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  1. The 2007 burner driver was hands down the best
  2. I also switched from an 07 taylormade burner to the i20 driver and love it. I play a prolaunch blue shaft in mine.
  3. I lle the Joey..a traditional style but still a little different
  4. City / State- Albany Ga Zip Code- 31707 Handicap?13 Current Irons?ping i15 Current shafts?awt stiff Driver swing speed?106 6i Swing speed?90 Current Trajectory?high Preferred Trajectory?mid Any other notes you’d like provide. Just got back into golf and serious about it. Learning so much about shafts and the science behind golf. Would love to try some new technologies
  5. My first real set was wilson fat shafts that were given to me by my uncle. I still have them and played a round not too long ago with them
  6. Chrome + are really good for the price
  7. interested in this too. I have a tel3 That is nickle plated I would like to strip.
  8. I carry a driver then a 3 hybrid. I hit it more consistent than a fairway wood
  9. Mine is about 10 minutes away. There are 3 coursed within 20 minutes
  10. I still have mine as a backup(was gaming until this year). I bought it brand new and it still is almost as long as my ping i20
  11. I don't mind as long as I have the rain gear. If it raining before I even get there then I won't play
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