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  1. Get some oil on there fast, but it looks like it's been neglected for too long at this point. You might try a non abrasive dish scrubbing pad with oil, but you can't really get rid of rust without removing metal, as the rust is the metal. If it's really light, it'll clean up a bit, but it actually looks pretty bad.
  2. I don't really want to pay $80 to get it refinished, so I'll probably do an all matte black with red paint fill over the winter. I have a matching backup driver I'll refinish to match. What makes me mad is I sold a 3W and 5W in excellent condition for $75 earlier in the spring. After I reshaft it, I'll end up paying 3x what I sold a better one for.
  3. I missed my old 3W, so I grabbed one from Ebay for $20. If Scottie Scheffler had one in the bag for his 59, it might still have some life left for me. I'll refinish it and reshaft over the winter, so I'll be ready for next spring.
  4. I only walk a few times a year, as none of my playing partners will walk, but at 56 years old, I carry a full bag + 2 bottles of water.
  5. RIP Phenom going back into play this week.....
  6. Painfully slow since yesterday. 20 second page loads are about average. Borderline unusable.
  7. Bridgestone Tour B XD-H 2 hybrid.
  8. Yes, iron covers. They've kept them so nice, I could sell them for more than I paid for them.
  9. Drill the old epoxy out of the tip of the shaft.
  10. ~15 rounds in, they still look like new. But I take very good care of them. And my bag has full length dividers. I've been playing the heads for 6 years, and they still look almost new.
  11. These are mine before I reshafted them earlier this year.
  12. How about this refinish job?
  13. Hold a hot soldering iron against the pin for a few minutes, and it will break the epoxy bond.
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