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  1. Sure you could swing like an outlier but I wouldn't recommend it for the vast majority of us. Even then Wolff still has to accommodate his backswing idiosyncrasy with a good amount of trail wrist extension & lead wrist flex going into transition.
  2. Doing what you're describing will almost certainly result in the club getting stuck behind your body, likely requiring you to stall and extend, and then ultimately flip/steepen the shaft into impact. Preparing to shallow in transition just really isn't a passive move that can be done without utilizing your wrists.
  3. I don't really think it's much of an opinion that between the two ideas you mention, accelerating quickly is what you need to so. Moving the arms/hands casually in transition seems like a great thought to get your arms/hands stuck in the downswing. If this is your issue, you need more speed sooner, but of course you also need to learn how this is accomplished.
  4. just reading this is rather depressing as a longtime customer of Ables. I actually didn't know it had finally closed until reading this now, but I'm pretty sure I'd accepted the end was near end of last summer when I last bit balls there. Such a great facility and in a sense i totally understand your feeling after your last bucket - I'm sure I've been there at least 100 times in the last 10 years, always staffed by great folks. You giving serious thought to joining a club in the area?
  5. Without assuming anything, are you at liberty to explain/clarify a bit more? Or perhaps another player would be a better example to illustrate this?
  6. I joined a club just like you described in #1this spring, at a little more cost. Even better, I've no wife to tell me I can't go.
  7. Add me to the list. Chopped shaft to 44.5" last week ( from 45) and added 10g to the head. Saw immediate results. Cut off an inch from my 3W to 43", added 11g to the head and it's now back in my bag after being pulled 2 years ago. Crazy how much low-hanging fruit like this you can find on wrx.
  8. Agree with all of your observations. You're correct that I'm often missing with a pull. I strongly believe that many (not all of course) downswing issues can be helped by straightening out my address posture and backingswing - it's been tough to get everything sequenced for a much shorter backswing. Focusing on my bends/tilts has helped, so at least the parts relate in me. Thanks, I believe minding posture and tilts could be helpful as a start. Slowly whittle away compensations. so I'm clear, to internally (EDIT) rotate my shoulder is to rotate it towards my sternum? Or rather in
  9. I'm not going to attempt meaningful commentary, as I'm clearly not qualified. I think/hope most of my issues are fairly apparent. Videos were taken in late May a couple days apart. Driver: [media=] [/media] Iron: [media=] [/media] Thanks for your thoughts!
  10. I'm trying not to hate on this but it just strikes me as kinda cheesy. Lots of these selections are pretty cringeworthy.
  11. 2000 WGC Bridgestone. I was sitting in the grandstand behind the 18th green when Tiger hit that absurdly unnecessary approach in the dark to win by 11. Incredible experience that I didn't appreciate at the time.
  12. Except that's not what happens at all and the ball is not compressed against the ground. The question has been answered and it's margin of error. Thanks for dispelling my misconception. Really should have read your first post in the thread more carefully, as you did explain just that. Let that myth die. Dead to me now. Tempting to think the ground provides some 'resistance' at impact.
  13. I still don't think the OP's question has been answered. The low point is properly a few inches in front of the ball so that the face contacts the ball while still traveling towards the ground. This generates more efficient compression of the ball as it gets pressed between the face and the ground. Of course you could strike the ball at the very low point but you wouldn't get nearly as much compression.
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