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  1. My main reasons will match many: I play a modern blade aka slightly longer blade length + tungsten in 4-7 irons Low offset. This is the main key. Too many players CBs are still too high in offset I don’t need to try to hit irons further or higher. Blades keep me in check with my swing almost subconsciously. I like the aggressive off the tee + controlled old school irons combo. I worked my way slowly up to blades, I didn’t start with them. Grooving a repeatable iron swing with variety, with blades...my iron game is set up nicely for the future when I do actually need the help La
  2. Debating between a HMB 3i or HMP 4i. Both at 20* Both are long and forgiving. I’d assume the hot metal pro would be better off turf for me. Tough choice!
  3. Many guys at my club got obsessed using arccos and mid level launch monitors this season Forgot to get the ball in the hole faster though
  4. > @Z1ggy16 said: > I don't get mixed up in flex whatsoever. I feel like there are plenty of S flex shafts out there that play firmer than X flex ones. Perfect example... I think an Aldila Rogue Silver 70s plays more stiff than an Aldila 2KXV 70X. The 2KXV felt like a noodle to me, while the 70S Rogue felt pretty stout. > > I really hate flex designations and I like how Accra just says M3, M4, M5, etc. And honestly, when I got fit for driver last yr, I swung the Accra 465 M4 and M5 and I felt 0% difference between the two but I was hitting the M4 out to 320 but the M5 was terri
  5. I do enjoy better feel but can’t sacrifice weight changes much in the bag. Sensitive to it, especially in driver
  6. > @nova6868 said: > Interesting that he goes from driver to 17-degree 5-wood. Really more like an old school 4-wood. Yup seeing this pattern all over the place. More bombers are in 16-17* fairway heads. They just go too far for them. And with these super shafts, they are longer than their old 3woods. Rahm did a recent video witb and he’s playing a 17.5 as his fairway. Things have changed!
  7. > @chal0072 said: > > > > Just added Bettinardi BB16 to my collection. You like your flow eh. Nice collection
  8. > @bripgall3265 said: > My Odyssey ProType was and has been money for me since I purchased it. Great roll and the feel that I love. Carbon, 340g with 18 g of lead tape on the flange under the cavity. The others that will see some bag time are 2008 Cleveland HB 1, AOP Santa Fe, Kevin Burns 9304 and especially my 029 Anser that I will use during the winter or if the greens have been punched. Lately I have been HO'ing Napa and 8802 style blades. > > Like your new avatar Princey!!!! Pics of your gamer pls. Really just wanna see how that much lead tape looks lol
  9. > @Valtiel said: > I get the vibe that he might be a bit of a headcase when it comes to his gear. Not necessarily in a bad way, but the tiniest pieces of lead tape all over the place and things like the trailing edge relief ground into the Taylormade M2 Tour 3-iron kinda suggests that some of this stuff is just mental. His transition is so aggressive + he pounds into the turf. It’s absolutely mental as you said. But I think he emphasizes feeling the clubhead at the top and also how clubs goes through the turf for him depending on course. How many chunk 1 hand finishes have you seen
  10. 9tx in driver and just striping it He’s on a different level
  11. > @gioguy21 said: > i'm currently on the fence about whether to keep my 3w in the bag or just use my epic 3i w/ hybrid shaft; b/c they're close in terms of distance, and the driving iron is much more consistent and goes straight as an arrow. the 3w has the extra distance but, it is more workable and sometimes that is good - others it can be bad. No matter how many cool 3-wood builds we make. Some are absolute magic on the range. But diminished course performance & lack of need for a fairway wood all together has made 3w a difficult spot to figure out. I didn't hit a single 3w of
  12. Considering a 8tx in my next 3wood build. Likely straight in, as I’ve gone away from excessive tipping + tx models tip is already plenty stiff. I’ve previously played a kai’li 80x and B series 80x both tipped 1”. I loved both setups but always wished for both to be tightened up a bit. ZF would be exactly that. I’ve been on a 3w shaft deep ocean dive for a while. Also have current builds with black tie 80x, tour ad tp 8x- like them don’t love them. Still looking for that special 3w pairing...
  13. When wanting to flight your wedges down gets out of control...
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