't aware was still available was the Scottsdale.
  14. Yes CC is full length boost as well as the last iteration of the Tour360 line(XT).
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