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  1. either get fitted and go with what fits the best, or whichever one you like the looks of more
  2. Honestly, I have done lead tape, and the powder stuff. While they both worked out, I recently rebuilt my irons so instead of doing the powder again I went with straight up lead tip weights. I went with the "lead" tip weights from golfworks. I ordered the 10g ones so that i could trim to weight with wire snippers. Worked like a charm. So happy i did it that way. Wait until winter, deconstruct, and completely rebuild. It will be a good project.
  3. my decision happened 8 years ago to my best friend who even with a new baby lets me get to the course usually every Sat and Sun mornings for my dew sweeping session
  4. Can I recommend that you check out Kyle at The Golf Garage before you make any decision... He does AMAZING work. My signature Pic is my putter that he did for me.
  5. Personall I think the M2 is the nicest looking club of them all and I'm not a TM guy at all
  6. next time you visit bring your clubs and we can get out for a round
  7. well put... this is exactly what I do. I did not realize this was a magic move lol. I'll have to check that out. This is what I do and have done when I feel my swing and game are at it's best. This move has taken me from a 7.2 to a 5.6 handicap
  8. Sounds like we have the same start. I have found that by doing the swing with an early hinge it not only keeps me connected but quiets down my lower body so that it actually turns and prevents the swaying. My club fitter had me try the long clean take away with little to no hinge. Huge wide move and was able to get a ton of rotation however found myself casting the club more as well as swaying because it did not feel natural.
  9. I've had a couple bad swings as of late. 9 holes worth of bad swings last week causing me to look at my fundamentals. One thing that I notice is when the bad swings happen I feel so disconnected from my actual golf swing and get caught up in my own head that I can't seem to shake it. I noticed after playing the other day that I seemed to have lost my "trigger" which started my swing. My "trigger" is the slight downward pressure on the grip by the pad of my left hand (conventional right hand golfer) which is almost like a slight squeeze with the pinkie and ring finger of my left hand. This
  10. ES we have everything from the local 6000 yard Muni (4 minutes from my house) to the 2 x 7200 yard private club ( one 5 mins from my house, one 10 mins) that had previously been on the rotation for the now Korn Ferry Tour and Champions Tour. I am fortunate to live in a great area to golf with very old school courses. I am in the Pocono area (Scranton, PA area... yes... The Office) we have everything from Tillinghast built courses to original Donald Ross course that hosted LPGA, All-Star Golf, Champions Tour and is actually a public course that is under $50. Literally surrounded by amazing c
  11. I'm with you on the scramble mentality. I have noticed that with my difficulty it has happened every round that I have ridden in a cart. Like said, typically I walk with the group that I normally play with. I normally shoot around par and they normally shoot 80s-90s. It does not matter to them about playing with a better player and for me, I don't think it holds me back playing with someone who is not a good player because with walking you are kind of able to play your own game even in the group. We play ready golf and usually when it comes time to hit my shot or even up on t
  12. Thanks for all of the replies. I have actually been thinking about it. I played yesterday morning with my normal crew and had a so so day. I was able to be by myself and in my own head for a lot of the 9 hole round because I hit different shots than most of the guys I play with. I have to say, I played pretty good. Had a few shots that I screwed up mainly because I didn't set properly and let my left arm break down a bit (continued issue from someone who was always STEEP and has been flattening out my swing) but for the most part okay. There were 2 tee shots that I screwed up on because
  13. I'm a weekend warrior golfer. I play to a current 5.8 handicap. I went out today with 3 friends for an extremely casual round/team match. Square on the front, lost on the back. I carried our team 8/9 holes on the front but on the back I just kind of lost it. Well, I can't say that I lost it, I just didn't take the time to properly set up, proper stance, swayed instead of turning causing a big uncommon fade, followed by some frustration. Now I had a blast today but would have loved to win. I have never been really competitive on the course, I simply just haven't. I just enjoy getting ou
  14. The battery is wrapped in electrical tape and string. I have it down there pretty snug in the shaft. Playing a local course tomorrow that has super fast and beautiful greens (was once on a tour rotation). I'll see how it goes. I put the putter down stairs in the bag and didn't touch it for 24 hours to see if it was just the immediate gratification thing when I first did it and it's not. stroke was still super balanced and smooth. I'm really hoping it makes a difference. if it does, I'll either be looking for a more "standard" weight... who am I kidding, I'm cheap... I'll be wrapping ano
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