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  1. Pulled from a set of Mizuno yoro irons..has 3 midsized grips and have 3 new ones..100 for the shafts and add 20 if you want the grips.
  2. It is, I informed Ben I played pretty good and the nice guy that I am asked if he played and how his round went and all I got back was a huge middle finger!!
  3. Much thanks for the 1st 2 replies, the 3rd as everyone on here knows is a very shady character!!! Shouldn't you be down here in the warm weather Erik?
  4. Wedgeworks 52 degree sm7 Miura ic-601 6 iron Vega 50 and 58 degree wedges..Sold 50 for any of the 3 listed.
  5. Have a Stitch SL1, it's a great bag but after about 10 mothths, at the top of the bag where you connect the shoulder strap came apart and looked to be faulty stitching so sent them a picture and their customer service was excellent and refunded the entire amount of the bag. In the meantime I took some thin fishing line and stitched it back up to the best of my abilities and a year later still using the bag with no other issues, when my stitching gives way will have no problem buying another.
  6. Right about 35.75 inches..150 obo
  7. Tsi2 18 degree head with headcover and adapter...160.
  8. Hey Bob, have the fujikura pro 95 shafts I got from you in the Miura irons and got another set to put in the apex mbs so don't need 3 sets. They will be my shafts for quite awhile!!!
  9. Mcraft putter with headcover and weights..33 inches with super stroke tour 3.0 grip..185 Only trade interest would be for a sim 5 wood.
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