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  1. How about you just deal with the challenges of playing golf and stop trying to make the equipment solve your problems
  2. Ping because they only make matte woods…I like gloss. And I hated their half moon alignment aid thing. I didn’t realize titleist still had an elitist reputation. The products and marketing don’t really give that impression to me.
  3. Yeah that and the slate blue are great. It would be awesome if either of those were done in full standard offering. I’m in the minority I guess but I really liked the gold nickel back with the sm5s
  4. Really just curious what the finishes will be. Mizunos copper is pretty sweet
  5. Seems strange that the 210 would come in this summer when a replacement is coming around the same time
  6. Their release cycle is just jacked up right now. I’d be willing to bet when the i230 or whatever it ends up being comes out plenty will switch to it
  7. It sounds like he did actually learn and was just confused on the iron model. He promptly got lambasted with corrections from guys up in arms about it so he had to learn quick
  8. I know it doesn’t make any real difference but I can’t help but wonder about where they come up with the numbers. Not just Ping they all have random seeming numbers sometimes anyways I wonder how these will combo up with i59 or iblade
  9. that’s a fair question. i530 would make more sense I wondered where i230 came from when those rumors started. Why skip i220?
  10. That makes it sound like the Bertha mini was a bad experience. Did that not work out well for them? I don’t really know
  11. Says ping and forged…hope that doesn’t mean 250$ a club
  12. I said thoughts and opinions guy yes, I am biased. I think Ping has screwed up things big time for a while now no need for further responses to me from you
  13. thanks dude. I wasn't being rude to you I210s are good not legendary some brands do release irons in time for Christmas I hope for better communication from Ping in the future. Simple thoughts and opinions
  14. pretty clear to me. feel free to ignore if you cant comprehend
  15. I didn't say they won't have staying power (whatever that means). they are plenty good irons. I just said it was because they haven't been updated by ping for such a long time, thus being the current iron for years. just my opinion. Mizuno and Titleist typically do gear it that way. Ping iblade was released in August. The beloved i210, late summer 2018. loss for words huh? I just think they need to communicate better. Maybe '22 will see some change
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