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  1. Ive refused to try the Epic because of the looks in the past. I hit the Rogue and It was Long as F but a bit hard to control and Loose - I said what the hell and tried the Epic Flash Sub Zero tonight.... 15 yards further than my TS2 dialled in. Longer than G410 Plus. Longer than M5. Felt amazing and super forgiving. The Epic Flash Standard 3 wood is almost as long as my TS2 Driver. UNBELIEVABLE clubs. Anyone Else have this experience??
  2. To me the Evenflow felt nothing like a PX iron shaft. Much smooth and easier to load.
  3. Hello Former Blueboard Player then on tour Tour AD - now that SS is slower and I'm broker I'm looking for a decent mid mid shaft - I like the softer feel and not too heavy. Has anyone compared these 2 shafts in the TS2 series of drivers and fairways? Currently playing the stock Tensi. Might be looking for something a tiny heavier possibly.
  4. almost 3 years after starting this I finally learned how to chip. I can't describe what I did. It just started happening and I got some confidence and became great at it!
  5. > @balls_deep said: > Just hit these today against my AP2. Nice clubs for sure. Made me nostalgic for my not-so-old i200. Better numbers from my AP2 but these are close on feel. Not there but close for sure which is something pretty awesome from Ping. the i210 feel amazing. I hit them against the Ap2 as well. The i210 hit a bit higher spun a bit more and were a bit longer and actually easier to hit. I just don't know if I can have cast ping clubs in my bag lol.
  6. dont a bit more testing. The results are definitely better with DG but it's not as dramatic as the first test. DG spins a bit more but the PX feels great.
  7. Decided to go back to mizuno I'm torn between these 3 sets. I tried the SC and loved the feel and flight - never hit the MMC but loved the MP15s and can use the extra help. Never even seen the 919 Tours in Person but they look unreal in pics..... Anyone compare them? Flight , Feel , Forgiveness differences??? Will be ordering with S300 and likely replace the 3 iron with a MMC Fli hi. Thanks!
  8. ive him them now both with the same shafts - I think the H2 might be the winner. More penetrating flight and looks a bit better at address.
  9. those look AMAZING. Probably the best irons I've ever played along with the MP15.
  10. Trying to tweak / finalize by bag for 2019...... Have 2 brand new SM7 56S clubs - one stock with S200 and one with PX 6.0 Did a test today on GC2 and the findings were interesting..... Dispersion was similar on both but the stock wedge avg 9250 RPM on full shots and the EXACT same wedge with PX 6.0 spun at 8300 RPM. Feel was better with the softer DG as well. The PX in the wedge was somewhat harsh. So for those who say wedge shaft doesn't matter - you better check your numbers!
  11. ha same age Just hovering around 100 105 SS. Can still get it out there but worked on short game last 2 years and scores have gone way down.
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