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  1. No, I mean the physical, Taylormade, The Kingdom.
  2. You are absolutely correct on the tour pro ball usage. DJ is using the TP5x, but according to a rep at The Kingdom, most are using the TP5.
  3. The AGNC wine cellar will be heavily utilized. The menu will be steak house fare... -Shrimp cocktail appetizer -Caesar salad -Medium Rare Filet -Onion Rings -Dessert: Bread Pudding; Coconut cake Alternative menu... Baby back ribs with white bread and Dreamland BBQ sauce
  4. I have the 10.5 Proto + with a Ventus red shaft. Absolutely love the feel of this driver, the sound when meeting a Pro V1x and the end result. This is a great driver that deserves more accolades.
  5. DLBTide7

    PXG Spitfire

    I am gaming the Spitfire. i was fitted for my original PXGs in Scottsdale at an Xperience (the Mustang). I got to know several fitters and stay in touch. I have owned Gen 1, 2 and 3 irons as well as The Closer, The Operator, Bat Attack and the Spitfire. My fitter recently gave me the opportunity to buy a limited edition Spitfire, made from Damascus steel- the same steel used to build the planes in WW II. It is a gorgeous putter, with a great feel.
  6. Davis Riley on the Korn Ferry Tour. I am one of his sponsors; great young man with a very bright future on the PGA Tour. I have followed and “favorited” many pros throughout the years... Palmer, Nicklaus, Watson, Miller, Weiskopf, Jerry Pate Frank Beard (his book from his play on the 1969 PGA Tour and subsequent book about life on the Champions Tour are great reads), Sutton, Payne Stewart, Faldo, Price, Tiger, Phil, DJ and Rory. “Young guns” JT and Posner (friend’s son is his caddie). Rickie Fowler because of just respect for the game.
  7. I think the commercial trying to place the modern day sized driver inside Frank is a classic . “Stretch marks!” “They’re stripes you idiot”
  8. US Open- Pebble Beach and Shinnecock The Open- The Old course and Muirfield PGA-Bethpage
  9. Taylormade TP5; just an outstanding ball.
  10. In my opinion, TP5 is a superior ball to the 2020 CS. From what the OP asked, TP5 would be my choice. Keep in mind that everyone’s spin characteristics are different, based on multiple factors. The TP5 may not be the right ball for you, ultimately, but it is a great place to start.
  11. Not a surprise; but still disappointing. Yet it is the right decision. I absolutely love the Ryder Cup and it would not be the same without fans.
  12. I recently went to Club Champion for a putter feeling and really enjoyed both the experience and my fitter. Putted first with my gamer (now old gamer) and then tried at least 6 different putters the fitter picked for me to try. He answered all my questions and I never felt rushed in any way. Finally settled on the Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 with the crescent neck. Overall a great experience and I am very happy with my new gamer (and I am hoping it stops my serial putter infidelity).
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