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  1. Oh. Ok. Ya I agree the “get in the water” while the ball is still in the air and the “ha ha you missed” type comments are annoying and I don’t like them, but the cheering for a missed putt, shot in the water, or a mistake by the visiting team, is ok by me in this event. Note: The former comments would not get me terribly upset to the point of confronting the stranger that yelled it, but I would say something if they did it during the swing or crossed the family member line.
  2. Ok, so before you start with the “we both know it” talk, no. That’s not what I thought this discussion was about. Im sure no one in this forum would condone yelling in the middle of someone’s swing, and I’m not sure that happened as much as you think it happened. One thing that occurs on a broadcast as the video is delayed due to the shot tracer program. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of the strike, followed by the cheers and yelling, before the video shows it. Maybe that’s why many people here think that people are yelling during the swing, when they actually are not.
  3. You cheer when the opposing team strikes out. You cheer when the opposing team misses a free-throw. And you cheer when a field goal was missed. For this event, it’s the same thing. For any other tournament I completely agree it’s uncalled for, but this event is team golf. Sure there’s always gonna be a drunk idiot that yells too much, but I’m ok with cheering a missed putt in this event because you’re cheering for your team winning the hole.
  4. This is the only time during the golf year where it’s one team vs another. Why is it bad when you root for your team to win? You do know that in order for your team to win, the other team has to do bad, right?
  5. i like this… I over analyze as well and I’m just not sure there’s any way to shut that off.
  6. I’ve tried the 3 hole rounds thing, and it didn’t work for me. I end up messing up a 3 hole stretch. The last couple rounds I would say the tee shots have done me in. I’m normally great off the tee and a very accurate driver, but towards the end of the round I put a drive into a bad spot and make a double, then it spirals into another double. The spiraling part is mental, but it’s easy to say I have a mental issue, and hard to fix it under the gun.
  7. So, like many of the overthinking golfers here, I’ve been struggling with finishing my rounds recently. I am a +2 handicap, so it’s not like I haven’t been able to finish before, but recently it’s become a problem. As I look back on my year, I had 5 tournaments where I had at least a share of the lead on the back 9 of the final day and I managed to win none of them. Even in my casual rounds I’ve been struggling. I have shot under par on the front 9 my last 5 rounds, and haven’t been able to stay under par. Trying to diagnose my issue has been just as difficult. Is it a mental issue? Is my swing deteriorating? Is my poor putting finally catching up to me? Am I eating/drinking enough? Fitness? Or a combination of all these?!? What should be my next steps in solving this problem? One tip I received was, “just trick yourself into believing that you’re the best golfer alive.” And while that may sound good in theory, I struggle to implement that. I can’t even tell you how tired I am of hearing, “You’re an amazing golfer Dave, you’ll get ‘em next time.” So how can us golfers (of any skill range) finish our rounds strong? What are some tips that you’ve heard that may have helped, or hurt? What can we do at the end of the season or off-season to improve that last 4 or 5 hole stretch?
  8. Member guest season has officially ended for me. Since I can’t play in state tournaments this year, they are really my only competition and most of them are a big deal in my area. The first one was match play and I played with my uncle who did not have the best weekend. We won our first match (I probably shot -4) and then, after a great comeback, lost the second on the last hole (I shot maybe -1 or -2). The next tournament was stroke play with a struggling friend who did not help outside of day 1. We had a lot of rain this weekend and the second day was cut to 9 holes, but we started the last round with a 1 shot lead and going into the back 9 we were tied until a bogey,bogey,double stretch. Ouch. The last one was stroke play and my partner participated until the final day. We started the final day 3 back and after 11 holes we were 5 down. With 7 holes left I knocked in an eagle from about 70 yards and made 3 birdies including the last hole to push the tournament to a playoff. Around the 17th hole people started to watch and I would estimate about 150-200 people were following us. Most nervous I’ve ever been. We tied the first 2 playoff holes including the second one in complete darkness, the green only illuminated by everyone’s cell phones and a couple maintenance carts. We came back the next day only to lose to a 20 foot birdie putt. Over all 3 days I shot -7 on my own ball. Overall bummed I couldn’t grab a win in any of those tournaments, but we had a chance in all 3, including 2 of them in the final groups down the stretch. My game is trending in the right direction
  9. I will ONLY do this with friends during non serious matches, but I wait until they are mid stroke to give the putt. It’s in no way an attempt to mess them up or get in their head, it’s just funny to do with better players who are close friends.
  10. We are talking about a completely different thing, or you just aren’t getting it. Either way, I’m tapping out.
  11. That’s not really how it works… it’s not like you’re chipping from 10 yards away. The angles aren’t that large
  12. Nah you’re not getting it man. If you are consistently hitting 100 yard wedges 20 feet offline, you are not going to be hitting that tour average because you aren’t gonna be hitting the perfect distance every time.
  13. As for aim, I remember a good stretch of wedge play a couple years ago where I felt like I could physically not miss left.
  14. Currently haven’t played much individual tournament golf due to a job change, but I’ve played some high level member guest events where my partners do not help and have shot under par in all except 1 final round (I don’t wanna talk about it). Can’t say my wedges are the best part of my current game. I would actually say that 100-130 is currently my weak point. During my college days, I had a stretch where I was VERY strong in that range, but I can’t say my results in those tournaments were significantly better (they certainly weren’t bad, though).
  15. Awesome playing! That was my home course when I played at Hofstra and it can be tough! Last Week I played in the Philly Mid Am at Lookaway Golf Club and due to a recent job switch, it’ll be my only major tournament of the year. I played ok and putted terrible the first day to shoot 76 and make the day 2 cut by 2 shots. The next day I came out and putted much better to shoot 73 and jump a ton of people. At the end of the day I tied for 14th place and secured an exemption into next years event. And to my surprise, the GAP even did an interview on me here https://gapgolf.org/news/gapmidam-final-round-notebook/
  16. Didn’t he even switch putters before the final round of the masters? Same style putter, just a different one. I’m surprised he’s moving away from Scotty though... rumor is that his collection is amazing.
  17. dmecca2

