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  1. I’ve had times where I thought I would be able to ship and then something happens and I have to ship several days later. But I ALWAYS communicate that to the buyer and continuously apologize. This is not the normal here.
  2. No, the PA amateur will be at Merion. This is the Philadelphia Mid-Am at Lookaway Golf Club.
  3. Lots of variety here. 1.) Titleist 714 CB 3-Pw with project X 6.5 shafts. About 90% sure, but I believe they are standard lofts, lies, and lengths. These things are in great shape for their age. The Pw face is pictured and it has the most wear. $375 shipped 2.) Taylormade M5 Tour driver 10.5°. This has the Tensei white xstiff shaft. My gamer for almost 2 years, but taken care of and does not have the typical carbon fiber peeling by the first weight that these drivers see. $200 shipped 3.) Taylormade M2 tour 3 wood with the Tour AD F-75x in it. It’s been in
  4. First qualifier is in the books. Finished bogey, double bogey to shoot +2 and make the cut (+4). Only hit 9 greens but putted very well excluding the last hole. I had about 25 feet to finish as medalist at 1 under and I knew I had about 6 putts to qualify, so I got aggressive and 4 putted. Next qualifier is the US open local qualifying, then I have the Philly amateur qualifying, and then the event I just qualified for.
  5. And where the heck did that tree blocking him from the middle of the fairway come from?!?
  6. The article says the field is headlined by Brooks, but I don't see him. Doesn't he usually play this event with his brother, Chase? I can't imagine his brother would allow him to miss it, this is a huge event for him.
  7. Good point. Although up here in the northeast it's been a long time since I've played in dry conditions. Can't remember what it's like to have a ball run out more than 5 yards.
  8. The snaphook would be my choice of the 2 on a hole where the left and right miss is equal. The slice usually goes up in the air and travels a long way, while the snapper will dive down and get on the ground faster.
  9. To us playing, we knew what the area was on the hole that the balls would be lost. There was a cart path on the right that acted as the right boundary and a cart path in front that marks the beginning of the rough. To the left was fairway, and there was no possibility of going long of the rough, but I guess if someone did hit a drive 400 yards, there's a hazard.
  10. This was a US open local qualifier. The area was not marked (it would have been too large) but defined as the "right rough on the 6th hole). It wasn't hard to determine if the ball landed in the area, and an official was placed on the hole. Someone in my group hit a ball there and even with the official present, we didn't find the ball. So I would then pick up my dropped ball, and take a free relief drop at the nearest point from the plugged ball. What if I hit my ball, and then found the original 15 yards up? No not marked with a line, but defined as I said abov
  11. I thought of something that happened kinda like this. During a local USGA qualifier a couple years ago there were some very very wet spots in the rough just off the fairway where balls would CONSTANTLY get lost. So they implemented a local rule allowing a free drop if everyone agreed the ball was plugged in that area. What would happen if your 3 minutes expired, you took the free drop after everyone agreed, and you found the original before hitting? Would the new ball be in play?
  12. I read the letter and linked it in my post... It's based on the information provided to them and their understanding of the app's functions. The USGA also reserves the right to reverse this decision at any time that they please, so it isn't an end all be all type of ruling. I just wanted to make sure they didn't misinterpret how the app functioned and to clarify some questions I had.
  13. Thanks. Definitely makes me feel better about them. I really love the app and I've found the wind direction to help me a lot more than I thought it would.
  14. Asking this question here before I play in a tournament. I don't plan on using it during the round, but if I did, would it be allowed? Arccos cites USGA Decision Number 2017-0754 to deem their product tournament legal, but after reading the decision, I'm not sure the USGA really understands how in depth the app truly is even in tournament mode. https://www.arccosgolf.com/blogs/community/arccos-caddie-now-permitted-under-the-rules-of-golf For example: In tournament mode, I am still able to see the wind direction on every hole. I'm not sure if this wind updates live durin
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