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  1. He might be a little conservative now, but considering the struggles that he talked about with 5 back surgeries, adding on messed up ankles/lower leg isn't making it any easier with compensations probably contributing to more back pain.
  2. LOL no his hands aren't wrecked. He's just being dramatic. What does worry me is that he's modifying his mechanics to go faster right before Ryder Cup. Is he going to get lower scores or longer drives? Maybe both? Maybe only long drives.
  3. I won't ever say no to matchplay! Puts golfers in a different mindset, and entertaining to watch. Especially the final 30, matchplay is completely doable. I would also split the 15 mil along the 3 tournaments too, so it's not all decided by matchplay which can be exciting but erratic. Or maybe that's the thrill.
  4. It's not the perfect solution, but it's the best solution for the mess they created. Trying to fit 3 tournaments into the season ending event for golf just isn't possible. Initially it was fair, but nobody understood it. Now people can clearly see the numbers, but still don't understand why it's done that way. Just have to make it simple and don't reward players for doing well in the first two tournaments but just having the cutoff. Best 30 are in the final, even starting score. They already win money for the first 2 tournaments. Don't need to reward and justify them by some scoring adjustment. In no other sport does top seeds get extra points for doing well in the regular season. Purse money from 1st two tournaments and having a chance to win the final is enough incentive.
  5. If you are pivoting around the front hip (left for righties), then most certainly there is weight shift, definitely the center of pressure will shift massively during the swing. Middle, back, front, even if you try to pivot around the front hip. And if you end up pivoting around the front hip, you would have massively and correctly shifted your weight forward. It's just IMO a different way of presenting it, but if you watch pro's which I'm sure you have, at impact they are all pivoting around the left hip and not the middle or right hip for sure unless they are hitting a huge flop shot. Posting/pivoting around left hip and weight shift are not mutually exclusive events. It's just what feel works better for you or in this case Bryson. I just think of how my body should pivot to best take a divot after the ball. There's basically only one way to get there with small variations.
  6. Bro I try, and usually up to page 10 I click to last page lol. I'm guessing there will probably be a guy after me too ha.
  7. I thought Mizuno Japan MP line always did that. Wonder if that's just a pic of a Japanese version club that's coming out. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Mizuno-TN-87.jpg
  8. It was already so tough against father time, but to throw in having your ankle crushed. Wow. It's a huge win for him to even get back to competing on the PGA tour, much less win majors.
  9. Luke Donald, Keith Mitchell, Erika Hara. Rest I have never heard of. Maybe Bo?
  10. I think I'm more likely to joke about playing with shovels than blades. But then again, if said friend with the MBs is hitting worm burners with a 9 iron blade, I'd shame him into changing for sure. A stranger, he can do whatever the heck he pleases. As long as he doesn't slow us down too much.
  11. I feel like he's a bit too opinionated, and can come across as grating, but he is a cancer survivor so there's that. But if he's a 5 handicap who doesn't drive it 300 yards, playing from the tips he's going to be hitting some decent length 3rd shots for par 4's. There's not much of a guarantee for up and down from say 90 yards out. Plus, forgot about the wind. That could really throw things off wack.
  12. He is using his popularity to give it a try. He knows it's a long shot, but it's also great for generating content, and he makes money off of that. He's done a great job connecting with Bryson, and is finding ways to take it further. Also who knows when LD events will (ever) be back. It's a win win for him. Honestly though I think it's a long shot for him to even make the Korn Ferry Tour. But if we can get some content on him trying and tour insight along with all the grinding that he should be doing (short game stuff) it would be good for the golf nerds out there.
  13. Wait... so you're not Fernando Rey? Seriously I always thought that was your own photo. Didn't know who he was, and also died in 1994 so clearly not.
  14. I think the difficult part is that the fairway is guarded by water, and is really not meant to be hit into sideways, since it's then so short. You want to clear the water safely, and still be in the fairway means you basically can have no roll on the drive. As for the no look at eagle, being 70 yards away for his second shot is going to be better strokes gained wise than he's 180 away. Even if he's in the rough. I remember his first one which he didn't hit hard enough, so neutering his chances of making an eagle putt (almost made it). But still he definitely gained strokes on the drive, yet not the rest of the shots. Basically the Cameron Champ problem every hole. Drives it great but every other part of the game is sub par.
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