    Forme Tour

    I didn’t see a thread started on this, so how does everyone feel about the newly formed Forme Tour that will take place over the summer? They just announced their second to last event at Rolling Green Country Club near Philadelphia and I am definitely looking to go and watch some amazing golfers clawing for the KFT. If there is an event near you guys, are you interested in going? (For those that are not familiar with this tour) The Forme Tour was started for golfers that cannot play the Mackenzie Tour this year due to covid restrictions. They are providing a path to the Korn Ferry Tour for the top finishers similar to the Mackenzie Tour and the Latin American Tour. Their schedule has 8 72-hole tournaments around the country.
  18. dmecca2

    Truss putters

    Currently gaming the center shafted fang truss. Like the stability but not a fan of the insert. I have a custom center shafted putter on the way.
  19. I’ve had times where I thought I would be able to ship and then something happens and I have to ship several days later. But I ALWAYS communicate that to the buyer and continuously apologize. This is not the normal here.
  20. No, the PA amateur will be at Merion. This is the Philadelphia Mid-Am at Lookaway Golf Club.
  21. Lots of variety here. 1.) Titleist 714 CB 3-Pw with project X 6.5 shafts. About 90% sure, but I believe they are standard lofts, lies, and lengths. These things are in great shape for their age. The Pw face is pictured and it has the most wear. $375 shipped 2.) Taylormade M5 Tour driver 10.5°. This has the Tensei white xstiff shaft. My gamer for almost 2 years, but taken care of and does not have the typical carbon fiber peeling by the first weight that these drivers see. $200 shipped 3.) Taylormade M2 tour 3 wood with the Tour AD F-75x in it. It’s been in the bag for a while. This thing is magical. There’s a reason Brooks is still playing it. $125 shipped. 4.) Taylormade Truss TM2. 35” with lamkin cord grip. There is some paint chipping in the bottom grooves and I tried to capture it as good as I could. Headcover is also included. $150 shipped. 5.) Titleist SM6 51° and 58° wedges. The 52° is bent 1° strong and has a DGx100 shaft and the 58 has a kbs wedge shaft. Both have plenty of life left. $50 each, $80 for the pair shipped. 6.) Taylormade Spider Ace headcover. Used this less than 10 times on the course. Very small dirt stain I tried to capture. $75 shipped SOLD
  22. First qualifier is in the books. Finished bogey, double bogey to shoot +2 and make the cut (+4). Only hit 9 greens but putted very well excluding the last hole. I had about 25 feet to finish as medalist at 1 under and I knew I had about 6 putts to qualify, so I got aggressive and 4 putted. Next qualifier is the US open local qualifying, then I have the Philly amateur qualifying, and then the event I just qualified for.
  23. And where the heck did that tree blocking him from the middle of the fairway come from?!?
  24. The article says the field is headlined by Brooks, but I don't see him. Doesn't he usually play this event with his brother, Chase? I can't imagine his brother would allow him to miss it, this is a huge event for him.
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