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  1. PORTABLE LAUNCH MONITORS - CHECK LINKS FOR FURTHER ITEM DESCRIPTION 1) ERNEST SPORTS ES14 -- ( http://ernestsports.com/es14.html ) Measures: Ball Speed; Spin Rate; Launch Angle; Smash Factor; Swing Speed; Distance; Free ES14 App; Adjustable Loft Angles to match your clubs. New In Box (never used) 10/10 - Full warranty SOLD 2) ERNEST SPORTS ES12 -- ( http://ernestsports.com/es12.html ) Measures: Ball Speed and Carry Distance of each shot instantly on LCD screen; Free ES12 App Excellent Condiiton 9/10 - original box, manual, cover & bag SOLD 3) SC200 SWING CADDIE 2 -- ( http://www.voicecadd...00-swing-caddie ) Remote Control - Measures Ball Speed: Smash Factor; Swing Speed; Carry & Total Distance; Voice Distance Output; Barometric Pressure Calibration; Adjustable Loft Angles to match your clubs. Excellent Still Under Warranty 9.5/10 - original box, remote control, manual & carry bag SOLD SWING ANALYZER 3BAYS GSA (ANDROID) -- ( http://3bayslife.com/pro/#pro-icons ) Measures: Club Head Speed; Swing Path; Back Swing Time; Ball Speed; "BEST" Swing Comparison; Auto-Video Recording; Face Angle; Tempo; Impact Force; Carry Distance; Pro Comparison; Track Your Results New In Box (never used) 10/10 - Full warranty $135 $125 SHOES TW 13 &14 -- all size 9.5 very very lightly used with insoles cleaned and sanitized TW 13 -- White SOLD TW 13 -- Black SOLD TW 14 -- Black $50 TW 14 -- Grey $50 TAKE LAST TWO PAIRS FOR $90
  2. Can you supply a photo of the shaft tags? Are they XP 90 or XP 95?
  3. Listing indicates 4-PW photos show 3-PW --- so I assume 3-PW is correct?
  4. Thanks to Aldila Golf for the opportunity to own their Rogue 125MSI, Limited Edition. My son has tried the 125 at a fitting and is saving up to get one --- would love to surprise him with this one day when he pulls out his 915D2 and sees the new shaft on it. TX 70
  5. Have interest in the Wedges. I will need to get them bent - Will a $100 do it?
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