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  1. The lofts are very strong on the Gen4 XP’s. Because I only need 7-Gw i am going to buy 8 iron thru the Gw in XP’s and strengthen the lofts one degree. That would turn the 8 iron into a 30 degree (7 iron in a lot of sets) and last order a gen4 p gap wedge and weaken it one degree . Hopefully that gives me the proper gapping in the set. Pulling the trigger tomorrow.
  2. Thanks for your detailed reply. I am 67 and going heavier at this point is probably not in my best interest. I have been told I have a smooth golf swing but my driver swing speed is in the 90-92 mph. i think I am going to look at the 850 nippons. Again thanks as I greatly appreciate the info.
  3. I am thinking of buying a set of Pxg Gen4 P irons as they are selling them through tomorrow for $225 per club. Currently using Ping G410 irons with AWT Regular shafts (made by nippon) which I like. Last year was fit for a set of Pxg p irons with nippon 950gh shafts but never pulled the trigger. The options for the black Gen4's do not include the 950's. Question and where I could use some advice is that my options are Nippon 850 GH or True Temper Elevate 95. Will the Nippons (850Gh) play much differently than the 950gh or how would the elevate compare to the Nippon 950 as they are similar weights. I just don't have a lot of experience with the Elevate shaft. Thanks all for your help and Happy Thanksgiving.
  4. Thanks all for replying. I may just send the back and order a new set at 1/2 inch longer than there standard. Edwin Watts was surprised that they were shorter than what is stated on website and will do whatever necessary to make me happy.
  5. Funny thing. I went back to Edwin Watts later today with my pings and with the new Callaway’s. When they measured the length of the Pings they are spot on to the Ping Website. However when they measured the Callaways they are both 1/2 short of the specs on the website. i don’t understand that. I guess I will have to call Callaway tomorrow. Thanks
  6. So I ordered a set of Callaway DCB irons. Have so far received the 5 and 6 irons with the 7-AW coming due to supply issues. No problem there as I understand the supply problems OEM’s are having. My question is the 5 iron measures 37 3/4 inches and the 7 iron measures 37. There website indicates these irons are 38.25 for the 5 iron and 37.50 for the six iron. I compared these to a set of Ping G 410 irons that I am currently using and the 5 iron (Callaway) is a half inch shorter than the Ping even though both websites indicate that both 5 irons are 38.25. Same for the six iron 1/2 inch shorter than the Ping. Has anyone else experienced this. Should I send them back or is this the norm. Just does not seem right to me. Ant thoughts out there? Thanks
  7. Recent fitting at True Spec Golf indicated the best shat for me was a Graphite Design Tour AD TSG (special label for True Spec Golf by Graphite Design) RED 55 S with a CPM of 239. The only thing I was told was that the shaft was a soft stiff. Shaft felt great, smooth and dispersion was excellent. Looking to see if anyone knows what the equivalent Graphite Design shaft might be. I am 67 and know I can’t handle a stiff shaft anymore. The only thing I found on the GD website was the Tour AD Di 5 R1. Does anyone have any thoughts? Much appreciated.
  8. Looking for recommendations on a new 4 wood. I am thinking about a G425 3 wood which I could increase the loft by 1.5 degrees to 16 but concerned this will close the face too much. Looking for other recommendations on what others have hit with a square face in 4 wood loft. Thanks
  9. I have a winter project in the works. Reshafting some becu wedge (eye 2) heads that I had refinished. Does anyone know what epoxy I can buy that looks similar (chalk/grey color) that Ping used in the original build of these irons. Will probably play with a couple ( I have 7 in total) so also looking for something that will hold up in day to day play. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. I just signed up for the new sales program as well on ebay. I am just a hobby seller with maybe 15 sales a year. All used stuff. Curious as to why they asked for social security number when signing up. Is this to report sales to tax authorities? Just trying to understand why Ebay required this information. Thanks
  11. Just curious if anyone knows what the gram weight of Ping Accros Grips are. I need to Regrip a set of Ping G710 irons and I just don’t like the feel of these grips. Looking for something around the same gram weight. Thanks
  12. Just curious as they both have excellent feedback. Has anyone dealt with either or does anyone know who they might be affiliated with. Just curious as I am looking to buy a Bettinardi putter that they have listed. Both companies show their location as Temperance Michigan. Thanks
  13. Looking to see if anyone refinishes a set of Ping G710 irons. I called Ping and they don’t refinish 710s, or anything relative to the newer models. Does anyone know if any co does. Thanks
  14. Curious if there is a ability to refinish ping g710 irons. I guess Ping does not offer the service on these irons. Thanks
  15. I have an Adams Speedline LS Driver 10.5 degrees like new. Only hit a couple of times. I have an Accra Z m4 in it which is stiff. I believe I also have some extra hosel tips for this club if you would like to try different shafts. Just need to look for them. I don't have the headcover but would ship in a generic headcover. Would swap for the ping eye 2 plus irons if you are interested. Thanks
  16. [quote name='longbal30' timestamp='1401661190' post='9409207'] Whatever the mark in the bottom was is now gone [/quote] Did I answer your questions on the bobby grace putter. Thanks
  17. I need to tweak the lie angles of my taylor made speedblades. Is this easy to do. I have heard other taylor made cast irons are Difficult to bend. Thanks Mike
  18. The Callaway website lists the bounce on regular apex irons. Does anyone have information on the bounce on The apex pros. Thanks
  19. I went on to the callaway website. When I enter in a custom order with pxi shafts it gives me a price of 1099.00 for an 8 club set. I thought there was an up charge for pxi shafts. Has anyone ordered these With pxi shafts or could someone clarify if there is definitely an up charge or not. Thanks
  20. Can't find info on the Offset of Callaway apex irons. Not the pros just the regular apex. Can anyone Share this info. Thanks
  21. I have a set of Ping irons heads that were refinished by Ping ( look brand new) and I am going to reshaft them and donate Them to a charity. Bought a set of brand new pulls CFS stiff. Couple of questions- there is residue on the tips that extend slightly beyond the hosel. Can anyone share their Expertise and help as to how I can clean the excess residue off. Second what is best product to clean and polish up shafts. Shafts are New but need to particularly get the residue off the tip. Thanks for sharing your advice. Mike
  22. [quote name='Boxer' timestamp='1377454957' post='7741381'] SPF. [/quote] Did not hear back so I assume the shaft is sold. So i went out and bought the shaft at a local shop. Thanks
  23. [quote name='Boxer' timestamp='1377454789' post='7741369'] Titleist 913 Driver Shaft, Diamana Blue 62 Stiff Flex. $80 shipped. Bought driver, unscrewed and replaced the shaft, awaiting new owner. Has hologram sticker, barcode sticker, adapter tip. Thanks. [/quote] I will take it. Sent pm
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