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  1. For sale today we have a great set of King Cobra MB/CB combo with a utility 3 iron. PW-7 iron are the MB while 6-4 are the CB. The combo comes with Tour Issued x100’s with lampxin grips while the utility comes with a KBS C Taper lite 115 x flex. In the pictures the 8 iron has the most wear to it but it’s just cosmetic while the others all have great faces. I’m asking $550 now $500 for the whole set and no trades at this time. Thanks for shipping.
  2. Brand new Hzrdus Smoke Green 6.5 70g from Taylormade. It is -.5 inch shorter than standard which would play 45.25 inches. Asking $125 now $100 If someone has a low spin/ low launch shaft I’m down to trade as well.
  3. I cant find a fairway right now, so someone please trade me a driver. I have a Sim 9* with a HZRDUS green 6.5 shaft 70g standard length. I will trade for something similar in a low spin shaft/head combo. Price $340 with no trade.
  4. Dang, kinda wish the 2 iron was still in there
  5. Lost this bad boy last year and was cleaning out my car to sell it and here we are. I have no idea what they are going for so I’m going to start with $250 obo. It doesn’t have the cover with it. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Up today is a set of 714 mb 3-pw. The excalibur’s that are in these bad boys are x100’s, everything is standard loft, lie and length. As you can tell I like to practice with the 8 iron, but it’s just browning groves are fine. Asking $250. Sorry this is posted on mobile if it turns out weird.
  7. Don't tempt me, i'm trying figure out if i want to stay in the blade game or go a little more forgiving.
  8. X100’s and they would be mine. Always my favorite looking club ever made
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