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  1. Ecco Lux are heavy. I won’t wear them when I walk. GFores are great to walk in.
  2. This just happened to my favorite Gfores. GFore didn’t stand by the product either saying after 1 year you are on your own. Shoes had maybe 20 rounds. Love the look and comfort but not the quality. As for size I found them liberal in width but short in length. If looking narrower go Nike or UA
  3. The course is just not long enough or designed for the way these guys hit it. Take hole 18, some guys are hitting driver 8 iron into a par 5. The bunkers in the middle of the fairway meant to make you go right or left are not even in play. The hole needs a new tee 50 yards back (and yes there is space to do it). Same on #2. This is meant to be a strategic course but the strategy is 40 yards behind where they hit it.
  4. Dumb question, what size waist will these fit? Does 38 inch belt typically fit 36 inch waist?
  5. Split set of Mizuno JPX919 Tour (P-8) and 919 Forged (5-7) with KBS C Taper Lite R S/S/S. This set has about 12 rounds on it but trying to make room for either the new Mizzies or the TM 770s. They are in great shape, pictures are not doing them justice. There is a reason these clubs are on the top of everyone’s list. $550 includes shipping inside conti US. SOLD! Also fs new, never seen grass, PXG Mustang 34” plumbers neck. Won at a member guest but nothing is taking my Toulon out of the bag. Take this beauty home $250 includes CONUS shipping.
  6. Course is outside Boston and is a Tour stop (so you know which club it is). The fairways and greens look fine they just play poorly compared to how they typically do. Our greens keeper is great but I think he is very limited budget wise from management.
  7. Back in April the club I belong to applied growth retardant to the tees, fairways and greens. They did this because according to management the were not allowed to have all the workers needed to maintain the grounds. Did anyone else’s course do this. The greens are now terrible and very inconsistent. The chemical seems to have made the grass sticky and hard. Fairways are like concrete. It’s very unfortunate as conditioning was always very good. If your course did this has it gotten back to normal yet?
  8. Taconic, The Ranch, Red Tail, Farm Neck.
  9. Fantastic course. Always in great shape. If I lived closer I would definitely be there over TPC.
  10. My group is looking to book our first trip to Scotland. It is a dream once in a life trip we have been talking about for ages. Playing the Old Course is a must as we view this as our pilgrimage to the shrine. We want to build around St. Andrews. Thinking we will need to go through a travel agent to get guaranteed OC times, does anyone have recommendations for agents to speak with? We are not 2%s income wise but we are not looking to cheap out on a dream trip either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Timing of trip - summer/fall 2021 now that the open got moved back Thanks
  11. I will double my donation if NBC would terminate Azinger right now. Worse golf commentator ever. Steps on top of everyone and 99% of what he says is just dumb and wrong.
  12. Mine haven’t stretched much. I usually wear 9 but 9.5 in Gallivanters work great for me.
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