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  1. Why not just cut it off to the desired length? Or are you trying to make it longer?
  2. They're entitled to be paid for their service, but if you buy something, their time and service should be free? A fitting is an independent service, separate from the purchase of the club.
  3. That's what you do at a fitting. Try different shafts to find the one that works best with your clubhead and your swing.
  4. Went from DG S300 to 95g Fujikura Pro Iron. First time swinging them my swing was off a bit, but within 2-3 rounds I've completely adjusted to them. I'm now much less tired and no joint pain after rounds. Played 36 a few weeks ago and felt like I could play 36 more.
  5. You want the ferrule bigger. After assembly you turn or finish it down to finish size, so it's perfectly flush.
  6. Consider looking for a set of pulls on Ebay. I got my Fujikura Pro irons for $130 for 7.
  7. Looks like it just has a bunch of old epoxy on it. Should be fine.
  8. It looks like the ones with the stepped red insert are 2.0, whether they are stamped 2.0 or not. The original covert looked like this:
  9. I play 2° up in my irons, and when I bent my last wedges to match, I didn't like them.
  10. Should be the same shaft, but with a foam insert in it.
  11. If you truly do hit your irons pretty well, you can play anything.
  12. I was looking for a driving/utility iron and picked up a TW-X 3 iron to replace my 3 hybrid. The thing is a rocket launcher. And still launches high enough to hit it from the fairway. Great deal at $70 with the Vizzard 85S shaft.
  13. My opinion is that banging the butt end on the ground does not work to seat the grip. The rest of the grip is fighting the butt end from moving. I think it's much better to pull just below the butt end as hard as you can. I've had this happen a few times with Iomic and No1 grips, that are very soft and don't have a lot of "structure" to them. When you slide them on, they stretch, leaving the butt end lagging behind.
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