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  1. I was finally able to take the full bag Gen4s to the club today. I enlisted my pro to work on a couple of swing issues and to also be the unbiased judge on the clubs. First the irons (Gen4 Ps); they are amazing. Long, great feel and straight. The best irons I have ever hit. Blew the 790s and T 200s away. In a bit of a surprise, the Proto + with a Ventus (velacore) Blue shaft was easily better than the Gen4 with Ventus Red. I will test the Gen4 with the Blue, but it is hard to see anything beating out the Proto +. I did turn the Gen4 3 wood (Tensei blue) to 16.
  2. 1. City, State? Birmingham, AL 2. Handicap? 8 3. Current putter? Scotty Cameron Circle T 5.5 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? Studio Stock 17 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt?Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  3. Picking mine up tomorrow; similar issues with FedEx I went the Gen4 full bag route. FedEx managed to get the bag and hat to me on time (Saturday); but the clubs (shipped out and due for delivery the same day as the bag) went missing ....FedEx finally found them and are getting them to me tomorrow.
  4. Look to the great putters as the underdogs to watch . Patrick Reed and Michael Thompson
  5. Hopefully Bubba has grown and matured from the very unflattering portrayal in the book, “Slaying the Tiger”.
  6. -Mini crab cakes and chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail as appetizers -Caesar salad -Beef Wellington -Loaded baked potatoes -Peach Cobbler with peach ice cream
  7. Osprey, I would most definitely go to a PXG fitter versus CC. And yes, the Gen4 irons are really that good. Straight. Forgiving. Great feel.
  8. Also very excited to try the Battle Ready Bat Attack!
  9. I still may end up with the Proto + versus the Gen4 XF. I will be testing both the Ventus Red and Blue. The Ventus shafts fit me really well.
  10. I, too, received the email today that my Gen 4 full bag fitting has shipped! Gen 3s irons officially being retired. 1.3.5 Gen 4 Metals (went with the XF) 4 hybrid Gen4 Ps 5-G Sugar Daddy wedges (54 and 58) Battle Ready Bat Attack I already have the Proto + with a Ventus Red shaft, but I am currently still with the Gen2 3,5 and hybrid. I also have a Ventus Blue shaft that I will be testing as well.
  11. I was a member at TPC San Antonio during the time I lived in the city. The course is tough; especially if the wind blows (which it often does in the Hill Country in April). Definitely not a birdie fest. 2 years ago, as a member and volunteer, I had the opportunity to talk to a player on the range on Wednesday (the day before the tournament began- the player will remain unnamed). He asked me, “Does the wind blow like this here all the time?”. I told him during this time of year, it often does. His response... “If I had to play in this wind every day I would quit the f#%&ing game.”
  12. I have watched Leadbetter work with touring pros.... he has a great eye and can immediately spot areas of trouble. IMO, he is not a “you will learn my swing” instructor. But that is my opinion from watching him fist hand. I am sure I am in the minority on GolfWrx. Leadbetter’s glory days are probably behind him (although working with P Reed recently returned him to the winner’s circle). And there are younger and more “dynamic” instructor’s in the game today. Leadbetter played an important role in the game and can count those 15 majors.
  13. Leadbetter’s students have won 15 majors, including each major at least twice. I get it that he is a not a GolfWRX favorite ....but there are not many teaching professionals with his historical track record.
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