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  1. im actually a fan of the newer swing swing because the club is not closed at the top but is a little open and i prefer the club at the top to be open because it makes it easier for you to know where the ball is going off the clubface it also would eliminate the left side of the course. and i like a flatter swing where the left arm is on the upper part of your right shoulder.
  2. ive been waiting to buy a backup vr tour driver and this could be the perfect shaft for it so im in. and ive always wanted to try the attas.
  3. i had the same problem of my left foot coming off the ground and it finishing with my toes facing the target and it is a powerful move but only when timed perfectly. when its timed poorly it can lead to some very crooked drives. and believe me i know this. anyways i looked at some of tigers swings on youtube before the last knee surgery and noticed that his left leg locked up at impact and his left foot did the same thing as you do and that is that left foot coming completely off the ground. so i went and looked at some swings on youtube after the knee surgery and noticed that his left leg stays bent at impact and to the finish. the main point to what im trying to say is that just try to keep the left leg bent or flexed at impact and you will hit the ball better more consistently. this is coming from somebody who now does this move at impact that im recommending to you.
  4. i live in san Francisco and played harding about a month ago and it was not in good condition at all but is still a great track to play. um... just give the pro shop a call and make a tee time for a single.
  5. when will the new tour 360 4.0 colors be shown.
  6. for all we know it could be Stevies putter
  7. i sent a message to the seller lets see if he says anything back.
  8. i would want these because mizuno makes the best irons and the 62's are pure money.
  9. it looks like the muscle on the V10 irons are higher up than the standard tw blades.
  10. when will the winner to the contest be announced?
  11. yea that is a really good price for not just the head but the shaft too. i would buy for that price.
  12. what confuses me is why people put fowler, mcilroy, and ishikawa in the same league as AK, dustin johnson and martin kaymer. albeit the latter three have had a little more tour experience but not much more than the younger three.
  13. probably the adams 9064ls due out later this summer i believe.
  14. it also looks like he lengthened the driver as well. it almost looks like it could be 45 inches now.
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