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  1. seems like you may have some movement here between your hands (working in opposite directions) causing a rub. I had issues with this as well, but realized my movement was from the right hand not covering the left thumb as it should(right handed). Once I straightened the grip size out the grip has gotten better. I cut an old shaft off a few inches below the grip in order for me to have something to get some muscle memory with taking a proper grip
  2. PXG irons do not need collared ferrules. They need CENTERING ferrules. They are deeper than collared ferrules. Golfworks has specific PXG ferrules.
  3. I didn’t wear the recommended arm sleeve
  4. My thoughts as well. The +4 style grips were 75-78g while the iomic style with normal taper were 51-53g. I tried both and had the same results. I tossed a standard 52g 60R lamkin on and it got leaps and bounds better. I swapped back and forth between the two for about an hour and as stated above the midsize I’d miss while the standard would bump where it was supposed to. it was a hard working hour. When I posted above that I did it again this morning to see if it was a fluke, it wasn’t. I even tried the swap thing again this evening and the same results.
  5. I figured this was going to be one of the first responses, however my left hand was never the issue. The fault came from my right hand that is suppose to cover my left thumb essentially coming off of it's position and taking over during the swing. The larger the grip seemed to get, the more it took over. This diagram is a good starting point however there are many of us that can fall into 2 of those categories.
  6. Without this becoming a novel let me start with grip size. I used standard years ago and played my best golf. Was told by a club pro that I had a weaker grip and should switch to midsize. Switched and have been fiddling with grips ever since back and forth between standard plus wraps, midsize, +4, +2, Winn, etc. This has gone on for the past 12 years maybe. I have played good golf, bad golf, great golf and horrible golf. Over the past few years I have played consistent golf with a bad thrown in once in a while but want more good. My struggle has always been taking the club
  7. I think after all these years of playing, I need to take a lesson. For some reason I can not stop taking the club too far on the inside during my takeaway which causes an over the top move. I'm about to search some YouTube help right now but I'm going to be looking for a local teacher to get some lessons. Anyone have any good tips/swing trainers/etc?
  8. The durability is decent. Maybe a little shiny quicker than Golf Pride. I personally didn’t get along with the rubber in the area in the pic below. I actually have their midsize velvet style on my clubs now and they are very nice. They have a great feel to them. More of the softer velvet than hard. The only complaint I can give is the weight. They are 20ish grams above everyone else. The cord area is very close to the surface and unfortunately you can peel the cord after some useage. I personally will not be trying these again. In a pinch, they will work out for a bit. So
  9. How are they holding up? How do you like them? What finish did you get? Rusting on raw? Lets see some pics with responses.... Anything you don't like about them? My blades now are old school blades with a rounded leading edge as the Haywood's appear to have. Actually they really look about the same. They are held in high regards from TXG but I was wondering about some GolfWRX opinions.
  10. I had the CFS shafts originally in my i25 irons before these and they performed good, just not great. I wanted to go from S to X to help with a little lag issue on the irons (simply put I wanted to swing and not feel flex). I looked on ebay and to my surprise I found a set of 4-U AWT X shafts for $60(it was negotiated with OBO) and 2 AWT 2.0 wedge shafts for $10 each. It was meant to be. 2 weeks after switching them I shot my personal best 69 and have been dancing around and on Par since. I have been intrigued to see what a Mizuno shaft optimizer would put me in as a comparison to what i'
  11. I appreciate your reply. I actually had these irons a few years ago and they did not work out because frankly I just didn't have the game for them. The difference build wise with them from before is that I did not use the 6.0 Rifle shafts that came with them, I took them completely apart and built them onto my AWT 2.0 X shafts. Over the past few years I have tried out some different blades when coming across them and hit most of them fairly well but not as good as these. Obviously there are likely factors and attributes that I'm not seeing or not aware of with these compared to others, how
  12. I was talking about heel -> toe camber. My irons will be in the bag for a while. When replacing I will likely go with Haywood MB as they have the same shape. Really no tech advantages in blades so I’m okay playing 15 year old irons
  13. I recently went "vintage" with my bag gaming irons from 2006. One of the main things that noticed was the rounded leading edge. I never gave it much thought until I started playing these irons. My ball striking and iron play honestly has never been better. My distance control and aiming still needs work but quality of contact is terrific. I have always struggled teeing off with an iron and using a tee. I don't know why, and this leading edge lets me just roll the ball up on some fluff of the teebox and go for it. No tee required. I am a steep swinger. I always have been b
  14. I just swapped out some grips. Not a big deal. I put a Winn on the driver and a CP2 on the 2 iron. id really not like to add weight to the clubs as I have them right where I want them.
  15. Alright, I played this morning using this “swing.” Let me add before I continue that I recently installed larger/heavier grips on my clubs and they feel great however the swingweight difference in the driver and 2 iron has created an issue for me. I will be installing the lighter/smaller grips back on these 2 clubs. That being said, using this concept on everything else made a huge difference today. It aided my iron and wedge play in that I started the ball online a whole lot more and there was no casting or flipping. My 3 wood has become more of a directional beast with this meaning I can pl
  16. Anyone still use these irons? How do they hold up to current? I have an opportunity to get a set fairly dirt cheap.
  17. When did the toe up swing fade away? I must have missed the switch from one to the other?
  18. I tried Champkey 2 years ago for their Winn style and they were wonderful. I currently have the Saplize red model ones on mine now. The Saplize are more of a MCC+4 feel. Also, the pain on the lower hand being white does give them them fake/knock off look. They have a nice feel to them but looks are a little to be desired. The weight of the Saplize grips are up there too. 75ish grams for the model shown in midsize.
  19. It really seems like it will assist a timing player like me. If my timing was ever off, my game went to "shite". Also the wrist rolling caused a very inside take away and a big over the top movement. I'm hoping that this helps to get rid of that.
  20. I went out in my yard last night and made a few more swings and the one thing that I realized is the effortless power this creates. I only hit balls with the 60 wedge and with a 1/2 swing the ball is already going just as far as it did with my 3/4 rolling wrist swing. I'm still trying to figure out when this square to square thing started? It appears that all of the "teachers" that I follow on youtube do this takeaway. I can't want to play tomorrow morning and see how it goes. If I can get down to a 5/6 swinging my old way, i'm only hoping that my scores drop a bit more now.
  21. The biggest thing that costs me shots is actually pulling the wrong wedge. I’m VERY comfortable with my 60 and sometimes I will try something different and it doesn’t work out. The 60 I can flop, chip, bump and run, hop skip stop, etc. I get in trouble when I try to mix it up hitting a runner with the 52 and run too far. That type of stuff is my biggest oops.
  22. Hope they work out for you. I put a set on about 3 years ago for a friend and they are still going strong
  23. I have been playing golf since I was 22 (2004) and I was always told shake hands before the shot and after the shot. By shaking hands I mean rolling the wrists to have the lower hand (right handed) ready to shake a hand on the back swing, finish the back swing and after releasing on the follow thru be ready to shake hands again on the follow thru. I hope that everyone know what i'm referring to. Long story short, toe straight up when club parallel with the ground. (the link to the video below is what I meant... my normal swing is everything that he says NOT to do).
  24. What loft is your nine iron? Did you create any in between yardages between your nine iron and 48° wedge With the loft change?
  25. Bastain Milled putters are the best!!!
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