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  1. Cute but thx anyway. Let me know if you change your mind
  2. would you be interested in splitting up the wedges? If so, what would price be for the 54-12?
  3. the little spherical object that has it's own way over-analyzed subforum on this site ?
  4. Is headcover magnetic or velcro? Any idea if it would fit Scotty Phantom X8?
  5. Bettinardi Queen B10 putter, 34" in mint condition. One of the most beautiful putters made. SOLD
  6. this is where I got mine and I think it's one of the best non-custom options available https://www.bauerfeind.com/b2c/?gclid=CjwKCAjw74b7BRA_EiwAF8yHFDe-EL4t-v-rJ8WaKXj-HqvU90stgvPJo_1ME_AkDQbSXyDChG4xSBoC8gAQAvD_BwE
  7. Results in part depend on your age. Surgery less effective in people over 60. I had 2 full tears and had surgery at age 63. Re-tore doing almost nothing about 6 weeks into recovery. All healed now but limited external rotation which has affected both golf and tennis. Hardest part of recovery was learning to use left hand for several very important bathroom activities - not just shaving :). There are several things that are helpful to get beforehand. Recliner chair for sleep the first several days, oversize zip up shirts. You probably already have pull on pants like most of us from the qu
  8. Any interest in Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback 5 34" also in excellent condition?
  9. I think that Malaska tear drop drill looks to be the exact OPPOSITE of how he usually teaches!
  10. 4.5 is a stand bag but I know others that have used it successfully on a push cart. Fits fine on Bagboy quad cart and it would be by first choice if I had to replace the Titleist. Sync is not that big and is designed specifically for use on push carts. I've used previous versions and they work well altho not a fan of the apparel pockets.
  11. I have that bag and have mixed feelings. Not that lightweight in spite of title. Removing clubs is a big pain since the 14 way divider system is not full length and grips get tangled. That said it's a very nice looking bag with great pockets but I'd prefer something lighter with a 4 or 6 way top. My personal choice right now would be Sun Mountain 4.5 and you can get 2019 version on sale. I've also used Sync model in the past and that's a good option as well.
  12. You mean there are actually some players that DON'T try to make a swing change after each bad shot? I've probably been guilty of trying to make a change during the shot!
  13. Edited for new lower price. Someone needs to buy this beauty before it goes back in my bag!
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