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  1. I have the navy, white, and red. Its awesome! Quality is top notch!
  2. Very nice! A good deal and some amazing wear marks. You can put them in the bag and instantly look like a +1 handicap!
  3. You're correct...I must have forgotten how to use the message system (I'm having one of those days). I just sent you a message. Thanks and sorry for the confusion!
  4. Interested in your irons and wedges and I think your inbox is full. How many rounds would you say the grips have on them? Are they in pretty good (playable) shape? Thanks!
  5. I owned and gamed both sets with the exact same shafts and specs. I preferred the G400s and would be willing to pay $170 more for them (and you are getting the U wedge,so really only paying about $100 more). Just my opinion...the G400s are one of my favorite irons (and I've tried a bunch).
  6. I had some ferrules in way worse shape than that. Took them to my local shop and they made them look perfect. They didn't charge me...I tried to give them a $20 tip because I was really happy with the work and they wouldn't accept it. ...clubs look sweet by the way!
  7. My vote is reshaft with your favorites and game them. The Eye 2's are as good as anything!
  8. Get your kids playing ASAP. Mine started when they were about 2. They are now 10 and 13. They shoot between 38 and 42 regularly for nine holes. We play together 3 or 4 times a week and the wife never complains when I take them out for 9 or 18. It took a little work upfront, but it has paid off 10 fold. They both love the game and they have actually been playing tournaments regularly for the last 3 years or so. The only down side is now we have 3 golf fanatics in the house. It's crazy, but even at 10 and 13 they are obsessed with the game and always looking for new equipment etc.
  9. Couldn't get a pm to go through, but if the irons are still available I will take them. These would be perfect for my son. Thanks!
  10. Bought multiple items from Sunfish in the last few weeks. Products have been top notch and shipping lightening fast! Will definitely be buying more of thier stuff in the future.
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