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  1. The 0211 is their baseline driver, I think it is meant to be more forgiving. Comparing it to your SIM is nowhere near an apples to apples comparison. Comparing an RBZ driver to the 0211 would be much more equal. Even $10 more to the Proto line will, in my humble opinion, get you a much better driver than the 0211 "entry level" driver. I have never hit the Gen 4 so I cannot comment on that. However I did a side-by-side between the SIM (2 wasn't out yet) and the Proto. For me, and my swing, the SIM was 5-10 yards longer consistently, but the Proto had better dispersion for me. Maybe a 2-3 MPH ball speed difference. Also of note, for me the counterbalanced shaft really shined in the Proto and was a 'stock' option - HZRDUS Smoke Yellow. Whereas none of the stock SIM shafts worked that well and I needed a $200 shaft upgrade to get it better than the Proto. The SIM was already $500 base, and the Proto was only $265. Add the shaft and I saved over $450. Everyone will have different experiences of course.
  2. The R7 SuperQuad was a monster for me. Some of the longest drives of my life, found a lot of fairways, and posted some of my best scores... In fact, I have got much worse since that driver haha. I eventually got a hairline crack in the face. I replaced it with the SLDR... and that club was awful for me... Mishits were in a different zipcode.
  3. All MFGs have outlandish claims about this year's clubs being so much better than the previous. I hit SIM and SIM2 and there was virtually no difference for me, yet SIM2 was supposed to be so much better. I went to club champion and the fitter couldn't stop pushing $300+ shaft upgrades on me for how much better it would be, even when the numbers on the display didn't really back that up. Salesmen sell and push product, that's what they do. I had a Nike fitting years ago and the guy couldn't stop telling me how Nike made the best equipment by far, and would soon be #1 on tour -- about a year or more later they stopped making equipment altogether.... I like my PXG clubs, and haven't had any issues with them or the equipment. But they aren't that much better than any other MFG's top of the line product either. I am just afraid if you go into testing these clubs with an already negative view, you will inevitably ending up disliking/hating them. My Proto Driver wasn't quite as good as the SIM, but it was close, and the PXG was over $400 cheaper once the head and shaft charges came into play. My OG 0211 Irons weren't quite as long as the P790s, but dispersion was better. Everyone has different experiences though. I do have a strong dislike for PXGs TV ads. They are truly something awful.
  4. I will take it. Can you PM me your PayPal info?
  5. Just last week finding 4 consecutive days of lodging (in a non $800+/Nt option) without changing rooms in July and August was proving difficult. Found one stretch that worked in a Lilly Pond Room. Tee times I got: Day 1 - Preserve 6:10pm Day 2 - Old Mac - 8:00am Day 2 - Bandon Trails - 1:40pm Day 3 - Bandon Dunes - 9:10am Day 3 - Sheep Ranch - 3:10pm Day 4 - Pacific Dunes - 7:50am Day 4 - Bandon Dunes - 12:50pm Day 4 - Preserve - 6:15 pm The 2 hardest walks (i am told) on the first day might not be so great. Also wanted a Pacific replay, but this is what we got. Excited to be going in mid August 2023... gawd that is so far away...
  6. No problem. I wouldn't feel too bad about missing out at Pinehurst. When we looked at the cost of the round, plus the additional cost that staying there would've required, we were happy with the choices we made. There are a LOT of fantastic golf courses in the vicinity, including the Pines courses. Also, playing a 2nd round at Tobacco Road wouldn't be the worst idea. If you haven't played it before, you'll likely have a much better idea of the course after playing it once, and possibly want to play a few holes differently once you see the whole hole versus what is visible off the tee. I am biased, as it is my favorite golf courses I have played. If you do want to play at Pinehurst, #3 was a pretty fun round. And if you book a twilight round, the cost isn't too bad. Something like $60 per (not including cart). Just make sure you confirm it when booking. We were told it plays like a "mini #2" but I have never played #2 so I cannot say for sure. But the green complexes were interesting, being a shorter course it was a shorter round, and very competitive between the 2 of us who played, who are about 8 shots apart in handicap.
  7. Real dumb question here... Does anyone know what Bandon codes as (for your deposit) on the credit card? If it codes as travel I can earn 4% back on one card. Otherwise I'll just use my standard 2% back card. Trying to book a 2023 trip, just trying to maximize some extra cash back to use on merch later.
