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  1. Going from set wedges for MANY years back to specialty wedges I did a lot of research on grinds. I play 46, 52 both f grind as recommended but my short wedges I veered off the path. Through the Vokey wedge selector t was recommended that I play a d grind for both the 56 and 60 however for the 56 I have the M grind (not suppose to be for steep/digging players like me) and the L grind on the 60 (again, not suppose to be for steep/digging players like me) and I've had great success with the wedges thus far. I have not run into any issues of digging, no issues with low bounce, if anything my we
  2. I have been up until last week. I jumped on the Kirkland Signature train and the seats are too comfy to leave. With the Kirkland, you are getting better performance at an even cheaper price than the Diablos.
  3. Going to the beach in August with friends for a few days and got my permission slip signed by my wife for 1 round. Just booked Rum Pointe. I have never played there and am looking forward to it.
  4. So I wanted to do a little update on these grips. I will again start by saying that I never expected to like these. I never thought they were going to be worth the money ($29) and I actually started the return on Amazon as soon as I got them. With that being said, I was COMPLETELY WRONG. These grips are wonderful. I played again Sunday morning and they simply just performed. They are firm and responsive yet very absorbing to vibration. They still allow you to feel the good and bad but it is a dull feeling instead of a hand hurting twing. Now I will say that I kind of wish th
  5. So I recently purchased a new to me set of Silverscot Blades and Vokey wedges... I know that the irons have roughly the same lofts as my Pingi25 irons and the wedges have not been altered. I had all intentions of going to my guy and getting all of the lofts, lies, and gapping checked. After playing with them a few times I can say that the lofts are fine. No toe or heel shot patterns on the sole and the wedges if anything are about 1/2 degree flat which I am good with. Lie angle I wasn't really worried about because I knew that they would be close. I was worried more about
  6. I was with you guys until recently seeing Saguto's video on shallowing the club. Once I watched this it gave me the realization when he talks about the mirror that when I swing I really only turn a little bit. This is me, it's my swing. I get good rotation but due to back surgery a few years ago, I dont get a huge coil/shoulder turn/rotation. Saying that, I still can rotate however to conserve my back for the future I don't on every shot. Back to the point... before when "chasing distance" I too lifted in the swing, lost complete awareness of the ground and simply made an arm powered swin
  7. beautiful set up. Can't go wrong with some Don White wedges
  8. I ordered mine online. They came in 3 days
  9. nice post and I appreciate the response. I went the 46, 52, 56, 60 mainly because I got a ridiculous deal on the wedge set. Likely in the off season, unless I get another stupid deal, I am currently planning on gapping to match what i'm used to of the 46,50,54,58. I was going to just have the wedges bent but they are all fairly low bounce and I don't want to take any more bounce away from them to adjust them 2*
  10. can't really go wrong with the TP5 balls. They are fantastic
  11. Very nice. I honestly really haven't played a Pro V in years as I mainly played the TP5x when I played a premium ball, and these are right up with them. I know Titleist is the gold standard when it comes to consistency in testing (as it deserves and should be) but I liked the click off of the TP5x on the irons and the soft feeling off of everything else. When playing the KS yesterday from the moment that I hit it, I compared it more to a TP5x than a Pro V.
  12. Good point on the grinds. I didn't really pay attention to specific grinds before. Now that I understand them a bit more it is a better result. I don't have the exact specific recommendation for me (D grind in the 56 & 60) I have the less forgiving options as they allow me to play a little more "special" (stupid) shots lol...
  13. So I have recently gotten back into the specialty wedges as I have played set wedges forever. I currently have all Vokey wedges, 3 SM6 and 1 SM7. I was wondering, does everyone stick with the same brand of wedges for consistency or is it a hodge-podge/mixed bag when it comes to wedges? I am very happy with my Vokey set I have now, but just wondering what other do?
  14. I started a post like this a while ago. I questioned the benefits of specialty wedges over set wedges. I have never had success with specialty wedges. I tried Callaway, Taylormade, Ping, etc and could never use them to their full potential. I was far better with set wedges. Not even a question. I had/have a terrific short game with wedges. Spin, ball flight control, never had an issue. Up until recently I used the Ping i25 from 4-LW and shot my lowest score ever (-2). Fast forward to a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted something "new" and shiny. I found a mint set of the 2006 Tom
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