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  1. I’ve always thought it was basically a strategy to release an entire new line yearly with the appearance of a two year cycle. In reality their releases are just as frequent as TaylorMade but they can pretend each one has a two year cycle. I don’t mind though yearly releases are good with me
  2. Yeah I figure you can ignore the club numbers. The gapping is dismal and definitely hints at trying to make sales by moving the lofts down as much as possible
  3. I thought changing the weights every time had something to do with combatting counterfeiting
  4. Interesting. I love the look of tsi3 but I’d be afraid of any fade bias having a history as a slicer
  5. Exactly. Its hard to believe this is done purely in the interest of helping high handicappers play better. What high capper needs a 19 degree iron
  6. Irons like this aren't hard to find. You can deny it and misdirect the discussion all you want but you are wrong about this. Just being the most obnoxious won't convince anyone
  7. The discussion was blades vs newer clubs. These irons a direct refutation of your theorizing about length to loft ratio. While correct in mizuno's case it is not correct across the board. So nobody is a "bozo" for pointing out the tactic some manufacturers are using to sell new clubs
  8. Take a look at the cobra speedzones. There may be some ignorance in your logic as well.
  9. Yeah I don’t get his argument. Seems like there’s more benefit from getting something out before Christmas. I doubt it hurts competitiveness in March just because it’s been out for 5 months. Probably helps if anything
  10. toddyc

    2020 US Open

    Are you suggesting Bryson isn’t calculating? Isn’t he the most calculating science guy of anybody in the game?
  11. I don’t think it’s TaylorMades fault the lengths don’t match your Callaways
  12. I haven’t watched any reviews...did they not like the MCs for some reason? Guess I could just go watch it myself
  13. Its assumed they wanted to release something earlier when they say they are postponing releases. Way before it was necessary to do so. It’s not complaining to point out a bungled product release. they know what they’re doing a lot better than me though theres a lot of buyers that play year round
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