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  1. Where do you see the Gen 2s in stock? Website I'm looking at only shows 3, 4 and 5 iron as being available...
  2. Yeah, I hit the X+ a few times, and she said the same thing, the X was going to be much better for me. We had on a shaft I was hitting 280s with but a fairly wide dispersion. Switched to a CB shaft and suddenly dispersion was like nothing I had every seen before - shot after shot in about a 15-25yd window. It was almost 10 yards shorter on average (think my MAX was 274 if I remember right, I was bouncing between a 106 and 108 mph clubhead speed) but I will take that tighter dispersion window anyday. I am coming from a SLDR... which was 260 on a good day, but even slight mishits
  3. Interesting, okay. I must have mis-heard or mis-remembered then. I do remember her saying I was a spin machine for all my clubs, woods, hybrids, and wedges. Needed to strengthen lofts on irons too to bring spin down to a reasonable level (was hitting ballooning shots with old Cobra SGI irons).
  4. I was fit for the X, and have a very slight upward angle of attach, essentially neutral. I was told the X only comes in 9* because it is for a neutral to upward swing, while the X+ only comes in 10.5 for added loft for the downward attack angles. Maybe I misheard or go bad info...
  5. 1 - Minneapolis, MN 2 - 14 Handicap 3 - PXG 0811X - 9* - HZRDUS Smoke Yellow (60g Stiff) 4 - KBS TD 60G CATEGORY 3 - Black 5 - I really like the feel of the KBS Ri-Rev 2.0 shafts in my new wedges, I'd love to try a Driver shaft. I recently bought this new driver with a "stock" shaft and am wondering if there is something more to "unlock" with this head. 6 - Of course I would be honest and open.
  6. Oh no... If I hadnt just ordered 0211s in the same setup last week I would've been all over this. Great clubs and a heckuva price! GLWS!
  7. Yeah, I know it isn't the greens' fault. My short game isn't strong, but something was going on that day that I had never experienced before and haven't seen since. I could not get a ball to hold the green, it was so frustrating. Some day I will play it again with an open mind, I just don't know if I am there yet, haha. It could be expectations as well, none of the rest of the course felt very difficult, I wasn't going OB or finding hazards. The greens were just absolutely killing me. My cousin lives in NC and has moved 3 times, I visit him each time he moves. He lives in Sal
  8. Hello, I am planning a buddies trip next year to Pinehurst/Sandhills and wanted some input. I have been down there 3 times and played a few different courses. Tobacco Road twice, it is the most fun I have ever had planning golf. It will be played on our trip, no question. There will be 3 of us, and I am the only one who has ever been. The first time I went down there I played Pine Needles, Tobacco Road, Southern Pines, and UNC Finley. Pine Needles had just hosted the LPGA US Open 2 weeks prior (back in 2007) and it might've been the least fun round of golf I have ever played.
  9. Do you mean by sales? Or what parameter? Just curious. I bought a proto with aftermarket shaft (got fitted at club champion, but ended up purchasing through PXG) for less than $400 after tax. I hit the SIM slightly better, but after paying for the non-stock shaft upgrade, grip and the head I was looking at close to $800 for a driver... I hit it better, but nowhere near $400 better. Thought the Proto with Hzrdus Smoke for $365 was a pretty good deal. It's it a bottom of the pack driver in terms of tech or something?
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