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  1. Have a friend looking for a 9 degree sim, head only is good or stiff shaft. In great shape and hoping to keep it to 300 or less, a little more with the right shaft...thanks.
  2. F9 14.5 in really good shape with adapter and headcover..sold Miura ic601 6 iron..$70
  3. M3 tour issue head, not the original owner and did not receive the specs when purchased..$160. 50 and 58 degree DW wedge heads, not certain on the lofts and lies but an easy adjustment for the buyer $100 each or $175 for the pair.
  4. .355 tapered.. 2 are 34.25. Then 34.75..35.25..36.75..37.25. 100 obo
  5. I spent about two years using a never compromise stubby as my gamer, was excellent with it inside ten feet but long putts on slow greens led to it's demise although I still practice with it as I find the smaller heads easier to align.
  6. I did 350 grams, you can do different weights I assume.
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