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  1. so to elaborate with me, when going shorter I ended up hunching over the ball and having breakdown of my lead(left) wrist in the putting stroke. Now I know that this is from bad fundamentals causing the breakdown and terrible putting stroke, but I would like to think that my tinkering had a negative effect on it. I found that once returning some length to the putter my LHL style became more efficient and allowed me to use my larger muscles more than my smaller muscles. Just an observation on myself.
  2. So we are all tinkerers here... we have all done the "well if this length works but i'm pushing it a bit, a 1/4 inch more would be perfect" and vice versa. So i pose the question, do you think it is better to error on the longer or shorter size when it comes to your putter? Me personally always thought that erroring on the shorter side was more manageable until doing it at the end of last year to my back-up mallet while my gamer was getting refinished. This led to so much inconsistency it was ridiculous. Not really realizing it until one of my buddies from the group asked if he could try i
  3. Had MCC and MCC+4 forever. Recently switched to Lamkin everything due to price, size and durability. I unfortunately found the GP grips I used to get slick quick. The Lamkins are full cord which helps. GP makes great grips, however expensive.
  4. Just from a cost perspective I completely agree. When I shop, I do it for a bargain. Driver - $120 with shaft I wanted 3 wood (being built tonight) - $20 DI - $50 irons 4-lw w upgraded X shafts - $400 total ($300 irons & wedges, $100 shaft upgrades) bag - $175 Grips - $ 35 (sale) Total - $800 (putter not included because it was a gift)
  5. Has anyone else fallen into the same mindset? I personally am not looking forward to the new offerings from the companies because really... I like my bag. I love my ugly sounding Papa Smurf Mizuno ST180, and all of my other clubs are PING so really what am I going to get, a few more yards? I will be trying a 14* Adams Tight Lies 3 wood that i'm building, but that is really it. I truly love the look of all of my clubs, my bag, my gloves... I may try the Vice ugly green balls, but that's about it. I've fallen into the old man bag where no matter how nice and shiny the new stuff
  6. I replied. I’ve been engulfed in ski season. Check your messages
  7. Never heard of them, found on ebay. Brand new X flex and they took the OBO of $5 plus $9 for shipping. Brand new shafts. It will be going on a new (old stock) Adams TL3 14* head that I found on ebay again for $5. I'm not expecting much but figured since I don't use a fairway wood, for less than $20 it is worth a shot.
  8. well let me know when that happens. I'm still trying to talk myself into new Pings and replacing my i25's that I hit great and have no problems with with i210s
  9. Don't worry, you'll know soon enough... i'm sure there will be an add on BST for these because "they just didn't work out" before they are even released...
  10. Diamond Tour Golf and Hurricane Golf (same company)always have sales on grips either via their website or ebay. Have used them for components for years now
  11. I'm def... team AL Check out rick. A lot of good content. you'll be impressed with a lot of his reviews. you'll hear "better than last year's model....No" it's quite refreshing
  12. I enjoy watching all of them. James Robinson is up there on daily content. I have to sat that Rick Shiels has got to be the most honest reviewer of them all. I respect the fact that not only does he test everything, but he has done reviews on this year vs last year and completely shut down the fancy marketing gimmicks. I quite enjoy that.
  13. The weight in my 7 iron from my i25 disappeared. I noticed when cleaning up my clubs. Called PING, they gave me Fed Ex number, and instructions for shipping (FREE to and from may i add). Time Line: 12/1/2020 - Dropped off at FEDEX store (Pennsylvania) 12/2/2020 - Picked up and on the way 12/7/2020 - Delivered and signed for by PING (Arizona) 12/14/2020 - Delivered 12/14/2020 - Email saying that club was shipped and delivery scheduled for today. I thought this was wrong but checked tracking 12/10 - shipped from AZ so that is offi
  14. umm... Crossfield "level headed'? Comments on the Adidas thing, however completely leaving out the once Titleist and now Cleveland/Srixon/XXIO sponsorship? Little one sided in the comment section?
  15. So after finishing up the season this year I decided that I want to go back to funky colored golf balls, but not matte finish. This leaves me with only a few options and Vice golf is one of them. I love the Lime colored so I did the ball fitting online. It suggested the Pro Plus... spoiler... all sold out. I follow all of the typical channels on youtube... Shiels, Finch, etc. Peter Finch did a video to "build his bag" and this one was the ball. ProV1, TP5, Chromesoft, Vice Pro Plus. Long story short, his new ball is the Vice ball. While I am really sick of seeing their adds
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