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  1. Toulon Garage Atlanta, 34", with short slant neck and 30* toe hang, stroke lab shaft and oversize grip. This is a custom garage model with no sight line. Club is in excellent condition and has seen minimal use. One tiny ding on top as seen in pic but barely noticeable. Edited for new lower price. $260 shipped. Sorry - don't know why pics weren't embedded. Never had that problem before. Probably reflects ambivalence about selling! 36B23B19-9305-450E-AE42-A111FE5D3B1D.heic E80F4658-14B0-404D-AC40-D9AAF04B465A.heic 9D4E554F-459F-43BF-BDD1-628465B11AFB.heic C53357D7-0ECB-41BB-AD
  2. Thanks. I still love them but just got fitted for new irons. Do you think this is a fair price? Didn’t have much to go on.
  3. Adams Idea C3 Black Forged iron set, 4-GW, with Matrix Ozik graphite shafts R flex, GP Decade compound grips. Set is in very good condition and I can send more detailed pics if wanted. Absolutely sweet forged club with great shafts. $250 shipped CONUS
  4. Don't own the TS2 and the "fitting" I had for the TSi was extremely limited. Can get TS2 now for half the price of TSi2 and was just wondering if the difference was enough to justify the extra cost. Altho isn't that what we all do on WRX?
  5. Thanks. Why do you think they’d be much different?
  6. I'm thinking of getting back into SS putting over the winter but sold my BG LFI last year. Was too short for me at 39" anyway. Anyone have an extra SS putter that you're willing to part with?
  7. Biggest difference was much higher spin rate with M6, now around 3000-3400 which is over 1000 more than it was when originally fitted. Why I don’t trust the numbers and will recheck before buying
  8. That wasn't it though. AOA was slightly ascending. Fitting was very abbreviated, mostly for my wife, which is why I really don't trust the numbers. It was free though!
  9. Absolutely. Doesn’t everyone lust after the newest and best to chase a few more yards? In my case though, markedly decreased clubhead speed from age and injury is a it factor in the decision. Also for some reason the spin rate went WAY up with my current driver compared with fitting numbers from 2 years ago.
  10. Thanks for the tip. I had read about that but didn’t think it was coming out until the spring. Will probably wait.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. Just confirmed my thinking to just go ahead with the newest and best as usual. Bought one for my wife so why not me!?
  12. Suspect I'll go ahead with the TSi2 as I agree it definitely looks better and probably performs better too. My current numbers are an embarrassing 78 mph chs and 118 ball speed. I don't belong on this forum?
  13. No - I have a Taylormade M6 that was fitted 2 years ago. Aware that TSi2 probably better that TS2 but just wonder if it's worth twice the price. I guess I need all the ball speed I could get!
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