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  1. you're making me jealous... I was looking at older grips just like that
  2. Currently have the Ventus Blue on my Sim 2 and I love it. Performs great, feel great, no complaints at all. Went down to the basement to regrip a set of clubs for someone and in my shaft bin, came across my Silver TiNi that was previously in my Mizuno ST 180. Has anyone ever done a comparison between the two? The TiNi was a great shaft and wondering if maybe I should toss a TM tip on it and give it a try. I don't know how it would do with the Sim 2, but would like to give it a try. The Ventus and Sim 2 is the longest driver that I have ever had.
  3. The Ventus Blue stock "made for" shaft that is in my Sim 2 is a great shaft. It has a nice feel and a consistent performance. I am extremely happy with it.
  4. Just recently went to a set of irons with a PW. My previous blades were only 3-9 and honestly I missed the PW. I had a 46* Vokey with my blades in place of the wedge. I'm glad to have one back in the bag.
  5. I gave up building up and just moved to midsize. I was only a wrap away from midsize anyway. I recently switched my irons and wedges and didn't have enough tape for buildup on all of the clubs so said screw it and just tossed on midsize. There are a lot of options out there that are the same from standard to midsize so for me it doesn't really make a difference. As far as your swingweight goes... don't worry about it. you will not be able to feel a difference.
  6. The GTR Tour which is the previous model without the weight port
  7. A measurement on a steel shaft would be great. Thanks man
  8. Looking at different grips on many different sites, it seems like the wrap grips are disappearing more and more. Rewind to the past and they were the most popular style when the greats played. Palmer, Jack, etc. Why? Is there a benefit to a wrap grip? Does they wrap grip almost serve as a reminder in that your hand falls into the same groove? Just wondering everyone's thoughts.
  9. They are not the Eleven irons but a colleague from work has the 2017 forged irons and he loves them. He went from TM M.. something to them and has had great success. Nice high controlled ball flight. He likes that he does not need to really go after them to get to perform. From playing together before and after the irons, I have seen a drastic change in his game. I will go as far to say he maybe shaved 6-7 strokes off his game. Now he got fully fit for them. Obviously everyone will say to make sure to get fit but on irons that pride themselves on being lighter and better for the golfer I would highly recommend the fitting. If you look around I'm sure you can get the fitting included in with the purchase. Just go where you are going and be upfront that you are looking to purchase not just for a fitting. Best of luck!
  10. Finally have my bag where I want it. Continually changing grips because I can't seem to find something comfortable. I'm interested in trying a set of leather midsize grips (non-wrap) but unfortunately there are none around me to try for size. I was wondering if anyone can give me a comparison between a WINN midsize/jumbo grip and one of the Gripmaster or Best grip leather midsize. Pictures would even be appreciated Thanks in advance!
  11. this is designed for weight as said above. Originally done by Tom Wishon for a few of his irons
  12. Cant stand the newer grips with the weight port. New or used. Please include pictures and price
  13. both the bending machine and then when the WTF question happened we moved to the gauge.
  14. I guess you could say that. the contact tape and sharpie were the main focus as well as ball flight, attack angle, face angles, etc. He uses the lie board really just to see if the old method of heel/toe/middle is reflective with the proper way of doing it. some clubs it is, most times it was still off.
  15. I'll get the report. As far as lie labels, they were all seperate. used 1 to get baseline, then did sharpie and monitor. Lie board was then used as a "check" afterwards but only that.
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