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  1. I apologize if this has been asked before but I have been pondering this. Example, you get a new 45.5" driver with a 75 gram shaft. You want to cut it to 44". Now the shaft is shorter and a little lighter. Would it be better to have a lighter shaft originally as you want a shorter shaft, in the hope of generating more clubhead speed. What I'm trying to convey is, is a lighter shaft at a shorter length better for achieving more clubhead speed, and would adding the additional lead tape to bring the swingweight back up have any effect on the shaft flex. Thanks
  2. Winn grips are the only grips I have found that deteriorate over time. One year and you should be fine, even with Winn's.
  3. For securing club head, first off, make sure the club face is very clean. Use carpet fitters double side tape. The hardest part of stamping is lining the letters up. I like to draw a grid using a sharpie where the letters are going to be placed. Visit goodwill and buy some old clubs to practice on. They usually only want $3 per club.
  4. I have a frequency meter with a chart that gives the club, length, frequency number and the flex as a number, ie 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 etc. Does anyone out there have a chart that gives shaft equivalents. IE Dynamic gold S300, Steelfiber 95, Nippon etc. Thanks in advance
  5. Would anyone have a trimming chart for the Dynamic Gold High Launch R300's, 41" parallel shafts. Many Thanks
  6. I am trying do a little research into an idea/spread sheet on putting. I would like your feedback if possible on the following 3 questions. 1, How tall are you? 2, Standing upright, your major wrist crease (right hand) to floor measurement in inches with feet in your normal putting stance position. 3, Your putter length? Thanks in advance for your help If there are enough responses, I will collate and post the findings.
  7. Irons need to be fitted and no degree up or down is going to help. Misdirection is caused by incorrect lie angles. simple experiment you can try. Take a wedge and aim it towards a wall or a target. Then lower the shaft to the ground but still aiming the leading edge at the wall/ target. No see where the face is aiming
  8. If I had all week to surf the internet I would probably find the answer but like most people, time is tight. Does anyone out there know a place where I could have some quality foil shaft bands produced? Many thanks
  9. Think of it this way, The set was all probably butt trimmed to length in the first place, so you are just adding on what was originally taken off but now you are going to increase butt end weight with an extension. Playing longer will increase swingweight but the added section being glued into the butt of the shaft will offset the increase slightly.
  10. I always use steel extensions with steel and plastic with graphite but as the post above says, use what feels right for you. I have seen plenty of dowel rods used as extensions and in a putter it'll be fine unless you are going super long. Old shafts work great too. Be sure to grind or sand the extension if using an old shaft so the epoxy sticks.
  11. Goodwill Original Ping Zing $3 Ping B60 $3 Ping Answer 4 $3. Thrift Ping Zing 2 $5 Not a whiff of a Scotty though!
  12. Have been searching online but no joy as yet. Trying to find a very very whippy shaft for a trial club I want to make. Looking for something much softer than a senior or ladies flex. Any ideas where I could find some? I did think about a blank fishing rod but I'm not a fisherman so not sure how soft they are or if the tip/butt sizes would work. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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