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  1. No. 1 50 Pro Series. Rough, and not spongy, with tons of stickiness. Price might scare you away, though.
  2. I've hit senior flex irons and they all go left. It seems the club releases more, closing the face faster.
  3. My plan is not to make any changes for the next several years. Unless I find a great deal on something new.
  4. Ger21

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I have the 949X 4 wood, and really like it. I haven't had any range time with it yet, and only hit it a few times in the 3 rounds I played, but have found it very easy to hit, and really nice ball flight.
  5. I did grab it right after I posted this. $319 for the Player III was still a pretty good deal.
  6. Anyone know if Vessel will have a Cyber Monday sale better than the current 20% off for Black Friday? I have a bag in my cart, but am wondering if a better deal will be available tomorrow? Tia.
  7. You can tip trim the 9i and PW 3/8". I did this when I hard stepped a set of S300 AMT White shafts.
  8. Yeah, it's super comfortable, and is not restrictive at all. I normally have a hard time playing in anything with long sleeves, but had no issues with swinging in this at all. I might actually buy another, as the red is on sale for $58 with another 20% off of that.
  9. I just got a Nike Therma Fit Victory hoodie and really like it. With Black Friday 20% off, it's only about $65. https://www.nike.com/t/therma-fit-victory-mens-golf-hoodie-mWKTCP/DC6475-025
  10. Mine just got delivered, in time to throw them in the bag before I fly to Phoenix tonight.
  11. The ferrule should not be loose enough to slide up the shaft on it's own during assembly. Maybe you just have some bad ferrules.
  12. A Stiff graphite? The Fujikura Pro irons I'm playing just want to go straight. 95g, Tour Spec stiff. I came to these from AMT White S300. Similar flight and distance, but they don't turn over as much. And you'll feel much better after your round.
  13. Thanks. Grabbed a pair of the Dead Golfers myself.
  14. if the shaft was a really loose fit, you may have glued it in at a different angle? How much length did you add?
  15. I've pulled the shafts on 4 Nike wedges this year, with no issues at all. 30 seconds with a torch, twist, and pull.
  16. I probably should, but I haven't all summer while playing these. I just bought 6 dozen more of the 2019 yellow, and now have 15 dozen to hold me over for a few years. I don't like the bigger alignment lines on the new ones.
  17. I believe there are a few posts in the TW-X thread saying .355. I have a 3 iron with the stock Vizard in S flex, and I like it.
  18. I sold mine for $900 earlier this summer. They were in near mint condition, though.
  19. I was young back then, and had plenty of distance. 250-260 was long back then.
  20. I used to play the Spalding Tour Edition, but I thought it was a wound ball. According to this article, it was introduced in 1986. https://www.nytimes.com/1986/02/16/business/in-pursuit-of-the-perfect-golf-ball.html
  21. In your first question were they both the same length? I think everyone was assuming they were. Which would be the same as your second scenario?
  22. I've got one inch extensions in half my irons, and can't tell the difference.
  23. I just swapped out my 2 hybrid for a Honma TW-X 3 iron. It's pretty low launching from the fairway, and was only $70 brand new on Ebay.
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