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  1. Changed yes, played with... not really. I put the 15gram in the Heel, and in the Toe, and didn't pick up much of a consistent draw or fade (luckily, I hit my PXG hybrids remarkably straight). However I noticed the gearing effect, where when the heavy weight was in the heel, a mishit on the toe side really got away from me. Less noticeable with heavy weight in toe, and mishit on heel side but still somewhat present. My PXG fitter even admitted that the effect of moving weights on a smaller head is diminished versus the much larger Driver. You need a 15G move from heel or toe to s
  2. I thought the same thing. It looks extremely similar to my PXG Proto Hybrid. Both are easy on my eyes.
  3. There might be a lot of land... Maybe a local or member could correct me, but I believe I read something awhile back where C&C said they have only re-used space that was occiped by about 3 or 4 holes for their routing. For the most part they would be going in a completely different direction than the previous course. Although I may have dreamt that whole thing up, but I could've sworn I read that somewhere awhile back.
  4. My issue with Noodles is after a few wedge shots, the covers are destroyed. So if every 4-6 holes I have to replace a ball (assuming I haven't lost it), that can get annoying. I also like the Vice as it seems to be a great price point for a more durable cover.
  5. I went back and found my post on my fitting experience for those clubs, for whatever its worth: https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1760512-pxg-proto-3-wood-spotted/?do=findComment&comment=23436989 I am lucky enough to live close to a PXG store, I know many cannot just zip over and try their clubs just about any time they want.
  6. I posted awhile ago, when the Proto hybrids first came out, my experience with them. I have a Gen2 19* that I got a little bit ago, then added a 22* proto hybrid when they first came out. The Gen2 is slightly more forgiving, dispersion was a little better for me. The proto has something extra when you hit the sweet soft, feels and sounds awesome and has an extra 5-10 yards. I tried my Gen2, the 0211, and the Proto 17*, 19*, and 22* in the fitting. The 19* proto had something extra, but there wasn't anything wrong with my Gen2, and the extra 5-10 yards came with som
  7. The 0211s, in my short fitting experience, were ever so slightly more forgiving on mis-hits. The Proto, when you hit the sweet spot... the 0211 couldn't touch it. It felt and sounded money, and went further. Both fairways and hybrids were the same in that aspect. I just couldn't find the sweet spot often enough with the fairways, as has been my struggle with fairways from any brand. Love my Proto Hybrids. I didn't even try the Gen 4, I don't know how they could possibly be better (for me). Enjoy the new clubs!
  8. Booking some of our rounds and just saw this on Tobacco Road's website: So if there is lightning and/or an absolute downpour, I will not get a refund or a raincheck? I'll have to reschedule... Maybe I could try and re-sell my rescheduled tee-time at a discount to someone I suppose.
  9. Alright, like the good wrx'er I am... I just order a 5g, 7.5g, 10g, and 12.5g weight to mess around with. I will probably avoid the 17.5g and 20g for now as that seems overkill, but who knows. We will see how experiments with the first 4 go. Going to drop to 10g in the heel and put 7.5g in the toe to start with and see what happens...
  10. Question for you guys adding weight on the toe. Do you fight a hook and you are trying to slow the face closure down? What is your miss? My miss is a bad slice (from face to path), but I have noticed I seem to hit this driver more towards the toe than I did the driver I was coming from (SLDR). I am afraid adding weight to the toe would make my bad miss worse... But maybe getting weight behind the toe (where I am striking the ball more) would improve MOI and twisting. Good strikes are center to toe side, bad strikes (bad swings...) are usually high off the toe. I am don't thin
  11. Thank you, didn't know it was different. Learn something new everyday. So yes, mine is also 44.5.
  12. I have played it twice. Once in either 2007 or 2008 and it was in great shape, and pretty fun. It was quite possibly the strangest golf course I have ever played, and might still be. In 2014 I played it again and it was in pretty tough shape... I'd like to play it again, but once every few years would be enough. It is not a course I would want to play on a regular basis. Played Tobacco Road three times, love that course, and would play it once a month if I could. Tot Hill Farm just hits me differently. Some cool holes for sure, but some bizarre ones as well. 17 a
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