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  1. Second that. I’d love a standard anser with an anser 4 hosel
  2. would they rather see two posts from you complaining about it because that's what we have now
  3. you whine and complain a lot about others whining and complaining. Its a subject that will naturally come up when discussing new products and when they will be available.
  4. This kind of putter must be what sells in the general marketplace...Ping needs to compete with the likes of odyssey and TM. I think I prefer these to similar putters in the $250 range. But I sure would like to see some fully milled classic styles like the PLD ones you often see on tour.
  5. “Playing well lately” that must’ve been painful for you to type
  6. I mean the guys being interviewed...would you rather him not talk? Or just say a few random cliches?
  7. I mean the guys being interviewed...would you rather him not talk? Or just say a few random cliches?
  8. There’s a difference. Those were just hopeful predictions. Not changing the definition of what being back is
  9. I think you’re the one who dropped a truth bomb
  10. Mods threw a temper tantrum when anyone complained about lead times for ping on the i59 thread. So tread carefully maybe it’s only ping you can’t complain about
  11. This is delusional Ping apologizing. Of course they care what consumers think of them
  12. Because high sales volume is nothing new for Ping
  13. Covid happened to every competitor as well. Nobody has more people running to make excuses for them than ping
  14. I agree. The Ping tour staff keep having good results because Ping has some good players on staff. I know Ping does things a bit different, but it can't be good to have aging lines of irons that can't hardly be found in any golf shop. But like you I just kind of what some fresh new Pings to go buy so Im complaining about it.
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