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  1. @BirdieBob They look great. How long did it take from when you ordered them to receiving them?
  2. I second, would love an update on this shaft @TrueTemper
  3. Congrats on winning it. Really interested to hear how you like it. I'm going to try a longer shaft in my driver, so one designed for that def has my interest.
  4. Project X had an Instagram giveaway with this shaft. They didn't really provide any details about it other than it's a prototype shaft.
  5. Thanks you. I am going to use real balls for my wedges, but was thinking about using Almost Golf balls for my woods. I am just interested in the club head speed with those for indoor and I get a little nervous hitting regular balls in my garage with my driver.
  6. Can you use Almost Golf Balls with the Rapsodo?
  7. 1. Miles of Golf Cincinnati 2. Wilmington, OH 3. 4.5 4. Callaway Epic Flash SZ Triple Diamond GD BB-6S 5. No 6. Tsi2 7. Yes
  8. 18 Love the look of the club and excited to hit a fw with a glued head!
  9. They are def on the pricey side, but Gripmaster Roo midsize grips are great. They feel great and get tackier the more you use them.
  10. When did you go on your trip to TM. I was part of the 2017 Forged trip for the P790's and we were not offered a discount code on products.
  11. If you guys are playing at La Costa later, watch out for Tomo, he is a hell of a player. Also, try the bloody mary with the pepperoni straws on the course.
  12. Congratulations and have a great time guys. It's always good to see a fellow buckeye picked for the trip,@osubuckeyes691
  13. > @J13 said: > > @kyle75 said: > > > @J13 said: > > > > @noodle3872 said: > > > > It’s crazy how over the past couple years Ping has brought the heat with their woods. It’s like they came out of nowhere. They more than hold their own with TM and Callaway. > > > > > > Ping has a lot of brain power behind their clubs so it's not surprising to me. The Ping G400LST was a phenomenal offering and king of the hill IMO for the last few years. This year is a bit of a different story with Callaway bringing the heat with Epic Flash and
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