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  1. Decided to give these a try, prior gen. 2 for $55 with $10 of, not a bad price. With all that said these balls performed great. Long of the tee, longer with irons and nice stopping on green. Went and bought the last 4 the local Dick's had with a $20 dollar off discount
  2. My putter is in need of a new grip I have a SuperStroke mid slim 2.0 with a counter weight. Does anyone know if I just purchase a midslim 2.0 will that take the counter weight? Or do I need to buy a grip with the counter weight ?
  3. The only way to get out of Costco without spending a fortune is to go with a list and stick to it
  4. Never had a problem with the Kirkland gloves. But I did notice they cost more online .
  5. Orland Park IL had a full pallet of wedges, putters, V2 balls and gloves. Getting ready for spring. An awful lot of snow to melt first
  6. I will still leave the flag in,I got to like it. I just hope rakes make acome back
  7. So let me get this straight If I stripe a drive right down the middle and then the next drive I hook one left, It's the balls fault ? Totally confused
  8. How would you post a score with this method
  9. When purchasing clubs, especially wedges what difference does 2 * make? How much between 54-56 or 58-60 , or any other combo I figure a few yards on full shots, but how much
  10. What do you use to clean the tarnish off an older putter. Trying to bring back the shine
  11. First thing if this is in the wrong forum please move it. Question. How would the wrong size grip affect the swing. Too big, too small. Using something like the Golf Pride plus 4 if you didn't need it? Not using the plus for if something like that would help?
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