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  1. Yes, I did. It’s awesome. Nice feel, quite forgiving, easy to adapt for a person’s stroke.
  2. They didn't charge me for the fitting, and they didn't charge me for any additional weighting.
  3. Yeah, I tried both fairways and hybrids. Didn’t like either. Then I tried the driving iron—it is outstanding.
  4. Yeah, it looks great in person. Smaller than I imagined.
  5. I had a fitting at the Chicago store.
  6. Ordered a full bag today. Proto Driver, 2 Driving Irons (1 and 3), 0211 (4-LW), and Blackjack Putter. I am pumped, to say the least!
  7. Yes they are. The weight is 123 according to Shimada shaft chart. Feels a lot like a Modus 120X.
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