  8. Wasn't my experience this past August. Could be a difference in time of year though? Was told #2 and #4 were members or resort guests only, period, full stop. I asked about walking up day-of and squeezing into any un-filled tee times, was also told not allowed for non-resort guests/members. Also couldn't book any of the other courses more than 5 days our as a non-resort guest. Called 5 days in advance wanting to play #3, and was told it was members only that day, but could book available tee-times by calling 24 hours in advance. We did get a tee time on #3, and practically had the place to ourselves. I am in no rush to get back to Pinehurst. It was fine, but it didn't make or break our trip. Happy we played one round there to say we did. We had almost the same itinerary in August with a few other courses (#3 instead of #4, Lonnie Poole, and Tot Hill Farm). Mid Pines and Pine Needles were great. Tobacco Road was the highlight (I played it before, partner and 2 guys we were paired with had not, so I got to be a caddie which was kind of fun.) We booked everything else and left an afternoon open to play a pinehurst course, because we could book everything else way further in advance. We did get a pinehurst tee time, but if we didn't we would've played Legacy, Talamore, or one of the other fine courses in the area. Don't do what we did, and play Tobacco Road in AM and race back to a different course. Tobacco Road will be a 5-5.25 hour round, which is good and bad. Good - it gives you plenty of time to take pictures, and soak in the 'craziness' of the course. Bad because it makes it difficult to book other rounds. If you do, give yourself plenty of time as Tobacco Road isn't close to anything and you will have a decent drive to your next round (other than Quail Ridge and Carolina Trace).
  9. After a week and a half of trying to contact them, today I get an email saying "We do not have enough stock to fulfill your order and it has been cancelled." I asked if I could do an "exchange", selecting a different jacket and still get the 25% off, and was told I could purchase a different jacket from the website but the discount code has expired, and they had already processed my refund. A little frustrated. Whatever.
  10. My wife's family is the exact same way. My family never did lists, just exchanged a few small gifts. My wife's family wanted lists, so I thought cool, maybe I will get some of the stuff I really want. NOPE!!! not even close. You wanted those golf balls, we found these Top Flites on sale for $30 for 24 balls. You wanted that "Dream Golf" book? Target didn't have it, we found this "Funny Golf Anecdotes" book for $5 instead. How cool is that? That Nike golf polo? We got this 3 pack of Grand Slam polos instead, way better deal. (Wrong size to boot). It probably says something about me... but don't ask for specific things and then get something else you think I'd like. Just do that without asking for a list from me. I'd rather have a gift card to a restaurant, to Target, or something else than stuff I am never going to use and will just sit in a drawer and given away or thrown out later.
  11. Its funny. When people think PXG = Expensive, they clearly haven't been paying attention for the last 2-3 years. This past season most of my bag went PXG, and sometimes I even wear a PXG hat too. I get paired with people who feel they need to comment on what I spend my money on... "Geez, PXG clubs, do you drive a Ferrari too?" "Well, I guess even with expensive PXG clubs, you can still hit it in the woods/bunker/water". What's funny is my 0211 Irons and Proto Driver where less than $900 combined - while they are usually rocking the newest TaylorMade/Callaway/Ping Driver and bragging about their aftermarket shafts, Vokey Wedges, or Cameron Putter (which is also fine to play, who cares). I just roll my eyes and move on. I never had anyone ever comment on my equipment until I bought PXG stuff, suddenly some a-holes on the course feel the need to comment on it. It is a small amount of people. Most people couldn't care less what others are playing or wearing. You do you. I love my mizuno gloves, don't use their equipment. I like my Nike polos, never had a nike club. I usually play a Taylormade ball, don't currently own a taylormade club. Have several Titleist hats, never owned a titleist club, and only play ProV1s if I find them in the woods. I have Callaway wedges and don't have any Callaway apparel. Wear what you look/feel good in. Look Good -> Feel Good -> Play Good!
  12. I placed an order on Galway Bay's website on Black Friday using their discount code. My credit card was charged, and cleared within 2 days (not just pending). I got an email confirming the order and stating it will ship out within 24-48 hours. Since then, crickets. I contacted their customer service last Friday asking for an update, got an automatic reply saying someone would get back to me in 1-2 business days. Nothing else since. I have tired calling twice, including today, getting the automated menu and just sit on hold - after an hour hanging up each time. I know things are crazy, just give me an update. Still processing? Most places I have shopped with don't process the CC until they actually ship the product. I am in no rush to get my rain jacket, just want to make sure I am still getting it. Next step might be to dispute the charge with my CC if they cannot respond to me. Anyone else received anything from Galway Bay recently?
  13. That's extremely tight time wise... Assuming you land on-time, with no delays, flight changes, etc. You'll have to wait at baggage claim for your clubs, then get your rental car. Then drive about 1.75 hours to Sand Valley. Probably want to stop somewhere and get food at some point too. If everything goes absolutely perfect, you'd park, check-in, and walk up to the tee box. Personally - I wouldn't cut it that close. I am not aware of any shuttle service from Madison to SV. I think Rental Car/Van is likely the only option. I am also not aware of any beverage carts at SV/MD. There are turn stands with quick stuff available, IE Craig's Porch.
  14. Did anyone hit a ball into the yard on #7? haha. I left a TP5X about 3or4' into the yard there in August...
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