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  1. Yes, absolutely. Shoot me a PM with an offer.
  2. @JaySub70 When will the TA3 irons be available? They look awesome! Hope to make it to Sycamore to try them out.
  3. Send offers! Want to sell these and ship them this week.
  4. Selling all items. Discount available for combined items/full set. NO TRADES! 1. PXG 0811X Proto, 9 degrees loft, Tensei Pro Orange 60 stiff--$old 2. PXG 0311X, 1 and 2 irons, Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 85 stiff--$OLD 3. PXG 0211, 4-LW, Project X LZ 6.0--$old 4. PXG BlackJack Putter, 36 inches--$old pin 2/20
  5. Yes, I did. It’s awesome. Nice feel, quite forgiving, easy to adapt for a person’s stroke.
  6. They didn't charge me for the fitting, and they didn't charge me for any additional weighting.
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