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  1. It may be. But if it keeps going left it'll be one less thing in my head....
  2. Not that you said they were, just different irons for sure.
  3. TS1 are def not blades. They are hollow body and fun to hit. I just had the wrong shaft in them. And reshafting isnt an easy process cost wise.
  4. Had them for a few months! Good but not great for me.
  5. Wow. A golf company I have never heard of! I'm going to have to send you a bill! HA
  6. Chatted with KBS people for a minute. They suggested soft stepping the KBS 120S. Just in case anybody else needed a tweak like that. Can do the opposite with a hard step as well (For lower spin/launch)
  7. Nice. Going Tour V KBS as opposed to straight tour 120s as well. I think that will help. Reid
  8. All fantastic suggestions. I am going to go HM Pro 5-7 and 8-G Forged. The mizuno site also has a really nice comp tool to see what the various charactestics of each iron are, including offset for the whole line.
  9. I'm a digger. HAve you had any descent angle issues with Hot Metals? Mine seem to come in hot.
  10. This group is the absolute best and alerted me to an awesome driver fit. Question : Any hot irons that don't have a ton of offset? I have 919 Hot Metal and would love them if they didn't have any offset. Like the jump, hate the lefts. Thanks!!! Have always been a Mizuno lifer, but open to options. Reid
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