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  1. Okay, let’s get these things out of my garage so i can justify my new Srixons to the Mrs. First up, we have Apex CF16 Heads Only 4-P. Gamed for a couple seasons (although those seasons are a lot less golf than they once were). Kept in good condition with general bag chatter but otherwise clean. ~~$350 OBO~~ ~~$325 OBO~~ ~~$300 OBO~~ ~~$270 OBO~~ $OLD Then we have a brand new Matrix Ozik Black Tie MFS 80M4 with Taylormade Adapter. $60 OBO. Don’t hesitate with any questions or reasonable offers.
  2. Thought i would quickly share, just plugged all clubs into SW calculator and funny enough, that 5 iron was at C9. No wonder I’ve never felt great with it. However, at least to me, the 4 iron and 9 iron are the clubs i always feel most comfortable over and they are D2 and D0, respectively. The specs on the CF16s are supposed to be D2, so not sure what happened in the build that kept them this light. Maybe i mentioned something offhand to the builder during my fitting that made him do that on purpose? All other irons not previously discussed came out to D1. Still a shade light of specs.
  3. Okay. So i bought a digital scale. Just pulled all shafts and took 3 measurements. The first is head weight alone. The second is total weight including shaft and grip (i didn’t include the shims as i couldn’t even get them to register on the scale). The third is the balance point in inches. A few inferesting things i found. 1) The weight of the heads was reasonably constant i suppose. Averaged around 7g gap which was expected. 2) Total weight gapping was kind of all over the place, which surprised me as the only shaft different is the PW (the original shaft was broken and the guy i t
  4. Thanks everyone for the responses. Shortly after i wrote it, i thought about the idea of getting a digital scale to weigh all the heads myself. As the shaft and grip will remain constant from set to set, i really only need to make the heads match right (with tip weighting)? I like the idea of the SW estimator from the link. Seems like a great tool to do as adequate a job as i can do from home shy of buying a scale. Don't get me wrong, i would LOVE to buy a scale and all the other accoutrements of a proper golf shop, but as i already have gone a fair way down that road with woodworking as
  5. Alright folks, i need some help. I bought a set of Srixon Z785 heads. I plan on doing my first reshaft job. I will be pulling PX 6.0 from my Apex CF16s and installing them in the Z785s. I am doing as much research as possible on the process of reshafting, complexities involved, etc. but one that has stumped me is this: Assuming the head of the Z785s are exactly the same as the CF16s, the SW would remain constant (at least i think). But i'm not sure what the odds of that are. I cant seem to find anywhere what the head weights are of either set. I see that the factory specs listed are D2
  6. Also, came across this Penna the other day on eBay. I know nothing about it other than it is BEAUTIFUL. Anyone care to enlighten me on this one?
  7. Robot physician, that thing is sickeningly pure. I think the best I’ve ever seen maybe other than this one Patrick Boyd posted on NCW Instagram story the other day. I don’t know that I’ve seen a more perfect golf club in my life.
  8. Obviously the M09 LFF is the piece de resistance when it comes to deep faced persimmon, but what other models of note are out there? I know some of you degenerates have decades of experience in this stuff. As a freshly baptized member of the vintage tribe, it seems the early 50s Macs ran things. I LOVE the look of the M09 LFF as well as the M85s, but seeing as how ill probably never lay eyes on the LFF, what are some options for some beautiful deep faced 6 **** beauty?
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