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  1. I have Gripmasters on almost all my clubs except a few wedges. Only downside is I find they lose tackiness and feel harder in colder weather (eg 5c or colder ) . But , in hot or humid temperatures, nothing beats leather grips. I still prefer using a glove even with leather grips.
  2. I had a G400 Max for over a year and never really loved it. Despite trying multiple shafts and different lengths it didn't replace the King Ltd in my bag. Realistically, is there any significant difference in forgiveness amongst any of the higher MOI drivers? Golfers (myself included) became enamored with the G400 max MOi numbers. But MOI isn't everything or we'd all still be using the Nike Sumo2 driver.
  3. It is too bad the 2020 driver MOI and CG charts weren't published this year on "forbidden to mention golf website". The 9 degree F9 drivers with the weight forward are also pretty close to the LTD Pro. I think the F9 milled face gives it a softer feel and sound though. If Cobra reissued the LTD with the SZ milled face I would definitely consider buying it.
  4. I tried a Ping G400 max at 44.25 with a UST Chrome and an Aldila RIP shaft. I experimented with a variety of swingweights using either lead tape or a heavier Ping weight. Neither option was better than the OEM Tour 65 shaft at 45,25". I also tried the Chrome in a King LTD and an F9 both at 44.25 with similar results. The F9/ Chrome worked better when I added a 1 inch extension. I'm consistently straighter and longer at 45 vs 44. I drank the Golfwrx shorter driver koolaaid and decided it wasn't for me. YMMV, but around 45" is the driver length sweetspot for me.
  5. Can the Jumbomax grips be installed and removed by air?
  6. I'm considering swapping my F9 driver (9 degree loft) for a Titleist TS3.driver. Has anyone here tested both drivers? Which did you prefer and why?
  7. @ Gsea that picture is from Tuesday. In 2019 the golf season was done by the 3rd week of September.
  8. Fall golf in Alberta ... amazing
  9. @avguy - I really like the 110 recoils, smooth feeling and much straighter than the C Taper 90 shafts that were in the SLDR irons. I had Xcalibur ProX 95 shafts but prefer the heavier Recoil 110 feel and the Recoil maintain swingweight better.
  10. Only new club I've bought lately is a Cobra F9 driver head and a couple of cheap used putters. Prices have been so ridiculously inflated this year I've had no desire to purchase anything. But I've sold off almost all my extra clubs this year , except for a bunch of unsellable wedges. I'll probably sell the F9 , its no better than my 4 year old King LTD. Otherwise, The only money I've spent on equipment this year has been for shafts. I reshafted my irons 4-w with Recoil 110 and bought an Atmos black TS, and an Evenflow Blue 65 driver shaft.
  11. Prices are ridiculous on Ebay right now, but there is still a few deals to be had on Kijiji at least in Canada. People will ask for inflated prices but nothing sells locally unless prices are marked right down. I sold a bunch of my extra golf clubs in early August but once September arrives nothing moves in my area
  12. I ended up getting the grip off last night using a golfsmith tool that similar to the golfworks v groove grip remover. I took a good 1/2 hour hour but the grip was saved . Most rubber grips usually take 5 minutes at most
  13. Has anyone managed to remove and reuse a leather Gripmaster grip. I have a Roo grip on a driver shaft that I'd like to save if possible.
  14. There has been almost no effect from Covid 19 on golf in my area, mostly because everything is still under 2 feet of snow. With no decent weather forecast for at least another couple of weeks, it would be a near miracle if any courses were open before May anyways. But,, the 2 open outdoor ranges ( with heated stalls) are now all closed indefinitely.
  15. I'll be putting a 21 degree 917F2 in the bag in 2020. The club started as a womans model , reshafted with a Kuro Kage Tini or a Diamana S+. FWIW , the heads are exactly the same, the only difference is the flex and 1" shorter playing length. The other odd clubs I use are a set of late 90's era Hogan Apex Plus irons reshafted with Xcalibur TourX graphite shafts. I wish Golfworks still carried the Xcalibur line as I need a 4i shaft after softstepping my set.
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