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  1. Just one item up today. Cobra SZ Speedzone 9* driver with a Hzrdus Yellow Smoke 6.0 stiff shaft and near new golf pride midsize grip. Really not looking for any trades other than a TS3 or Ping driver stiff or X-flex. $220 shipped to US.
  2. Hey all- Bought these and they just are my cup of tea. Comfy shoes just fit a little different on me. I wore the blue pair for 9 holes and never put on the black pair. $60 a pair or take them both for $110.
  3. Hey all, just one item up for sale. No trades as I really don't need anything unless it's a lightweight bag plus some cash. Shipping is included to US. I won an auction and bought a set of irons and I don't need two at this time. I25 irons 4-PW, yellow dot with standard Ping CFS stiff shafts. In my measurement the 5 iron is at 38". Grips are standard and in decent condition. $250 $235 OBO
  4. No worries, just measured and the 5 iron is 38.5". This is standard for Sub70 graphite shafted irons. I did purchase these directly from Sub70.
  5. My journey from left to right handed golf is progressing but just making a couple tweaks and these extras need to go. These are well taken care of and S&H is included. As far as trades, just looking for an adjustable driver that's maybe 2-4 years old in stiff flex and a 3 wood of the same like. Not looking for the greatest and latest. But feel free to send any offers, all prices are OBO. 1. Srixon Z585 10.5 driver 6.0 62g HZRDUS Red shaft with Karma blue Jumbo grip. This has a fairly clean face and just some small surface scratches on the crown that seem random and a coupl
  6. I know this thread hasn't been lively in awhile, but I just wanted to say thanks to all for the insight. My wife and I just booked a VRBO nearby for the first week of June and I'm gonna try to play as much as possible and take my two younger boys to play the Preserve or Shorty's. Very excited already! Thanks to @exgolfpro @spud3 @lefty_89 and all others!
  7. Join me for 2021! In my non-expert opinion, having some lefty tendencies, you may switch easier than you think. Well for yesterday's golf, apparently everyone that's ever golfed before decided to play the last good weather day of the year. I wasn't able to get on anywhere so I ended up spending about 2.5 hours at the range just working through my bag and a lot of chipping and putting. By the end of it, contact was much better with the irons. Driver and 3W had good contact, clubface was a little too open but it's something to work on with some practice swings at home going for
  8. Got to play 9 very chilly holes on Sunday and 9 holes on Monday. Both courses I’m very familiar with but definitely had to think a lot about strategy from the other side of the ball. Shot 50 on Sunday and 49 on Monday. Had three par 3’s where I had birdie putts which felt nice. Only 1 hole with a three putt which doesn’t seem off from my LH rounds. Really excited about chipping as I have no scar tissue and did chip in on the 9th hole Sunday. Gonna play 18 tomorrow (Wednesday) which may be the last day this month. Definitely want to improve iron shots from the rough and fairway. I had to
  9. I definitely dove into the classifieds! Haha. I think my bag is set at least until I make some larger strides.
  10. Yeah Stone Creek is perfect since it's about 3 minutes from the house and a decent range a chipping area. Played another 9 holes at a par 3 course today. Couple of good things came from today: - I had a putt for par on every hole, including 6 inside 5 feet (only made one though) - First birdie put on hole 2! (3 putted) - No tops or blades. Ended +9, so bogey golf for the par 3's. I'll take it. Much better contact on tee shots, was short on three of them but they were very online. Two three putts, but still feel comfortable with the claw grip so far.
  11. Well, got in a small range session today and have been working on some shorter swings at home just to get used to the movements overall. Got into a little bit of a groove to finish with the driver and had my oldest record a couple swings. Both of these were small fades just off target. Feel good about my Sub70 iron choice as those are what I play LH so they suit my eye well. Not to the point yet of striking consistency to get a feel on yardages yet. Feeling very comfortable chipping but am sure it will be a little different when having to write down a score Should have a couple
  12. Hey all, I wanted to make my progress or lack thereof as public as possible as I switch to playing right handed golf only for a year. I have number of progressive goals throughout the year, but my end goal is to break 80. Now, I understand this is supremely irrational confidence, but I'm intrigued by at least the possibility. A little about me, I began golfing at 14 and turned 40 this year and although I was able to play a lot of golf this year (+30 rounds) and I've lived in the doldrums of the 5 handicap for a few years now. I played high school golf and had the opportunity to play small
  13. Hey everyone! Haven’t done one of these in quite awhile so I thought why not! A little about me, I currently am at a 5.5 hcp and made the goal to start playing tournament golf in 2021 so going to continue to try to get the handicap back down to sub 3 where I haven’t been in about 3 years. I am usually a constant tinkerer but have found that since I’ve created two full bags it’s much more minimal. I do try to play minimalist golf in the fall/winter when I can and have been playing around with making a 6-7 club bag as well but I’m trying to be picky about it. I turned 40 this year and decide
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