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  1. I feel like he's a bit too opinionated, and can come across as grating, but he is a cancer survivor so there's that. But if he's a 5 handicap who doesn't drive it 300 yards, playing from the tips he's going to be hitting some decent length 3rd shots for par 4's. There's not much of a guarantee for up and down from say 90 yards out. Plus, forgot about the wind. That could really throw things off wack.
  2. He is using his popularity to give it a try. He knows it's a long shot, but it's also great for generating content, and he makes money off of that. He's done a great job connecting with Bryson, and is finding ways to take it further. Also who knows when LD events will (ever) be back. It's a win win for him. Honestly though I think it's a long shot for him to even make the Korn Ferry Tour. But if we can get some content on him trying and tour insight along with all the grinding that he should be doing (short game stuff) it would be good for the golf nerds out there.
  3. Wait... so you're not Fernando Rey? Seriously I always thought that was your own photo. Didn't know who he was, and also died in 1994 so clearly not.
  4. I think the difficult part is that the fairway is guarded by water, and is really not meant to be hit into sideways, since it's then so short. You want to clear the water safely, and still be in the fairway means you basically can have no roll on the drive. As for the no look at eagle, being 70 yards away for his second shot is going to be better strokes gained wise than he's 180 away. Even if he's in the rough. I remember his first one which he didn't hit hard enough, so neutering his chances of making an eagle putt (almost made it). But still he definitely gained strokes on
  5. Same for basketball. Michael Jordan's sons were not even good college players. Klay Thompson is I think better than his dad, although Mychal Thompson wasn't so shabby himself. Steph Curry obviously better than Dell. Clarence Witherspoon's son wasn't very good. Scottie Pippen's son isn't that good. DWade's son who knows. Kobe was way better than his Dad. Jerami Grant is about the same as his dad but worse than his uncle. Even Lebron's son isn't ranked all that high. Even with all the genetic lottery your parents gave you, it's no guarantee that they will make it to the top level. Sam
  6. Man you got me good I spent a good 10 minutes reading up on him LOL.
  7. It's a very different loading feel. I have clubs in both X100 and LZ 6.5. I do prefer the heavier shafts, as I don't hit my 7 iron 200 yards. It would be pretty hard to instantly switch between the two shafts IMO. To me the LZ just feels a little smoother with the transition. It does feel like the LZ launches the ball higher, but that's not a problem for me as I tend to hit the ball lower anyway.
  8. Thanks for the compliment! I love your stories @Forged4ever and stay being an *sshole or whatever you want to be, cuz it's great!
  9. Stop overreacting people. He has 7 wins overall, and 3 wins in his best year which was 2018. Let's wait till he actually wins like 6 times a year to proof anything.
  10. Golf boom? Sure there was a growth in players, but the real boom is the increase in prize money, meaning more people watching because of Tiger. His impact on how much golf is worth as a sport is the big deal, not bringing people into the game which I think he didn't really help too much numbers wise. Surprised since a lot of dads wanted their kid to be the next Tiger lol.
  11. Champ driving (10), Tommy Approach (30), Luke Donald Short Game (20), Rickie Putting (10). personal favs only spent 70. DJ driving (30), Prime Tiger Approach (50), Luke Donald Short Game (20), Rickie Putting (10). Now it's 100.
  12. When I switched to PX LZ 6.5, it was a large difference from X100s. Very strange loading, but now I'm pretty used to it and like the way it feels better now than I did the x100s. If you came from S300 or S400 or x100 shafts, I would not switch if you liked them better. Wedges though for me would not be a good comparison as I use them vastly differently compared to irons.
  13. This man has 99 problems but beautiful irons ain't one of them!
  14. Same abilities, just that one guy hits it further. Which guy will win more? Long hitter. If you want to say the long hitter can't putt then sure. Compare him to a short hitter who can't putt. Who makes more money over their career?
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