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  1. 1- Scotty Cameron Newport 1.5 studio select. 34”,Super stroke 1.0 grip, has been paint-filled by previous owner decent but not great. Comes with original headcover has a cut as shown in pics. Putter is in really good shape. obo SOLD 2- Bettinardi BB1, 34”, 395G head, original grip, comes with original headcover. Putter is in really good shape. Sold only trades I’m interested in would be Scotty golo3, Del Mar or Sim driver head.
  2. Got a couple of old heads just lying around. 1.SLDR-10.5* tour issue, has the + stamp on the hosel. No marks on top, in very good condition. $75/obo shipped or trade for something close to same value. 2. M1-8.5* comes with headcover. Good condition. Sold
  3. I’ll let you know after todays round. Lol
  4. Greenies, skins and long drives
  5. Player in our Sunday group is in a little debt to me, he wants to trade this Scotty to erase his debt. Never owned a Scotty and have no idea if it’s real, from all the pics I compared it to it looks real. Just want a second opinion.
  6. 10.5 tour issued sldr head only. Can see the + stamp in pics. $85/obo shipped
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