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  1. So lets take my Rogue driver into consideration. The weight is 5g in the club. Now if I change it to a 7g weight it would add trajectory? Lowered to 3g would lower trajectory ? On an Epic would the weight setting towards the fade setting be there to correct a hook/draw or promote the fade? Or a little of both?
  2. Been reading the threads on adaptor settings got me thinking. What do all the different weights in drivers actually do Do the sliding weights make a difference ? Do you set it to fade to correct a draw/hook? And visa versa. Do you set it one way or the other to promote that setting? What about removable weights ? What does adding weight or lessening weight do. Will changing any of these settings only show a slight difference or a major one Where can I find a good article or video to explain this?
  3. Yes still use it. have a Rogue also but the epic is the one I use the most. Bought the Rogue figuring it would replace the Epic, But it didn't
  4. If this is in the wrong place please move it I changed the loft on my Epic to +1 from the standard S. It seems the ball flight is lower and I probably gained an average of 10-20 yards. How does raising the loft do this. Shouldn't it raise ball flight ?
  5. Thanks that was what I was looking for
  6. As you can see by the photo's the N-S has one hash mark the other is on the side with the loft
  7. That is how I eventually noticed it by the label on my grip not facing up
  8. Ok maybe I'm explaining it wrong. I know how to set the adaptor. The problem is I didn't realize I put it in wrong and I'm hitting the ball really good. I would like to know if the settings on the back side is what I need to set it at or what else I can do
  9. That's my question. It is now lined up with only one line. The line on the head not the shaft. Basically I took the head and rotated it 180* from the 2 lines matching up
  10. A little background. I have a Rogue and an epic driver. I went to swap shafts from the drivers, Same shaft different flex. When I put the shaft in the Epic I thought I was putting it in at my usual N-S setting. Didn't realize I had turned the head 180* so now the lines to align them are 180* apart. The head side is at D- +1 Is this the new actual setting. Or something else ? I have been hitting the ball better at this setting. Or it's all in my head.
  11. Can someone help me out here. Epic driver 2 choices in shaft. Both stock Callaway. Synergy or Hzardus t800 Trying to fine out the difference between the 2
  12. The reason I was thinking about the is this. I have an old Bio cell driver that the shaft broke right at the hosel. I cleaned up the tip and installed a cobra adaptor. along with an extension in the butt end with a grip. I was looking at trying different things with the lead tape to just experiment with it
  13. I have the MG I like it. I lost the cover for the battery and MG sent me one free. So they do have some outstanding customer service
  14. It happens. Once while walking I found a wedge. Put it in my bag figure someone would come back to get it. No one did and I forgot it was in there until the next time out. Problem is the next time out I was at a different course. So needless to say it took a while for me to get it back to the original course. Hopefully the owner got it back
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