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  1. I can’t see myself ever changing my seemore putter i also have never been able to keep anything but titleist woods in the bag. They just tick all the boxes
  2. There is little logic to pings numbering progressions
  3. I concur…I thought new finishes would be nice. Sticking with gun metal again is pretty lackluster sm5 was the last time they had anything different with the gold nickel. wonder why they abandoned oil can?
  4. So has the 300 mini been discontinued already? Its gone from Taylormade's website
  5. Hey now they’re from 2015 and I bought a set of them haha. my first pings. I quite like them actually. They have some character. sometimes I worry about ping. The idea of a new driver release seems preposterous considering the state of their business
  6. Wonder if those are the only finish options
  7. Is that honestly a big problem for you If it is just say, “yeah it’s the new taylormade” doesn’t seem like too big a deal
  8. If you email them they would clear those questions up. They were pretty good about responding for me
  9. It’s legit…got mine in today with kbs stiffs. I was happy to get a brand new set of pings for $600. No shipping delays either!
  10. Always amused at the people who dislike guys for dressing like a pro. Don’t be upset someone dressed nice and looks better than you
  11. Kindve astonishing this thread is so small and the stealth is at 76 pages
  12. Does anyone know the turnaround for club repairs like sending in for lies and lofts? Is this severely backed up like the clubs?
  13. Cleveland has been around forever and is owned by Srixon…not exactly a small player not many boutique wood and hybrid brands
  14. About 86$ a club makes this pretty tempting. Always liked the look of the i e1
  15. Wonder if the fairways will have the red face. Probably wait until 2023 for that
  16. It works for some brands. like titleist and Srixon. Probably wouldn’t work for taylormade. Yes I am thinking at the brand level. Suppose most golf brands don’t bother having company colors they sort of stick to. Titleist and mizuno. Srixon too I suppose Certainly they’re know what they’re doing they are crazy good. I’m just thinking out loud about it
  17. It’s not that they have color it’s that they change that color so frequently. Blue one year then yellow then back to red. No single color is really associated with the brand
  18. That’s excellent. Seeing this could hurt my wallet pretty bad
  19. How about you just deal with the challenges of playing golf and stop trying to make the equipment solve your problems
  20. Ping because they only make matte woods…I like gloss. And I hated their half moon alignment aid thing. I didn’t realize titleist still had an elitist reputation. The products and marketing don’t really give that impression to me.
  21. Yeah that and the slate blue are great. It would be awesome if either of those were done in full standard offering. I’m in the minority I guess but I really liked the gold nickel back with the sm5s
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