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  1. This man has 99 problems but beautiful irons ain't one of them!
  2. Same abilities, just that one guy hits it further. Which guy will win more? Long hitter. If you want to say the long hitter can't putt then sure. Compare him to a short hitter who can't putt. Who makes more money over their career?
  3. I'm just going to split it in two. First two days, it's Tiger. By the weekend if he hasn't faded away, it's BD.
  4. Golfjack

    2020 US Open

    He's been at a pretty high level since 2016. Ending all years top 5, with one top 1, not to mention also ending the 2020 season (I think it's ended already Aug 30 with the wraparound starting soon) at number 1. He's not winning 5 a year, but 2 to 4 a year is real impressive.
  5. People; I want to see good golf also people: I wish people wouldn’t be so good at golf
  6. People mistake DJs laid back style to him not caring. It’s not only aggro jerks who give a damn in life people.
  7. Yeah his ball striking has always been pure (for the short time he's been on tour), and he actually got his putting in order on the stage of a major championship. Crowds or not (don't understand it, as all the pro's played in the same conditions and they certainly didn't score like it was a practice round) he was clutch and fast tracked his way to a major. He's on track to be the next Jordan Spieth, just with a better swing. Hope he doesn't make the same mistake and chase distance. He's already surpassed Rickie Fowler IMO, with 3 wins vs 5 but with a major in his pocket, and that's just hi
  8. It's hard for people to accept. I hear this so often, it's almost like a false badge of knowledge for some. I hit some pure shots at inopportune times, but at least I think if I can do it often enough, I'll change my club selection. That said, the P770s look awesome either all by themselves or in a combo set. Actually a set that I'm excited about.
  9. Driver, it is what it is unless you are going to hit it further, or you currently completely slice it off the planet. But you can really get more proficient in your iron play. When I was playing better, I was able to hit greens with irons above 130 yards. I've always been decent with wedges. Par 3's excepted, since teeing it up is so much easier. Then I went and screwed with my swing.
  10. I'm surprised, but at the same time, I can see why. The money is just so much better. He needs a coach. Seemingly he makes a lot of course management mistakes, and also doesn't hit enough control shots (which he has tried to do more). However, to succeed as a pro IMO he already needs to have those shots in his bag, not just trying them out. He needs to rain down birdies like it's nothing. And he doesn't. Just doesn't consistently hit it close enough. If he got a full time coach and just went for it, I'd say why not! If he just tries to do it by himself, then I'd say forget about it.
  11. Ah, so Morikawa does belong on this list then? Kidding. It's a bit early to include him, but his ball striking (basically shots gained approach) is beyond reproach. Pro's still say Tiger though. Absolute control over the ball with irons. Justin Thomas is also really good. Lots of great iron and wood shots, and always ranked up there. I'd stick these two in the 2020 edition no problem.
  12. Which golfer who doesn't want to make a big number would try to drive the green? They all went for it. Morikawa hit the perfect shot. Playing safe would have been laying up with a 2 iron.
  13. Yes indeed. He was streaky good to start his career, and now can't capture the magic anymore. Though most will think if he didn't try to get more distance he would still be at least pretty good. Just says how delicate the golf swing could be. He went from world beater to middling PGA pro (as in middle of the top 150) in a short time.
  14. Yeah, the umbrella is a huge key. Those black out reflective ones are the best. Get a cart that has an umbrella holder. It'll be well worth it if you want to do this often. Hydrate/electrolytes like many have said. I would also get a small electrical fan (rechargeable) and keep that thing going. Best alternative is just to stay home LOL. But yeah if it's a flat course, and you must walk, taking those precautions you should be OK. Also, next time you feel like you're exhausted, don't push through. It's not worth it! Save it for the next round.
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