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  1. [quote name='brock9007' timestamp='1393474839' post='8755316'] Grips have about 20 rounds in them and I have added a picture of one to the origianl post. Thanks for getting this "for sale" topic back on point. I thought for a second I was on craigslist "rant and rave" section... [/quote] Thanks for the upload. Maybe you need to sell the Lex to buy some food, ha! Considering the Tapers but have never played a R shaft.
  2. I have played ProV1X and the XV for the past couple of seasons, but I picked up an Ammo box of the V2 Gamer and was very impressed. 3dozen for round 30$ at RockBottomGolf FYI.
  3. Pics are not loading on iPhone for me. Just has 533.JPEG in the pic box. Interested in Golo.
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