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  1. Looks like pre G410 to me, so G, G30 etc. Which are you looking for?
  2. Ping G425 LST 9* with Ping Tour 65 Shaft Plays at 45" Comes with Headcover and Wrench Bought from another WRXer and hit fewer that 20 times by me $400 OBO Shipped
  3. I'm interested in hearing about this one. I bought a Scotty on The Bay and some moron shipped it with a 10th Anniversary cover on it. It is in really good shape with one exception...there is a little pin hole in it, almost like it had a security tag on it. I have just had it sitting on a shelf, but have always wondered what it was worth.
  4. This one has been sitting on a putter rack, untouched, for like 15 years and is part of my face balanced putter sell off. John Byron Huntington Beach Dale O Head 35” in length No head cover but it will ship with something on it. As far as I can tell...standard L/L/L $100 shipped
  5. Bobby Grace Shiloh Wide Body Counterbalance Putter 36.5” in length Mid-slant welded neck Face balanced Sorry - no head cover, but will ship with something on it $225 obo shipped TRADED Scotty Cameron Studio Select Squareback #1 34 3/8” in length - I think this was extended at some point, but I didn’t want to cut the grip off to check. Face balance There is a little scuff on the face that doesn’t impact play. Top line is pretty clean. Will ship with some sort of cover, but not a Cameron $275 obo shipped SOLD Th
  6. I am interested in the head if you decide to split up the head and shaft.
  7. Interested in the driver. Nice work on the paint job! I made an impulse bid on a G410 on The Bay and need to make sure I get outbid. I will get back to you if I do and yours is still available.
  8. I have some heads in similar condition that I will be posting soon.
  9. Any clue on the head weight of the putter? It is built to my specs and I am drooling! Thx!
  10. Smart move...if she sees boxes going out, it isn't as big of a deal when she see them coming in!!! Honey, I sold clubs to pay for this!
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