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  1. I keep a set of titleist zm’s in a spare bag just so I can look at them while at my desk. I just think it’s a cool and unique design. Rarely playing with them though. I like the ap2s for that
  2. They will be customizable they aren’t even available online yet
  3. They also won't balk at a 10-15$ upcharge if they're that concerned about it
  4. excluding the special blue finish for 200, which if that's too high don't buy it - The standard vokeys are 159...callaway is 159, mizuno Cleveland 149 pings glide forged wedge is 200. taylormade's wedges all cost more than a Vokey how is that a crazy price?
  5. I’d wager about 98% of wedge buyers could care less about shaft options
  6. I know it’s popular to say the putter because you use it so much more often, but that logic doesn’t work for me. There’s a difference between gently tapping ball on a smooth green and trying to hammer the ball as far as you can off the tee. drivers have to cover the most ground. How can you get around a course if you can’t drive the ball? Alot of people putt great with mangled ancient putters. not really the case with drivers Could get the new driver and then start trying out cheap used putters to see what gives you confidence?
  7. You could play MB or CB 710s and not give up anything to 620s. Just about keeping something fresh out there I think
  8. Did anyone notice the tsi3 only comes in 18 and 20? Surprised by that
  9. Yeah the fact I wasn’t fitted for it to begin with is the real problem. Also I’ve done a lot of speed work and gained about 10 mph this winter so I have no idea what set up I really need
  10. I’m pretty sure some guys make a specific point to play multiple brands simply to say they aren’t like the posers and hackers who play one brand. Not really anything to do with performance considering every brand has quality stuff throughout the bag. Titleist is my #1 choice but they’d almost all work
  11. Thanks for humoring me and for all the thoughts. I know this kind of subject has been raised plenty of times. I’d imagine with a proper fitting I could see some gains considering I wasn’t fit for the 917 to begin with. I just feel confident and comfortable with it. Suppose it’s ok to sacrifice some distance for that. Fittings aren’t readily available where I am so I’ve been debating on whether it’s worth the trouble to drive to and pay for a proper fitting. It’s also just easy to get caught up in the hype of new releases. The tsi would be fantastic but I balk at 550$
  12. Just getting opinions...I play a 917d2 I wasn’t fit for but I like it pretty good. I seem to remember it not exactly being a fan favorite on wrx when it came out and was thought to be lacking some speed. Am I actually giving up some performance if I forgo the new 21 drivers and keep playing it? has everybody that used a 917 pretty much abandoned it by now?
  13. I’m 6’3” so not crazy tall but I like a 35. Don’t like to bend way over. I play standard in irons though just get the lies a bit upright
  14. Your counterpoint was that he doesn't have reading comprehension and is intentionally obtuse. I guess your discussion isn't valid anymore either.
  15. Great for golf in my admittedly biased opinion. Hope he can keep it rolling tomorrow
  16. I watched Thursday when he was 3 under. If that’s considered playing bad then you’ve got some absurdly high standards
  17. Agreed. Watched Thursday and he was playing pretty solid considering his lackluster tee shots
  18. I sure wouldn't think they would put this out now in January if they weren't coming until October. Hoping for spring release too
  19. I’ve always thought it was basically a strategy to release an entire new line yearly with the appearance of a two year cycle. In reality their releases are just as frequent as TaylorMade but they can pretend each one has a two year cycle. I don’t mind though yearly releases are good with me
  20. Yeah I figure you can ignore the club numbers. The gapping is dismal and definitely hints at trying to make sales by moving the lofts down as much as possible
  21. I thought changing the weights every time had something to do with combatting counterfeiting
  22. Interesting. I love the look of tsi3 but I’d be afraid of any fade bias having a history as a slicer
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