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  1. Site looks great on my Android and loads way faster then before. Well done!!
  2. Did he rob a 3 wood store? I count 3 of em.
  3. Closest last year was on the lip. Ball mark was about 4" directly behind the hole and ball was on the front lip dead center. Couldn't see it from the tee but it missed have lipped out to finish where it did.
  4. I have both although I've only had the 40's for about a month. The j40 has a larger head, especially noticeable in the short irons. I don't particularly care for the look of the 9 iron or pw but it's not the end of the world. The j15 is longer due to stronger lofts. The j15 also has a much wider sole which has really impressed me. From a forgiveness perspective, I'd say the 15 is more forgiving on fat/thin contact while the j40 is more forgiving horizontally. They have completely different shafts so I can't give a good comparison there. My j15 have modus 120.. only club I've ever played
  5. Had j40 cb.. then j15cb for a few years. Just picked up j40dpc as I've always been curious to see how they perform.
  6. Have the greens and tee boxes at wolfdancer been fixed?
  7. Played wolfdancer yesterday.. there are 3-4 greens with a lot of dead spots but the rest were pretty good. Wouldn't play full price but worth it if you can find a discounted rate.
  8. I won't be caught dead wearing the shirt but this commercial is hilarious.
  9. Oasis has some killer views but I've always found the food there to be garbage. I was at wolfdancer about 3 weeks back and the greens were in pretty bad shape. Will be out there again never weekend and will report back if they've improved.
  10. I have both at home so can provide more info later. Off memory, the topline is similar but i think the 765 may have a slightly longer blade length. The j40 is also way more squared at the toe.
  11. Only lodging options i know of are the resort or to grab something off vrbo.
  12. I've been playing the x2 pro for a number of years now, mine doesn't have the stock shaft though. You're correct, it's not the best hybrid for hitting high soft shots into greens but it's my go to club off the tee. I have a 20 degree and would love to find a 16.
  13. Signed up. Tour velvet is my favorite grip and would love to try this new model
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