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  1. Made the switch to No1 Pro series at the end of last year, and really like them.
  2. I've played Iomics for the last 5-6 years, and they are awesome. And I've been ordering from their US website for years, too. One you buy from them, they'll email you specials they run several times a year, from 10%-20% off. And I've bought a lot of legit Iomics on Ebay. If they are really cheap, they're fake. But if you're paying close to retail, they should be legit. And Ebay is the only place to find some of their Japan only grips, or more color options. Recently switched to No1 Pro series, as I wanted something a little firmer, but still use an Iomic putter grip.
  3. I have a 2H with a Stiff shaft, and a 3H with an Extra Stiff. They play about the same, but you can definitely tell the X is stiffer.
  4. Deal breaker. In the fall I was looking for some excellent condition Nike wedges, and passed on all the ones with stampings, even though there were some good ones. Eventually I found what I was looking for.
  5. I have a bag with full length dividers, but mine don't have a mark on them after 25 rounds.
  6. No, not at all. As Stuart says, always save the leftover, and make sure that it fully cures. If it does, you are good.
  7. Nike VR Pro blades are nearly identical to P7TW's. You can probably get a decent set for $500, if you're patient.
  8. I used standard no collar ferrules on my VR Pro's with no issues. Just used enough epoxy to fill the void and take the place of the collar.
  9. The Golfsmith is what I always used until I ran out last year.
  10. Put the bottle in a bucket of hot water, and it'll soften right up. I know others here will disagree, but if you mix a batch, and it hardens, it's good. From my experience, most epoxy will last for years, and I've made a lot of clubs with 5-10 year old epoxy, and have never had a failure.
  11. 1996 Oil Can Newport. Also still playing VR Pro LE driver and 3W, and VR Pro blades. Tried moving on last year, but both ended up back in the bag at the end of the year. A few Tour Pro's still have the VR Pro LE 3W in the bag.
  12. I've bought Yururi wedges from proshopjapan. Excellent seller.
  13. Last winter I swapped out my DG S300 for AMT White S300. I've never had an issue with hitting a 4 iron high enough, but the AMT does go a little bit higher for me, but not a lot. I think it's mainly due to the fact that the AMT White long irons play a little softer than the DG S300's.
  14. My 7 year old VR Pro's look nearly new, and I play 25-30 times a year. Just be sure to always clean the face before shots when hitting on a grass range.
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