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  1. th6252

    Carbon Ringo GSS

    I know I'm reviving an old thread, but didn't feel a new one needed to be created so figured I'd post this in here. If anyone has seen the new black edition Ringo, does anyone think they completely nailed the Anser 2 trisole shape? To my eye, it's just about perfect...if I want to be super picky all I'd want to add is a more softening on the bumpers, flange and neck...and of course I'd need the weight bumped up to 360-365 which I'm sure they're more than capable of doing. But I think, at least to me, this is perfect...definitely up there with the Betti BB8c/tri and Scotty SS lines.
  2. can you post a link? all i see is the 1st gen xt sl for that price but no sl 2.0.
  3. I just took delivery on one myself and club tangle doesn't seem to be any worse than my SM four5 14-way(circa 2013 or 14?) that it replaced.
  4. Looking to unload my Scotty Fastback 2. It’s the stock 33” model with stock 20g weights. Putter is well taken care of and in absolute mint condition. Comes with unused stock headcover and stock Matador grip. All specs standard. NO TRADES! Asking $300 shipped CONUS, PayPal. PM for any questions or more pic requests.
  5. I love BOA(have a pair of Ecco and puma) and I really like my CodeChaos. Very much dislike the CodeChaos hi top BOA and wished they would introduce the low top BOA available in Asia stateside.
  6. Love their take on the Anser 2. Only reason I don’t have one is they don’t/can’t get their putters into the 360-370g range I prefer.
  7. So I was able to get out for a round with a pair of wide IT’s that I saw randomly pop on on NDC. One of the comfiest golf shoes I’ve ever had the pleasure of walking in. Unfortunately, my swing balance isn’t the best and it felt like the bounciness of the zoom air pockets in the forefoot kind of accentuated that. I felt the grip was more than adequate, and didn’t really feel any stability issues per se...just off balance. But I stand by what I said in another post, those who tend to really leverage the ground for power should really like these.
  8. This putter is gorgeous, may I ask what the weight is?
  9. No dog in this fight, but Keith Mitchell wore them at the 3M Open last week.
  10. That’s what I’ve been saying lol, instead of those goofy hi tops.
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